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Posted on Oct 18, 2010

[NDS]Final Fantasy The 4 Heroes of Light Walkthrough: Receive Animal Staff in Arbor

Now you’re playing as Princess (cat). Save your game by talking to the adventurer. There are another hidden treasures in this city ( I’ve put them in the right order, so you can get them as you progress main story;red numbers indicate the hidden treasures). The location:

1. Hi-Potion, check the grass south of save point (adventurer).
Go north to enter Arbor.

2. Echo herb, in front of the item shop (check a bucket of apple)

Buy new equipment in the weapon shop (Red shot; fire bow 😀). The upcoming enemies is weak to fire. I also suggest you to buy an antidote.

From the entrance go right until you arrive at Great tree roots.

Great tree roots

enemy exp Drop
myconid 7 potion
mandragora 7 phoenix down
jack lantern 8 potion

Your goal in this area is to get The Animal Staff. Talk to the mouse near the entrance and he(Torte) will join your party.  Just take a look at my map and go to animal staff location. Go back to the village after you have gotten the staff.

3. Eye drop, blue mushroom near area transition to the great tree root

Go to the place where MC become a plant and use the animal staff upon him. He will become a dog. Now re-enter the village and go left to upstairs Talk to the red haired woman who says about monster’s weakness.

4. Alarm clock, check the pot near the red haired woman (on the top of this village)

Continue to 2nd screen.

You should see a wi-fi shop when you are arrived at this area.

5. Potion, check the flower behind wi-fi shop
6. Potion, check blue mushroom
7. Bomb Fragment, go left and enter small room check right spot of the giant dry leaf

After getting all of those items. Go upstairs by using stairs behind of the wi-fi shop. Continue and then talk to Queen Arbor. She will ask you to help Arbaroc, agree and then go left until you arrive at

Great tree

Enemy exp add. Info Drop
huginn 8 phoenix down, eye drops
batter fly 8 weak fire alarm clock, flash ring
rattatox 9 weak fire stun ring,hi potion, wind dagger
imp 6 harp


Buy some status recovery items like Tranquilizer, antidote, etc, because the enemy and boss can become annoying when you are in bad status. Equip your Characters with fire weapon  (Many of monster in this forest weak to fire).

Follow the red line just in case you have lost (red line show you the path to the boss in this area). Blue line indicates area transition (to get item or reach unnecessary area).

This dungeon doesn’t have hard puzzle or anything like that. Just follow my map and you will be fine until you find adventurer to save your game in this dungeon. Make sure you grab Wind cape from this dungeon. You need it for Boss battle. Check the small hole near the adventurer (save point) to go inside.

Tips: Change the princess in to white mage and give cura tome (take it from Torte if you do’nt have it) to Princess if you haven’t got it.

Check middle part of the area and


He is hard, he can attack twice/turn. When he fly from the ground He will use deadlier spell than before :(. he is probably hardest BOSS until now (apart from ogre bear :D). His attack patterns:

  • Attack: about 20-30 damage physical attack [flying and ground mode]
  • Leafra: neutral damage to one target about 14 damage [ground mode only]
  • Learga: neutral damage to all of your party members (20 damage) [ground mode only]
  • Thundaga: about 20 damage to all [Flying mode only]
  • Airstorm: about 20 damage to all (wind) [Flying mode only]

I suggest you to use cure every turn when he is on flying mode. Thundaga/airstorm deals a lot of damage to your characters. You don’t need to use health giver/life giver. It is enough only by having your white mage cast cure every turn (I left Torte died :D; he seems uber weak to this boss but it is maybe my equipment).

After you have beaten him, step into magic circle. Talk to Arbor Queen, She will grant you Transform staff and tell you to rest at the inn. The princess suggest you to talk again to the queen, so go over there. She will suggest you to go to sky city by jumping from great tree. Go right and grab last hidden treasure near the stairs

8. Phoenix down, check the spot on the right stairs of queen’s place.

Keep going right until you reach great tree to summit.

======================end of chapter===========================

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  1. Fathur says:

    This waltrhough is 3 years ago XD

    • noobbgodlike says:

      yup, LOL. it’s a good game though.

      • Fathur says:

        Yup 😀
        i playing it now
        i almost finish this chapter

        thanks for the walktrhough 😀
        i always can’t imagine how people like you make the walktrhough

        • noobbgodlike says:

          you’re welcome, hope this guide can helps you. One advice: DON’T LEVEL UP TOO MUCH OR THE LAST BOSS WILL BE VERY HARD. AFTER BEATING THE GAME YOU CAN LEVEL UP FOR EXTRA DUNGEON. To make walk through you just need to make it XD. How you find my blog? google?

        • Fathur says:

          Ok 😮
          i see

          yup.. Google

  2. rpgr8 says:

    I just thought I’d mention that at the very bottom of your Great Tree map (in the “L”), there is another hi-potion.

  3. Kidrobot222 says:

    Poor PC3. left behind twice now. :/

    • Kidrobot222 says:

      btw… there’s a METAL FLAN enemy in the great tree to arborac. u get about 12 exp and i got an amethyst gem.

      • Kidrobot222 says:

        btw – sorry again – metal flan actually gives you somewhere around 20-200 xp. they’re very rare

  4. perrylen says:

    can you also make a acount on this websit

  5. perrylen says:

    lways use your walkthrou they always help

  6. Dorian says:

    thanks alot bro, your such a huge help, i was also wondering what is the next ds rpg you plan on playing?

  7. rachel says:

    i have talked to the queen and i cant get through the boss hole. why? and where do u meet the guy??

  8. sunque says:

    What should my party wear as their crown?
    One has a white crown, one has a cowboy crown (?), and the mouse has some wierd crown that I don’t know.
    Is this alright?

  9. Dane says:

    What is his HP?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I don’t know his HP amount, but I guess there is no fixed number of his HP because this game scale your level with enemies’s level (maybe they are not differ that much :D).

  10. thomas says:

    wich lv do you need becouse arboc use thundrage 2 and it give me 65 damage me lv 20 cat lv 21 tartor lv 21 help

  11. Bob says:

    what is vulnerable against arbaroc

  12. ebeme says:

    Transform Staff ques: is it an actual staff in your items? I’ve spoken to the queen and she gave me the transform staff but it’s not in either character’s items or at the depositary store. I ascended to the summit and couldn’t figure out how to transform.
    please advise me! Thanks.

  13. Maxime says:

    Just an additional drop for Huginn, I dropped an eye drop

  14. Matthias says:

    I can’t go in the hole for the boss, and i have wind cape.. Is there something wrong what i do?

  15. Toruu says:

    when comes the next part?

  16. Ben says:

    Leafra,Learga is actually a normal ability, no elements. There is a skillbook you can buy for them in the future.
    (nuff said if u don’t need more spoilers)

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Ok thank you very much.Will fix my guide

    • Toruu says:

      what class u sugest i make hur befor go to the dungeons in the start?

      • noobbgodlike says:

        In arbor you have TOrte, 1st and 3rd
        I recommend to change princess into white mage and your first to become bandit.

        • KillinEye says:

          I still had some problems with my first character as bandit, so I decided to make him a merchant. All you need to do is farm a few gems and upgrade your crown to level 3 for the ransom ability. Cast this at the beginning, and he will not take ANY damage at all. Yes, you will lose some money, but I sold some of the 100lapis I got from casting the keeper ability at every battle, and I made a nice supply of money in urbeth already.

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