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Posted on Nov 7, 2010

[NDS]Final Fantasy The 4 Heroes of Light Guide: Horne Revisited

You have gathered all of the legendary equipments. Go to Horne.


You should have gathered many orbs. Use it to upgrade your weapon and armor. Withdraw Darksteel shield from the storage and equip it (+dark cape on your healer). You  can also buy Banishra (light elemental magic) in Spellvia.

Go to the 2nd area of this town and then unlock the windmill. You can talk to Cid inside to find out about your progress (game time, steps,etc) and find 2 treasure chests (hi-ether and X-potion). Continue to Castle Horne and enter the door behind the king’s room.

You should see a locked jail. Open it and get soul of thamasa from the treasure chest. Continue to the door nearby.

Magical laboratory

Follow the path to the next area. When you see a branching path go north until you find King Horne. Talk to him to find out about witch of the north. Get out from Magical Laboratory and go to the Witch mansion (Use your dragon instead of going inside the cave).

Witch mansion

Do exactly the same thing as the first time you have been here. Take (1) path and follow my map until you reach point (2) and then lit the candle. It will open the middle door in the area (1). Go to point (3) in my map (save your game before enter the balcony). Talk to the witch and you will fight Greaps again (She is easy, one magic infuse will end this battle).

Talk to Rolan and he will give you a Master Key. Go to point (4) in my map. You can open the door over there now.

Witch mansion underground

You need to light red candle in correct order to open the door in the middle. You can get a hint by check 3 paintings in the first room of underground area. If you are lazy to solve the puzzle :D, just see the map and light the candle with the same order that written in my map.

Heal all of your characters before you check the treasure chest (Lamp of Truth) in the middle of this area.

Mini boss: 4 x Doppelganger

They can become deadly if you are not prepared (I died once because I enter the battle without darksteel shields :D). It is suggested you bring one elementalist and then use mysterio to reduce their damage to 1 (if you already equip darksteel shield).

After the battle you will obtain the Lamp of Truth.

Get out from witch mansion and go back to Horne. Enter magical laboratory

Magical laboratory

You can’t go to the king’s place (it is blocked by  a sheep door). Follow my map until you reach B5 (red line is a path that needed to be past to clear this dungeon; blue line is  an alternative path that leads to item). You should be able to find giant sheep in the middle of this room. Check it and then go down through the stairs either in southwest or southeast.

You will arrive at B1. There are 4 sheep in this room. You must touch them in the right order to open the door. See my map and touch the sheep starting from PS1 to PS4 (I don’t know whether it is random or not. If it is random you must touch the sheep starting from forward, right, left, and then backward sheep).

The door will open if you do it correctly (there will be a cut scene that shows the door open). Go back to the first part of this dungeon and then enter that door. Save your game and then go to the king’s place. Use the Lamp of Truth when you are being asked and

BOSS: Satan

You can steal Darkbringer from him (Sword; dark elemental; atck +17). However if you steal and get a X-potion, you must restart your game in order to get Darkbringer (you can only get 1 item from stealing). I don’t recommend you to steal Darkbringer if you don’t have pillage ability (100 %steal rate;bandit’s ability) but it’s all up to you. He has 2 stances:

  • Demon lord stances: immune to physical attack
  • Sword god: immune to magical attack (his first stance)

I advise to bring one elementalist in this battle (can cast mysterios,of course) because his attacks still cause a lot of damage even if you have equipped darksteel shield. His attack patterns:

  • Darkra: 40-60 dark damage to single target
  • Attack: 40-60 dark damage to single target
  • Arcane force: 40-60 dark damage to all characters (status down???,please leave comment because I forgot what it causes)

Because he is using sword god stance at the beginning of the battle, just use spell focus, mysterio, Lux and pillage. He weak against light attack but I find “magic might” deals more damage than “spell focused banishra“, so I keep using “magic might” in this battle. You should don’t need any any healing if you use mysterio and equip darksteel shield.

After the battle talk to the king and then go to his room (right of the throne room). Talk again to the king to obtain Desolator and trigger a cutscene.

