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Posted on Nov 11, 2010

[NDS]Final Fantasy The 4 Heroes of Light Guide: Star Chamber

There is an event about a giant black hole appear on the middle of the sea. Get out from Horne and head to Spellvia, talk to Rolan in his room. He will ask you to stop the darkness.

The location of the black hole is on the south of Urbeth. You can go there by using Cestus.


  • Bring all the elemental shields you have (fire, ice, holy,rock, and dark).
  • Upgrade your armor so you have at least about 17-19 defense in your status screen (I equip all of my characters with Paladin armor+5; I like HP +20 % feature :D)
  • Master one job for each of your characters (My party consist: Spell fencer, White mage, Black mage, and Elementalist).
  • You might want to bring a dragon wing
  • Quick explanation about Desolator.
    It is a powerful spell (6 hits neutral element spell), but a battle event will stop this spell from dealing its full potential (example: if you use Desolator on Asmodeus, it won’t hit him 6 times because in the middle of the spell if  the snakes destroyed the spell will stop immediately). So, I prefer to use “magic might” first to deal large damage and then continue with desolator (after the entire battle event has been triggered).
  • Always cast LUX on the first time of the boss battle, so fill your AP before you fight the boss.

Go inside the the blackhole

===Star chamber===

This area doesn’t have puzzle or anything complicated. Just follow my map and take all the items. You don’t need to beat any boss but this means you will fight last boss with freelancer :D.

You need to beat at least 6 boss to recover all of your crowns (crowns are not locked by specific boss). I only write short reminder against the bosses.

[0] Floor B1
There are 2 bosses in this area Balphegor and Asmodeus. I Recommend you to kill Balphegor first.


Equip fire shield and then you should be fine because most of his attacks are fire elemental. Cast Lux on the first turn and heal when it needed. Remember to use desolator to deal large damage. Maybe it will take a long time to kill this monster but don’t worry because he can’t kill you either :D.


Equip rock shield, Asmodeus has some fire elemental spells but it is okay because you already have white and black mage ( equip a rock shield to block his nasty sidewinder attack).I recommend you to use magic might in this battle because battle event will stop desolator to do full damage.

[0] Floor B2
There are 2 bosses here Lucifer and Leviathan. Go to Lucifer first because he is easier than Levi.


Equip Holy shield in this battle, Health/lifegiver +cure spell every turn should keep your HP remain full (You also get regen from lux spell :D). Don’t save AP here because he can cast judgment bolt (depletes all of your AP; only when he flies).


Equip Ice shield. He is easy but WATCH OUT when he begin to use charge (You will deal very little damage while he is on this state). You have about 5 turns to cancel this spell by dealing high damage to him (cast desolator or whatever 😀 you think most powerful to him). Tidal wave deals about 1725 damage to my party. So, yeah it is powerful (bring one elementalist and use mysterio if you have trouble against him).

[0] Floor B3

There are 3 bosses in this area (Satan, Mammon, and Beelzebub).


Equip fire shield. He is very easy at this time because you have gotten Desolator, so you can cancel his fall of angels easily.


This one is very easy too because if you have followed all my advice you already get most of your crowns back. Equip ice shields and use your most powerful attack. He likes to cast shell and protect which will prolong the battle duration but don’t worry because his attack does a little damage.


Equip darksteel shield and use mysterio, you should be fine after do all these things. Just remember that he has 2 stances that resist either a physical or a magical damage.

== Floor B4 to the end

After you have defeated all of these bosses, go downstairs by using a stair in the middle of giant room in B3. You can save your game here and find a X- potion in the treasure chest. Follow my map and there is only linear path starting from B8. Talk to chaos in B9 when you are ready (My party are White mage, Black mage, Elementalist, and spell fencer). Equip darksteel shields before you talk to him.



Difficulty: easy. His attacks patterns:

  • Haste: move faster
  • Darkaga: does 0 damage…… ( if you equip darksteel shield and cast mysterio)
  • Banishra: light elemental spell that deals about 20 damage to single target
  • Banishga: light elemental spell that deals about 20 damage to all targets
  • Protect: reduces physical damage by 50 %
  • Attack: about 58 damage
  • Magick: Increase his magical attack power


Difficulty: normal.  You won’t recover from the previous battle so watch out. His attack patterns:

  • Attack: about 50 damage
  • Powerful elemental spell (Blaze, tsunami, lightning, earthquake, etc): Various elemental attack that deals about 50 damage (if you have cast mysterio).
  • Fly swat: powerful physical attack that hits all of your party (about 60-70 damage)


Difficulty: normal to hard

You will fully recover in this battle. His attack patterns is still same as before, with additional attack patterns;

  • Surpress: lower your attack status a little.
  • Big bang: 100-120 damage to all party members
  • Dark hole: vanish random party members (1st characters in party????) from the battle for about 4-5 turns

He will cast bigger bang when the battle has finish. Go to the magic circle and then follow the path until you can talk to the dragon (talk to your party member to see nice quotes)

Congratulations you have just beaten this game. Thank you very much for using my guide when you are playing this game. I hope this site can be useful for you later.

