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Posted on Oct 13, 2010

[NDS]Final Fantasy The 4 Heroes of Light Walkthrough: Liberte to Whirlpool Dungeon


See an event between princess and your 2nd character. Get out from the house and head northwest to the small house. Talk to Apollo (kid near the window), he will tell you about his parents. Go downstairs and you should be able to see a treasure chest (Giant’s ring: increase attack by 10%). Get out from this house and return to your house. Talk with 2nd character here to make him join your party.  There are also 8 hidden treasures in this town, Location:

  1. Check empty  spot right of Apollo’s house to obtain hi-potion
  2. Go north pass the item shop. Enter east building and go upstairs; you can talk with King liberte here and check plant on the right to obtain Potion
  3. You can save your game by talking to the adventurer near the inn. Go inside and check the bed/ table/ whatever (I don’t know what is this LOL) on the left to obtain echo herb
  4. Get out from inn you should be able to see a house right of the inn. Check flower on the right side of this house to get eye drop
  5. Go south to Liberte Port, head east to the ship and check right part of the ship to obtain dragon wing
  6. Check back of the item shop (outside) to obtain Gaia drum
  7. Check plant on the bottom right to obtain potion (inside storage shop)
  8. Go south west of the inn and check the spot near the tree to obtain phoenix down

You can check amount of the treasures you have gathered by talking to the man in Liberte port inn. Buy new equipment for your characters in item shop (You can wear new crown you just got. I suggest you to make one of your characters into black mage).

If you talk with the pirate on the left of the wi-fi shop, he will mention about password. Talk to another kid and he will mention “freedom” in the dialog. That is password for next dungeon.

You can get new equipment in Liberte town and spell book in the Liberte port. I suggest you to have fire spell on your characters (black mage) because some of the upcoming enemies are weak to fire. You can also buy flame dagger (it has quite nice attribute; attack +3, magic attack +3, fire elemental). If you have extra money also buy ice shield; it will greatly reduce damage from the enemies.

Now you are all set. Go to world map and head east until you see a cave and then enter it.

Pirate Hideout

Enemy Exp Drop
aspidochelon 6
blood bat 2 potion, blood rings
lamia 6 sleep ring
slime 5 potion, hi potion

Immediately kill one of three slimes if you encounter them. If all of them merge, you will have trouble in that battle (it can inflict about 30 damages to a single character). They are weak to fire spell.

You can kill Lamia easily by using magic mojo first (it multiplies your spell damage about 3-4 x).

Equip ice shield if you have it because it will reduce aspidochelon’s attack damage a lot.

Pirate hideout

Talk to the pirate and choose “freedom”. Continue to the next area, go left first and take 300 gil at the end of the path. Go back to the right and continue until you see a save point. You can get items on each side of this area. You can talk to the pirate near the treasures to fight them (Lizard man, exp 8). After getting all of treasures go upstairs (save if you haven’t do it).  Talk to the pirate captain and

BOSS: Trolloud

It probably becomes long but easy battle. His attack patterns:

  • Attack: deal about 12 damage
  • Boost: Increase his attack power. I recommend you to defend (boost) after he using this skill because he probably will use
  • Whirl bludgeon: 14-16 damage to all characters.

Heal with your white mage every turn and have the other characters attack him.

Continue to treasure rooms and then check sparkling object on the middle of the room. See a cut scene and then grab all items in this room.

Go back to the Liberte town and then talk to Apollo. He will give you Apollo’s talisman. Return to your house and see a cut scene.  Talk to the man at the inn, you will learn that whirpool only appears at night. So, go outside and wander around until dark and re-enter the town.

Buy some echo herb and tranquilizer because you may need it later.

Try to go back to Liberte town, you should see a whirlpool block your path. Enter it

Secret debug room (Thanks to Tom Sa for this info)

Apparently, BEFORE defeating the boss in the pirate cave there’s an opportunity to see the developer’s room:

1) Save using the adventurer in the upper part of Liberte.

2) Exit Liberte and wait until night.

3) Use a dragon wing, and this will take you to the screen ABOVE the whirlpool.

*) Rest at the Inn to gain access to the lower screen again.

See the comment for further information

Even if that doesn’t work, or you’re past that point, you can see some hidden night dialogue that you would otherwise not be able to see.

Inside whirlpool

Enemy Exp Drop
air ray 7 echo herbs,tranquilizer
lizard man 3 phoenix down
slime 5 potion, hi potion
ichtohn 6

In this dungeon you need to  pull the lever in order to open the door. (Number) on my map means location of the door that will open after you have pulled all the levers with same number.

Go north and pull the lever on the northeast of big area (L1). You will hear sound of the door open (1). Grab stream cape (Kill mimic first) and then continue upstairs.

In this floor pull 2 levers (L2) to open another doors (2). Continue south, there are 4 Levers to open door number (3). Go to each location and pull them. Make sure you grab earth bow and Bolt sword (you can get it by go downstairs in the southeast of the area; you must fight mimic first before get it).

Pass the door (3) and save your game. Go upstairs when you are ready.

Equip stream cape and make sure you can cast fire or have fire elemental weapon.

BOSS: Brain shark

His attack patterns:

  • Poison: Inflict poison status on your character
  • Attack: deal about 9 damage (I equip ice shield)
  • Water spray: Attack all party for about 9 damages and inflict bad statuses (paralyze, silence, sleep, and confuse)

He can inflict many bad statuses on your character when he uses water spray attack. This is where tranquilizer and echo herb become very helpful. But if you don’t have them, you can leave these bad statuses alone (they disappear after few turns). He is weak to fire so always use it to him. Even his damage is not deadly, always look your HP and heal when needed.