Main Menu


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50 Responses to “[NDS]Final Fantasy The 4 Heroes of Light Guide: Horne Revisited”

  1. Game Force says:

    Game force guide episode 2:

    This is only an enhancement guide which makes player much easier to win, I have no offence of try to correcting the Owner’s of the post, only suggestion, and I am a person who like to gives guide 🙂

    Ok, so now I am going to tell you reason why i set previous character in that order:

    Q&A used to ask by players:
    1) What is the reason of setting Attacker, caster, and 2 supports?
    > Good question! As the Owner/ Publisher Guide, you might felt the game is running smoothly as what he plan. Choosing other crown will be good too, BUT, for the publisher’s setting, is a FAST GAME SETTING, which leaves player a freedom to continue their journey/gameplay after beating up the last story. What I meant is, the setting of 1 attacker, caster and 2 supporters is to make game easier and enhance the speed of story gameplay. Difficulty will be greatly decreased too. 🙂

    2) Can I substitute other crowns by not following Publisher’s guide?
    > Of course you do! Freedom of the gameplay will be yours! As what i said, Guide is to giving you a “solution” to beat the game easily as well as the difficulty of gameplay. You are free to change any Crown you like! 🙂

    3)Which armor should I choose for my character? I thought the better defense boost will be better? Or should I follow the Job’s Outfit? For example, Paladin character with Paladin armor?
    > The choice is yours! There are 3 main things you have to know before you equip a armor on your character!
    [ i. ] Armor Defense: affecting your player against the reduction of monster’s melee attack.
    [ ii. ] Armor Magic Defense: affecting on player against the reduction of Monster’s spell or elemental attack.
    [ iii. ] Armor Bonuses : providing special bonuses with every type of armor. Different types of armor give different types of status bonus, such as STR and WIS + 10%.
    So, let say if you are playing HIGH ARMOR AND MAGICAL DEFENSE build:
    [ Pro: ]
    @ Physical attacks from monster will be highly RESISTANCE.
    [ Con: ]
    @ Lack of potential bonuses compared to suitable job Outfit.
    Whereas if you are playing Job Outfit Build:
    [ Pro: ]
    @ Grants extra status, damage, effectiveness of a skil
    [ Con: ]
    @ some Job such as early game crowns outfit will be lacking of BOTH MAGICAL AND PHYSICAL DEFENSE. Upgrade method is needed.

    So after so much of explanation, Which category you would like choose, is based on How Tank you are for Prolonged fight? OR Higher status boost for Quick death Match fight? Is all up to you 🙂

    4) Why is the posts have so many mistakes and errors? =.=
    > Friendly speaking, I’m not good in english, but rather than keeping someone quite, I would like to help them. 🙂

    Ok, Ill brings out the main next time. Hope this helps. 🙂

  2. Game Force says:

    Sorry I have to re-correct the mistake i did:
    When you read until 4)white mage part, I have did a mistake where i accidentally clicked on it and type without knowing it. so Ill make it clear at here.

    Equipment done:
    Hero/Spell Fencer/paladin
    Weapon: Matsunokami
    Location: Urbeth weaponary store
    status: +13 attack, neutral element.
    Armor: Paladin armor/hero armor/spell fencer armor
    location: urbeth armor + some item store
    status: hero and spell fencer armor grants 10% bonus status whereas paladin adds 20% more hp instead of status.
    Shield: flame shield
    location: urbeth armor store
    status: resist fire element damage, word “resist” is not fully blocks the damage, but 50% of the damage will be reduced)
    Sub item: Giant’s ring/ turtle shell
    location: urbeth accessories store
    status: increases 10% of attack (giant ring) or defense Giant ring).