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66 Responses to “[NDS]Final Fantasy The 4 Heroes of Light Guide: Star Chamber”

  1. Pedro Oliveira says:

    Brother, thank you, I finished the game right now, if was’t for your guide, I will lost myself in the last part (and in others too kkkkkkkk’).
    You maps help me a lot, thank you.
    Just of curiosty, my party was made of a Fighter(Brandt), a Hero(Yunita), a Black Mage(Jusqua) and a White Mage (Aire).

    I’m sorry if a wrote something wrong, I’m brazilian (^.^;)

  2. Azogii says:

    If someone’s still playing, I know the easiest way to beat chaos(depends on your playtime), but first you to take down ALL the other bosses. So when you got all your crowns back go down to chaos and equip the scribe crown on all 4 party members. It’s good if you have hermes sandals equipped on someone. Just use time, and you’ll take him down in notime. I one-hit his first and second form, and took his third down in one turn. (my playtime was about 117 hours I think, atleast over 100 hours.)

  3. gabriel says:

    you know whats funny i acauctuly beat the boss chaos with one guy and i skipped the reborn bosses so he was a freelancer

  4. Phoenix says:

    To anyone who still uses this guide (The game was made a while ago)I beat Chaos on the second try using these items and Crowns-

    I had Brandt be a Hero*** with the ability Finale, which dealt massive damage, and he was equipped with all the light armor. He also had Desolator as an Ability, which was also pretty good.

    Jusqua and Yunita were both White Mages* with Cura and Arise, Yunita having Lux, and they healed throughout the battle. Both were equiped with Paladin Armor and a Darksteel Shield, and Yunita had Hermes Sandals to cast Lux at the beginning of the battle.

    Aire was a Scholar* with the abilities Quell and Subdue, which reduces the enemy’s attack and defense, and she was equipped with Paladin Armor and a Darksteel Shield, also with a Silence Cape.

    The battle went really smoothly for me. I just used Brandt’s Finale and Desolator as much as possible and healed a lot, and the battle was over pretty quickly. I hope this helps at all!

  5. Reyan says:

    Thanks noobbgodlike,

    Just wanted to say thanks for the guide, without it i would of been stuck for a while. I got up to where you find the Lights equipment and so on…i didn’t know about the leveling up to high part and had to farm alot for my equipments. finally finished it today….to bad the ending was shit!

  6. Lght says:

    man i can’t beat chaos last form his hurl and bigbang makes my elementalist die what should i do. my party is hero,black mage, elementalist, and white mage

  7. Hero Of Light says:

    Hey, in the vids, what did you have equipped to all your chars? would really help 😀

  8. shalu says:

    satan tips:

    party:black+white mage,elementalist,hero

    moves:2 finales and 2 magic might plus four-six attacks any weapon[i had wind nd everything else neutral for weapons :D] should be easiest way 😀 glad to help

    order:lux,mysterio,[when immune to magic]finale,[when immune to physical]magic might,boost,cure when needed,finale,magic might

    when in stance tht block magic just attack nd use finale
    when block physical just use magic might plus other spells

    all of tht =easy kill

  9. Perseus says:

    how do you beat lucifer in final fantasy the 4 heroes of light!

  10. egg man says:

    would not have survived without hte guide

  11. Emma says:

    Why do Beelzebub’s physical attacks do so much damage? He’s the only one I can’t beat…

    • gamer pro says:

      use the merchant crown lv 2 or 3 and use ransom after you get ALOT of money cuz i already went through about… 500000!
      have fun 🙂

  12. Jay says:

    Lol i might be level 99 but these bosses are dieing left and right. Of course that is because desolator

  13. Jay says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooo…………….. took my story teller crown when i entered

  14. lux says:

    i also got to chaos but only 1 dude left and he died on the first strike

    • lux says:

      i think i need more pratice

    • Morningstar says:

      Lol I entered the chaos fight with all four heroes hull Hp. Princess luxed us and then everyone else died. Since my elementalist was lux-ified and was wearing all the light armor stuff. I killed chaos’s 3 forms with just one guy who used mysterio, boost, elemental, boost, and then use mysterio again then repeat the process:3

  15. lux says:

    i cant defeat the first to bosses and all my guys die before i get a chance to attack either 1. and i loved the smiley faces 😀 (^^^) :|]

  16. Vann Wallnutt says:

    Nice Ending. I Like it when my first Character said “You Have Her Heart this time Krihjn. But I Won’t Give Up”
    Oh and my Party when Beating the game is Hero, Dark “Something” (Forget the name, the one that can use Dark side), Dancer and Monk. Cool Huh? My Favourite combination attack is Swordblitz and Darker Side

  17. Dawn of Souls says:

    It really didnt help at all. I figured out the dungeon for myself. I eventually started to die in the second battle with Chaos and decided to take a break. I lvled up 23 times by going to Moon Sand Ruins and working to get to the top there. Im at Floor 70 (save point) and working up from there. My highest lvl is a 91 but my others above 85. When I get to 99 for all of them, i’ll fight Chaos. After that, i’ll do the other towers. Of course if I die in fighting Chaos, (FOR THE 2ND TIME!!!) i’ll do the other towers. I suggest LVLING UP FIRST!!! And maxing out a crown of your choosing for each of your party members. (mine are Dark Fencer, White Mage, Hero, Black Mage or Shaman. ALL ARE MAXED CROWNS!)

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