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Posted on Nov 4, 2010

[NDS]Final Fantasy The 4 Heroes of Light Walkthrough: Gathering Legendary Equipment Part 2

===Lux Tome===


Talk to the man near the entrance (see the screenshot above). Now go inside the town and head to Great tree roots. You will meet again with the man in point (1), agree to help him. Go to point (2) and then open the treasure chest over there.

Go back to the town and then talk to the Queen. She will ask you to kill the demon.


Equip your characters with fire resistance equipment (e.g. :Fire shield).

Go to the world map and summon your dragon. Fly northeast until you see a cave surrounded by a mountain (see merkmal and the screenshot).

Mount gulg

Follow my map until you reach the boss’ area. You can press the switch to change the flow of the lava or simply walk through them (50 damage, so you need to immediately heal all of your characters after stepping on the lava). I choose to walk through them because most of the time your white mage’s AP should be close to 5 (in battle she only use boost). It will save you a lot of time 😀 because many of lava paths lead to dead end. So, look at map carefully.

You are free to choose any stairs in 3f because they lead you to the same place. Save your game by talking to the adventurer in 4F and then head north. Talk to the demon and

BOSS: Balphegor and 3 cubes

Maybe he is the easiest boss from all of the demons. He weak against water spell but don’t cast it because he will change it elemental weakness and attack type (which is bad because you already equipped fire shield; example: If you cast water on him he will start to cast watera and waterga spell). In this battle I use 2 black mage (magic might and leafra), 1 white mage (constant healing), and 1 spell fencer (magic infuse). Elemental weakness change is random, so you can’t alternate between water and fire spell (I have tried it; CMIIW). His normal attack patterns:

  • Fira: 10-15 fire damage to single target. (Fire shield equipped)
  • Firaga: 10-15 fire damage to all targets (Fire shield equipped)
  • Ball of fire:  20-40 fire damage to all targets (fire shield equipped)
  • Attack: only does about 1 damage to my spell fencer (equip fire shield and paladin armor)

His cubes seems invulnerable to physical damage (only deal 1 damage), but one magic might with spell focus will kill them all.

Go back to the Arbor and talk to the queen. You will get Lux tome as a reward.

====Armor of light====



Buy/withdraw and then equip ice shields for your characters.

Talk to Rikoteh near the north house. Enter the house and then talk to RIkoteh’s father. Go left and check a locked door (Invidia underground).

Go to the place where you fought with ice dragon before. The puzzle had been changed; you can get a hint checking 2 dragons at point (1) and (2). The solution is (4 switches in the puzzle room):

  • Press upper left statue once
  • Press bottom left switch twice
  • Press bottom right switch 3 times

Enter the door nearby and then you will fight with Ice dragon. He seems doesn’t change much and very easy at this moment (especially if you equip ice shield and use fire element attack). Open the treasure chest to obtain a Dragon’s mark.

Talk to Rikoteh on the town and then follow her into the north house. Talk to her father and follow Rikoteh into her room. Talk to Rikoteh again and you will learn that you need to enter Sun Temple to defeat a demon. So, get out from this town and then go south to enter the small cave nearby (you must use your dragon).

Sun temple

This area is damn straight except B2, so I only create map for B2. There is a growth egg in the treasure chest (B2), but I recommend you to not equip this item because enemy’ level will scale with yours level, so  it is kind of useless item (CMIIW).

BOSS: Mammon

Another easy boss. As long as you have equipped ice shields on your characters you should have no trouble fighting this boss (it can also cast poison at your character). Maybe it will become a long battle, because he tends to cast protect and shell which will greatly reduce your damage. His attack patterns:

  • Diamond dust: 10 ice damage to all targets
  • Shell: Reduce magical damage by 50%
  • Protect: Reduce Physical damage by 50%

After all of his arms broken he will start using:

  • Confuse; Inflict confusion to single target
  • Blizzard dance: 20 ice damage to all targets

Step into magic circle once you have defeated him.Return to the town and Talk to Rikoteh’s Father twice and he will give you armor of light.



Go to 2nd area of this town. Open a locked door right of your house (where princess have stayed before) to obtain 3 treasure chests (Stunning harp, Remedy, and Soul of thamasa). Now go inside the left house of this area to meet Pione. She will ask you to find a beautiful material.

Get out from this town and head west to Animal Burrow (you must become an animal to enter this area; All of your characters!!). Follow the path and you should be able to see a spider web. Check the web and then go back to Liberte.

Go to Pione’s house and then talk to her. She will ask you to come back to tomorrow, so head to the inn and sleep. You will find that Pione have been kidnapped. Go to Pirate hideout (east of Liberte).

Go to point B in my map and talk to Pione. You will fight Seadevil (it is easy; one “magic might” will kill this monster). Go downstairs and then take all of the treasure chests.

  • Fresh meat
  • Dancer clothes
  • death tome
  • 1000 gil x2
  • monk robe

Most important item is Rusty compass (the one in the middle), so make sure you grab it. Go back to Liberte and go to 2nd area of this town. Head north and enter king’s house, check the pedestal in the middle of the room. You will obtain Cestus. Follow the coastline to Pirate hideout, you should see path to the north near pirate hideout. Go north and check black spot on the sea.