  3. Game Force says:

    Game Force Guide episode 1

    To anyone who cant beat Beelzebub, This might help during the
    1) Spell fencer/ Hero/ Paladin ( spell fencer grants you more strength than Hero, but skill “reckless” is one of my favorite from hero because that reduces monster defense for a turn, plus this boss only available in neutral damage, so spell fencer is skipped by the way. Whereas paladin is a pro HP tanker which grants survival ability and defense, NO DOUBT)
    2) Black mage ( a must crown in your party! get the black mage upgraded to level 2 and magic dealt by him/her will be extra painful on monster! Magic Mojo and Spell Focus)
    3) Elementalist ( another must crown in the party. Get him/her upgraded to level 2 and all the magic resistance will be greatly increase by your whole party.
    4) White Mage ( Trouble of Hp loss? White magic is on your way! what you need is only cure and that it!) Darkness Staff> Or other Magic Staff.
    Location: S.O.L from Rolan after defeating Lucifer in Rolan’s Soul; Others forgotten…. =.=
    Status: adds 17 Magical attack! Eventhough is LIGHT attribute, But it does not involve when the spell was cast.
    Armour: Black Robe
    Location : In the early/very early mid game in any Item shops.
    Status: More magical attack and Int Boost! 10% more!
    Shield: FIRE SHIELD
    Sub Items: Int ring>Appolo’s Talisman/ other accessories
    Location : After finishing the Quest at Pirate hideout, accessories shops
    Status: A.talisman grants 1 bonus Defense and Mag Defense, and Int Ring gives 10% more boost.

    Equipment Done:
    Weapon: Not necessary, seems the only thing you need is AP and support the team.
    Armour: Elementalist robe
    Location: early/ early mid game
    Shield: Flame Shield….. (yawn)
    Sub Items: turtle shell
    location: Accessories shop
    status: 10% bonus defense

    Equipment done:
    White Mage
    Weapon: same as elementalist, you are supporter, not a Nuker or Attacker
    Armour: white robe
    location: early/ mid early game item shops
    status: 20% bonus spirit! woah!
    Sub Items: turtle shell


    Ill continue for the next time, these are only the preparation 1 during the game. Thank you and have a good day. 🙂

  4. Egil says:

    Hi, I have a problem with Satan…
    I tryed something like 12 times and I only stole from him x-potion and fenix down.
    It’s possible that in the europian version of the game there is not darkbringer? (I have the european version)
    Sorry for my bad english and thanks! 🙂

  5. Davin Cain says:

    how do i get the master key?

  6. -_- says:

    @_@ Satan use only at me CURE >.<

  7. Jay says:

    OMG satan attacks like 15 times xD its like they want you to lose

  8. jessy says:

    where do you get the silver key to open the silver locks i forgot where it is!!! can someone plz help me!!!

    • Jay says:

      Its called the Magic Key and im pretty sure that you get it from the chief of the town in the ice place (i think its called indvia not sure)

      • Keith says:

        Actually its called indivia and you get the key when you need the dragon harp. btw make sure talk to all the dragoniers you can skip it. Talk to the guy on the weapon shop and he will say about mythril make one of your party a bandit and wait for night if its night use your hunting horn or not then if you incountered a mythril tortise steal its item and you got a mthril. and then talk to the guy on the weapon shop and ta-da! you got a mythril.

  9. Sparkey528 says:

    to open the sheep door you have to touch the sheep in the order that horne take care of their sheep.(check the sign near the wind mill in horne for the answer.)

  10. tomo says:

    hey…you did something to the sheep that are close to the windmill?

    on the sign that is next to them said that something must be done

    I visit other guides and they say that to enter the door of the kingdom where this something purple (dark) to prevent the passage you have to do what that sign says

    but nothing happens, and you, only to have the 6 objects ?…. did you get where you got the sword? or as it is called the sword?

  11. Miel says:

    Hello, I havé a question. I have all the items of light but there is still a shadow in front of the magical labatory. I tried to talk to it but there is no effect. What should I do?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I have no idea what caused this problem. Are you really sure you already have all light equipments?? make sure you recheck your characters

      • Miel says:

        Yes I,m sure. I upgraded some of them, do you think it can be the matter? So, now I am in front of that door with a shadow who makes purple bubbles… And I can’t go trough. If it is a bug, I don’t think I will restart the game… But thanks for your quick answer!

