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Posted on Oct 20, 2010

[NDS]Final Fantasy The 4 Heroes of Light Guide: Ice Cave to invidia Underground

Great tree to Summit

You only need to follow the path until you reach summit. Try to jump (you must be in animal form). See a cut scene.

After falling down from the tree, head northwest to ice cave (west). Open your merkmal by pressing Y button and go to the location in the screenshot.


You will encounter many tough enemies inside. One of the most dangerous enemy in this area is Silky. It seems physical attack not work against him. So you have 3 options:

  • Make your character become mage (not good option because you have little HP and you are alone now :D)
  • Change your job into wayfarer (suggested at level 2, so you learn escape command). Simply escape from enemy when you think they are too strong. Buy some potion in Arbor if you decide to become wayfarer.
  • Thanks to Ben for this info. You can also switch into ranger and then use target ability. 😀

Ice cave west

enemy exp drop
trolloud 11 ??
lizardman 8 wind foil
borgbear 12 ???
silky 12 animate tonic

You should see 2 candle nearby. Take the candle and then place it near the ice block (check candle’s place near ice block to melt it down). You can grab intellect ring in area 2. Go south to point (1). You should be able to see a hole over there. Use transform staff and then check the hole once again. Cut scene.


You play as 3rd now. Open your merkmal and then go to the ice cave east location. you can get out from your ship on the beach and then head over there (see screenshot in the beginning of this guide).

Ice cave east

enemy exp drop
trolloud 11 ??
lizardman 8 wind foil
borgbear 12 ???
silky 12 animate tonic

You can save in the beginning of this dungeon (there is an adventurer near the entrance). Follow my map on the left (red line). Your goal is Boss in the map.

You don’t need to melt the entire ice block in area 2, because some of them lead to dead end.


I recommend you to wear wayfarer crown because there are many tough enemies (borgbear, silky,etc). Borgbear can use whirl bludgeon (deals about 20-30 damage) and they can appear 2 at once, so it is bad to fight them when you are alone.

Go to second save point in this dungeon and then save your game before you continue.


You can change your job into white mage or elementalist. It is all depends on 1st character. You need to have white mage to keep using cure in upcoming next battle. You can also use elementalist, because it will greatly reduce boss’s damage.

Move forward to the sorcerer and then talk to him.

BOSS: Sorcerer

He is so easy, just attack normally and he will eventually go down. He can only cast simple spell (Fire, confuse, poison, etc).

After beating him, he will summon

BOSS: Behugemoth

Attack: about 30 damage

You only need to use boost in this battle. Wait until 1st character come to help you. Your health will be restored. Keep attacking until his horn emits lightning. His attack patterns now will change:

  • Thundara: Light damage to single character about 20 damages (5 if you are elementalist)
  • Lightning bolt: Light damage to all characters about 15 damages (3 if you are elementalist).

You will get 10.000 gil back. Go north to cave’s exit. You are now at the world map, head east until you see a town and then enter it.


New town meaning new hidden treasure chest (talk to man in front of item shop to get info about the amount of the treasure you have gathered). Go inside left house near the adventurer

1. Potion: Check the barrel near the table in front of the weapon shop
2. Hi potion: Check the spot near green apple and the bucket (right of storage shop)

Go right to the next area

3. Tranquilizer: check kettle in bottom of wi-fi shop

Now go to library (right of wi fi shop)

4. Animate tonic: check bookshelf right of the locked door.

Talk to the people in library; you should learn that firaga can break the egg outside.

Go upstairs to the next area. You should be able to see blue haired girl. Talk to her (rekoteh) and then she will join your party.

5. Dark sigh: Go upstairs and then check red table (there is tea bottle over there).

Get out and then check the egg on the outside

6. Potion: Check tree on the northwest of the giant egg

and then go inside the right house of the adventurer.

7. Bomb fragment: Check the same spot like hidden treasure 1 (in front of the item shop)

Go left and you will arrive at study room. There is giant white bear in this room. Talk to Santa girl to do math mini game.

You can get beastmaster crown by doing good in math mini game. My score is 256 (I think you need to score above 255 to obtain the crown; CMIIW).

My tips:

  • Just ignore low number, it is to get high score with small number.
  • Pass the question if it is small numbers
  • Example of high number:
    1899; I multiply 9 X 9= 81
    Total 171 point (I am really lucky because I get this number :D)
  • Example of small number
    4114; It is easy to get 10 at the end of this number but it won’t generate a lot of point.
    4+1= 5
    4+1= 5
    5+5 =10
    Total 20 points.
  • Remember that you have 3 answer (you only need to score about 80 per turn).
  • Pass the question is only 3 points. So, it is not bad to skip the question.
  • You can use this solver if you are lazy :D. (thanks to Tom s a for finding this solver). Math mini game solver

8. Antidote: Check bed near red rose (left of white bear)

Your 1st and 3rd characters have recommended some way to break the egg. You have 2 option:

  • Get Firaga spell in Urbeth. You must go back travel to Urbeth and buy it from magic shop (Not recommended)
  • Get mythril from mythritoise. You can get it by using steal command (Bandit) on it. It seems not rare, so it should not take a lot of time. I find Mythritoise in the evening near Invidia. After you have the mythril go to weapon shop and then sleep at the inn. Talk again to weapon shop next day to obtain Mythril hammer.

Check the egg after you have completed 1 of 2 requirement above. You will fail to break the egg. Go north and then enter the house and then talk to Chief over there (in the middle of the room).  You will get magic key and then use that magic key on locked door nearby (near hidden treasure 4 spot). Enter it and you will arrive at

Invidia underground

enemy exp drop
skeleton 12 antidote
wight 12 potion
cowpel 7 phoenix down
orc 7 steel spear

Just follow my map to Puzzle room while grabbing all the treasure in this dungeon.

You can get a hint by talking to the dragon staute in the point (1) and (2). Dragon statue (1) will tell you: turn 2 dragon 3 times and 2 dragon once.

Solution for this puzzle is to turn 2 “dragon switches” on the left (north and south west) 3 times and then 2 “dragon switches” on the right (north and south east) once. New path should be open now. So, go there and save your game, then move forward.

BOSS: Ice dragon

This boss maybe the easiest boss in this game if you follow my strategy.


Equip ice shield on your 1st and 3rd character. Change their job/crown into elementalist. I don’t care what happen to Rikoteh, so I don’t give her Ice shield :D. All of his attack now will only inflict 1 damage (o for ice breath :D).

Go back to the Invidia as soon as you get Dragon Harp

======================end of chapter===========================

Main menu


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    for some reason the girl with the brown hair is still with me even thought i left her is this a problem with the game?

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