See a cut scene, go to your house and talk to Lilibele (Fairy). You will receive Fairy map. For now, just go to the save point to save your game.

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33 Responses to “[NDS]Final Fantasy The 4 Heroes of Light Walkthrough: Liberte to Whirlpool Dungeon”

  1. raffi says:

    how to open the door on first enter the whirpool

  2. JADAMAYDA says:

    hey thanks for the guides you guys real help me out but i have a question what attacks do i use to defeat trolloud i can’t seem to do it and have already done it once but my little brother deleated my data and i’m mad at him

  3. Codey :D says:

    Hello. Could you specify where this magical FAIRY CAPE is? I know there is one but… I CANNOT FIND THE SON OF A GUN! Thank you for the help. 😀

  4. Huntardpewpew says:

    The flame dagger you can buy in the village actually applies Confusion to Brain Shark, he hit me twice in the whole fight… with a lousy 4 damage!

  5. Isaac says:

    Brain Shark drop Shark Lance.

  6. Isaac says:

    Aspidochelon drop Turtle Shell, & thanks for the developer’s room. It’s funny.

  7. FF-helper says:

    Bloodbat is 3 exp not 2

  8. Jools says:

    Good thing to sell in mini game for lots of money. Steall mythryl from big tortoise thing. Find it in evening near hunting cave. Worth 4000 but can sell it for 5000. Haven’t been able to sell more than two at this price in any one game but hey you get it free and making good profit. Have to make 20000 in mini game to get seamless crown

  9. jammy says:

    Sorry to bug you with a fourth comment but when i was in the pirate hideout for my millionth time (i hate trolloud 🙁 ) i saw a metal flan, it was realy strong and resists fire, earth AND water!

  10. jammy says:

    oh one other thing i forgot to add, i think you must have forgot Trolloud’s attak name because its not called boost its called besark

  11. jammy says:

    Hey its me jammy you may have seen me in some past G4G walkthoughs (eg: Dragon Quest 9) but now i’m here i just wants to say the the developer’s room IS real i just did it, but there is nothing good about it, just some different music!

  12. TeeGee says:

    I just found out an interesting thing when upgrading equipment.When u select which equipment to upgrade ,it opens up the gems selection,right? Ok if u exit it and select the same equipment ,this time it will require DIFFERRENT GEMS to fill the slots.
    This way u can use this trick to upgrade and just retry untill you are satisfied with the gem batch – I.e.: if you dont have certain gems but u still want to upgrade your equipment, u can retry until you get a better gem slot batch,get it?)
    The slots change everytime u select which weapon/armor to upgrade…in the same shop.That shows the sloppyness of the devs… But okay,maybe it’s on purpose (??)

  13. skenn says:

    oops found it in the item shop duh!

  14. skenn says:

    Can someone tell me where the liberte weapon shop is trying to buy black and white robe for my 2 characters. The guide i’m using says there is one there but i cannot find it. I’m still using the first weapons lol someone HELP!!

  15. tom s a says:

    I’ve found something else out regarding this section: Ichtohn’s very occasionally drop “spring gauntlets”, an accessory that adds water element to attack.

    I can’t say what the exact drop rate is, though. What I can say is that I’ve fought probably 30 groups of them (100 in total), and so far have only yielded one.

  16. Wulfette says:

    Sorry, i tried to delete my other post so that I don’t bombard this blog but it won’t let me, here I am again. I tried entering the whirlpool and it won’t let me through the door. Using dragon wing just puts me back on second screen. Based on other posting, it seems you have to die in the whirlpool to get back to first screen. Don’t really feel like dying to get to the special page 😛

    • tom s a says:

      If you’re on about the developer’s room, you need to save using the adventurer in the north end of town (there’s two in Liberte). Then use a dragon wing at night. Entering the whirlpool has nothing to do with it.

      If you’re on about getting into the dungeon, you need to finish the pirate cave first. Although after you do this, you can’t access the “developer’s room” any more.

  17. Wulfette says:

    oh… i see… i need to enter the whirlpool first then use the dragon wing… let’s try again.

  18. Wulfette says:

    Hmm, I tried the trick above and using Dragon Wing at night didn’t take me to the screen above the whirlpool. So I just gave up… Anybody else have tried this?

  19. tom s a says:

    Can’t verify this (read it elsewhere, but people seemed to confirm)…

    Apparently, BEFORE defeating the boss in the pirate cave there’s an opportunity to see the developer’s room:

    1) Save using the adventurer in the upper part of Liberte.

    2) Exit Liberte and wait until night.

    3) Use a dragon wing, and this will take you to the screen ABOVE the whirlpool.

    *) Rest at the Inn to gain access to the lower screen again.

    Even if that doesn’t work, or you’re past that point, you can see some hidden night dialogue that you would otherwise not be able to see.

    [I’ve restarted the game having missed something that’s really hard to obtain later, so I’ll confirm whether the Dev. Room exists when I get to said part in the game]

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Thank you very much, I can’t test it though. I already have passed that part 🙁

      • tom s a says:

        I can confirm that there IS a “developer’s room” of sorts. It’s more of a “replaced dialogue” thing though.

        You know if you have accessed it because the night music is different. Instead of the Liberte (Night) music, the upbeat minigame tune plays instead.

        I took a bunch of photos, cropped them, and put them into one picture:


        Sorry for the bad quality… Lighting in my room isn’t fantastic, and my camera is pretty low-end. However, the dialogue is legible enough.

  20. Kairoyalty says:

    I can’t get into the pirate cave. The pirate always tells me that the Capt. doesn’t allow anybody to get into the cave. What should I do?? 🙁

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