        • noobbgodlike says:

          If that’s the case. I really don’t know the problem. you.re welcome 😀

        • schicic says:

          you should go to the dungeon of invidia and talk to rolan again. then go to the witches mansion and kill thw witch again. he will give u master key and the thing disapears

  12. runestr77 says:

    im lost, after i beat the last boss and got all of the legndary stuff, i don’t know what to do after that, can someone help me?

  13. Xman says:

    DAMN! I hate Satan he deals 400+ dmg to my 2 characters with arcane force any suggestions how can i win over this dude

  14. yubei says:

    hey you wrote that rolan give you the master key, but where can I find rolan???

    thanks for the guide!!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      If you already reach this partthen you should already have a master key. Master key is the item s which you can use to unlock the door. You can unlock the jail door near magical laboratory,aren’t you ?

      • yubei says:

        yes i can open the jail near the magical labor and I got the “Soul of Thamasa”. but I open it with my “Magic Key” and this key open only “silver colored locks”. I try to open the door in witch mansion but it doesnt works.
        (sry for my bad english I hope you untersand my problem)

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Ow yeah, sorry I totally forgot. You will get it after you defeat witch in the mansion. Do it as in the beginning of the game( light the candle and then fight greaps). AFter that Rolan will give you master key and you can unlock the door. Once again I am really sorry :D.

        • yubei says:

          yeah man you`re right
          thanks you help me really. 🙂

    • Xman says:

      you can find rolan in the mansion after you defeated greaps after your battle with greaps talk to rolan and he will give you the master key 🙂

  15. gemma cornmell says:

    can anyone tell me how to get into the magical lab thru the door in the kings castle in horne pls? I havnt got a clue what i need to do xx

    • noobbgodlike says:

      There is a horse statue in the castle right? don’t go inside the the door behind the statue, Go north and you will find another door (northern door in the room with horse statue). You will see locked jail (if you haven’t open it). There is a door on the northeast of this room that leads to magical laboratory

      • gemma cornmell says:

        ive been in the room your talkin about but there is like a poisan in front of the door that i need to go in to get to the magical lab and i dont know how to get rid of it 🙁 ive been stuck on this for days!

  16. Thunder says:

    Great guide!!
    It help me a lot =D
    Waiting the other parts ^^
    Just one thing =O
    That when I was fighting with Satan, when i used pillagy ability, i just stealed a phoenix down or a X-potion =S i tried that about 10 times, but nothing =(
    Just that, keep the good work =D

  17. stoono says:

    he man, what is the strongest weapon you can find in this game? and what are the stongest to buy?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      umm sorry i haven’t beat this game 100%, so i am not sure what is the strongest weaponin this game. But I really love sword of light, maybe you can get strongest weapon after you beat the game and conquer all the secret towers.

    • Crazy DAC says:

      The strongest sword is Excalibur (Atk+20), but you can’t buy it. You get it from random set of weapon at floor 90 of secret towers (you need the Master Key to open the doors).

      The second is Blacksword (Atk+18), you can get it by trade points at Horne Wireless Shop or somewhere, I’m not remember correct.

      The third is Darkbringer.

      Anyway, normally the highest upgade is +9, but if you defeat the Boss at floor 80 of secret towers, they drop Orihalcon (can’t steal). Give it to the upgrader and your equipments can raise +10 each Orihalcon (the max is +99).

      • noobbgodlike says:

        thanks for your information

      • jelle says:

        The strongest weapon is, i think one of the weapons you can get when you trade your points at the wireless spot you can get there weapons until a attack of +50 so i think that is the strongest. Every wireless shop has his own stuff but I thought it was the shop in the iceland that had the strongest weapon 😉

        • eewq says:

          Actually, it is in Guera or whatever, the sand place. Something like that, but you need BP to gain this, A LOT!! 😀 😉 😀

      • Tyler says:

        in guera wireless shop if u have 9000 points u can get the strongest axe(hercules) with an attack of 50

  18. Adin says:

    Thank you!

  19. stoono says:

    when you are a fighter and not eqeupit a weapon you have a high atack level.

    sorry for the bad englisch, i am dutch.

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