This is the last boss I fight on “gathering legendary equipment chapter”. So my battle is really easy, If you equip ice shield like I have suggested then you should find no trouble when you fight him. His attack patterns:

  • Water: 1 damage
  • Attack: 12-30 water damage to single target
  • Waterga: 5-10 water damage to all of your characters

After you have defeated this monster you will get Dancer crown.

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30 Responses to “[NDS]Final Fantasy The 4 Heroes of Light Walkthrough: Gathering Legendary Equipment Part 2”

  1. Doge says:

    can anyone help me? I can’t beat belphegor, he keeps using cura :C

  2. gabriel says:

    will someone please give me info on how to beat balphegor and the 3 cubes. i can’t find the best strategy for beating him.

    • Game Force says:

      Dear Gabriel, it is important that all of your character with the flame shield equipped.
      Telling you the truth:
      If your team, consist of 1 elementalist with level 2 crown skill: mysterio, plus all character ( my team are hero, black mage elementalist and white mage) with flame shield equipped and cape of light on hero, the damage from Balphagor and cubes are totally misses, plus, I can GUARANTEE that hero, black mage and elemantalist instead of recieving fire damage from bosses and cubes, it healing them totally! (white mage only misses all the fire attacks)

      Hero: blade blitz
      black mage: spell focus
      elementalist: mysterio
      White mage: I just cast healthgiver for fun.

      round 2:
      Hero: blade blitz
      Black mage: leafra or leafga NO WATER TYPE ATTACKS!
      Elementalist: amplify if possible, if no just boost
      white mage: boost is enough

      Repeat this, until all the cubes are destroyed completely.
      1) Leafra/leafga+spell focus+amplify casted twice on boss
      2) you felt boss is going to die.

      * 100% guaranteed: cubes and boss firaga, fire blast and all the attacks, instead of harming you, they heals you!! 😀

      1) NOT equip flame shields. YOU WILL DIE
      3) NO WATER TYPE ATTACKS!(until boss nearly dead you give a deadly blow on him to finishing off) BECAUSE THEY KNOW HOW TO CHANGE ELEMENT!!!!!

      Hope this help. I have rated this boss difficulty as
      1/10 because i have not harm at all. TOTALLY HEALED. 🙂

      • gabriel says:

        awesome thanks i beat him,but i need info on were to get the dark cape [blocks dark element] thanks. i need info asap [as soon as posible.

  3. wharcraff says:

    Right now. Collecting these things. using my trio of seamstresses and a Wayfarer. Should be a breeze to beat all the bosses with this setup.

  4. Archer says:

    Im at horne now. And i just realized that i dont have the sword of light cuz i thought that the shinning sword in my storage was the sword of light. . Soo i looked for the sword, i found it when i talked to rolan. . Then i found the cape of light with the wepon merchant lord. Soo i have all the items except for the shield, I CANT FIND IT. . where can i get it??

    • gabriel says:

      defeat the boss of quicksand castle [in desert] then talk to moon folk kirijh[guy you meet in the campsite in the middle of the desert] and he’ll give you the shield of light.
      hope i was useful.

  5. Emmeline says:

    Do you have to do the whole Gathering Legendary Equipment in a certain order, or is this just the recommended order?

  6. Joker561 says:

    Cetus the most useful legendary item ever… sigh…

  7. fflover says:

    mammon can us poison

  8. Excellent post. I was checking constantly this blog and I’m impressed! Very helpful info specifically the last phase 🙂 I care for such info much. I was seeking this certain info for a long time. Thank you and good luck.

  9. eewq says:

    Excuse me. What is your equipment through out the whole gathering equipment thing? Just curious. And what levels where they? Did you know that you can go back to the animal burrow and steal a ribbon from the Ogre Bear. It can come in handy later on, but it is not recommended, just kind of like a sub-quest. Just to let you know.


    • eewq says:

      You can steal more than one also, in fact, as many as you desire.


    • noobbgodlike says:

      My equipment is still same as the time when I fought CHaos (upgraded though)

    • gabriel says:

      did know you can even kill him. first get hermes sandals at urbeth use crown scholar and equip hermes sandal to scholar[level 3]. use tame on ogre bear and use magic might from your blackmage. and elemental on your elementalist for extra damage. then do either money talks or keeper+finder and get diamonds.money talks will probrily kill him.and as you said you can steal ribbon from him. i hope i was useful

  10. Donna says:

    the dragon head wont go face the middle whicheve way I have tried .. they are all facing forward when I start & I have followed every instruction .. can you help please ..
    I started all over again.. cos of this before .. nothing seems to work .. and love the game .. but it just wont work

  11. M.E says:

    if you steal of mammon you can get the gungnir

  12. Xman says:

    Men! 10 lvls per 1 boss (demon) hard to raise lvl!

  13. stoono says:

    for levetitan he also can inflict sudden death. and for mammon you must cast poision it brings about 50 damage each turn.

  14. Ben says:

    For mammon/other bosses that break it would not be a long battle if you… do extreme amounts of damage in the first turn, yes one big hit not several individual shots, like magic might, money talks, not finale or anything similar.

    The large mass of damage should only be done by one character, keep note of that.
    It should break even to 1 damage.

    After a large quantity of damage just use regular attacks or spells/abilities that would/should not miss.

  15. Crazy DAC says:

    I forgot to tell you that you can steal Claustrum from Mammon, but you can fight with her again in future so there’s nothing to worry about it.

    And you can steal Darkbringer from boss Satan. You’ll meet him soon. ^_^

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