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Posted on Oct 25, 2010

[NDS]Final Fantasy The 4 Heroes of Light Walkthrough: Tower to the Sky to Spellvia

Go back to the invidia and then check the giant egg. The egg will hatch and you will get a dragon.


Get out from the town and steal a mythril from mythritoise. You will need it for later. Go to Storage shop and deposit the mythril.

Talk to the dragon and then fly to end this chapter

=======================end of chapter=========================

Now you use your 3rd character. Get out from the inn and you will see high tower in the middle of the city. Go to the storage shop and then take the mythril from the storage. Go talk to Thauzand and say “no” when you are being asked about 2nd character. Thauzand will suggest you to talk to all other billionaires in this city. So, go to each billionaire house (trylion, bylion, mylion).

The most important person is mylion (armor shop), he will ask you for a mythril. Give it to him (take it from the storage) and you will receive a rainbow boots.(you can talk to other billionaires to get items) Now go inside the tower in the middle of the city.

Tower to the Sky

There is nothing special in this dungeon, just follow my map until you reach 10F. You must have a rainbow boots so you can walk in the rainbow.

Read this tips first:

Change your job into elementalist, equip fire shield, and confuse cape. Fire shield and elementalist needed to reduce damage from nasty Fira spell (cowpel can cast fira; it can cause about 70 damage if you don’t equip fire shield and don’t wear elemantalist crown).

Confuse cape is needed to block confuse. Succubus can use entice to make you confuse; since you are alone, it is very bad for you. I got killed by succubus because she keep using entice and attack repeatedly.

After passing the rainbow you will arrive at

Spellvia dungeon

Check the pot near the stairs (1) to recover your health and then go upstairs. You will meet with the princess in this floor (2) and then she will join your party. Now go to Spellvia (just follow the map).

Read this tips first:

The enemy is quite hard; you can easily see a game over screen if you are not being careful. First you need to be careful when you haven’t met with the princess (Especially when you encounter wyvern; he has high evasion and can kill you in about 2-3 hits, unless you are ranger or have a black mage spell it will be quite hard to kill him).

Be careful in the last area of Spellvia dungeon, because you can meet 3 enemies in one battle. I equip both of my characters with fighter crown (so they have high HP). You can also use Scholar crown and use its ability to reduce physical damage from the enemy.


You arrive at Spellvia. You need to change yourself into an animal if you want to  stay safe in this town 😀 (try it if you don’t believe me , it is quite fun). Hidden treasures location:

1. Remedy: Check the tree on the left of your starting point in this town

2. Shining harp: Behind the tombstone on the middle of the town. Check it and you will learn about mother dragon, turn 180 degrees and check it again to obtain the item.

3. Holy Breath: Check the spot right of the tombstone (see the screenshot below for the exact location)Enter the building on the north of the town.

4. Indra spear: Check the spot at behind of  the item shop

Enter the left door and you will arrive at wi-fi shops, you can talk to the golem in order to know the amount of the treasures you have gathered. Continue north,

5. Dark sigh: Check vase/pillar/whatever 😀 right of the goat.

Enter the big door in the middle of the room and then continue until you meet and talk with Rolan.

6. Dragon wing: Check left part of this room until you can find the small passage. Follow the passage and then check the pillar.

Check the right part of this room and follow another small passage. Open the treasure chest to obtain Courage ring

7. Echo herbs: follow previous passage until you arrive at the small room. You can read Rolan’s diary by checking the bed. Check  the plant to obtain the hidden treasure.

Go back to the area where you got Dark sigh and then go right from here. You will arrive at the inn.

8. Animate tonic: Check the candle at the inn area.

Go outside and then go talk to the witch of the sky (near the fountain shown at hidden treasure 3). Enter the fountain nearby.

Fountain of hope

Save your game by talking to the adventurer. You should be able to see there is a darkness surrounding the middle door in this room. So, go upstairs and enter the door (there are 3 doors, you are free to enter any door).

Your goal in these rooms is to catch blue soul. If you are not quick enough you must restart from the beginning.


You won’t encounter enemy while you are chasing the soul. Spam “A” button and immediately go to the blue soul location so you can talk to it quickly.

Enter the middle door after you have capture all of blue souls. Talk to Rolan and

BOSS: Geri and Freki

Start from Geri. He has Fire attribute so water spell works well against him. His attack patterns:

  • Fire breath: Fire damage to all targets (about 20-30 damage without fire shield)
  • Berserk: Increase attack power
  • Attack: deals about 20 damage to single target (fire element)

Freki has Ice elemental so fire spell works well against him. His attack patterns:

  • Ice breath: Ice damage to all targets (about 20-30 damage without ice shield)
  • Magick: Increase magic attack power
  • Attack: deals about 10 damage to single target (ice element)

Their elemental aura will be broken when you cast spell that strong against them (ex: if you cast fire on freki, his ice aura will broken).  This will lower their attack power, so always try to attack with the opposite element. If you have killed one of them and not kill the other quickly (about 3 turns), it will revive itself (it has less Hp than the original form). So, don’t focus your attack on one enemy (my black mage alternate between watera and fira;I use magic mojo first).

Get out from the fountain and you will find that the darkness had fallen into the world. Try go to Rolan’s place and you should see your 1st and 2nd character. Talk to them and they will join your party (Finally the game can be called the “four” heroes of the light 😀 ).


Buy darksteel shield on the item shop and equip it on all of your characters. You should have a shine cape if you have followed my guide from the beginning of this game. Equip shine cape on your healer. Make sure your weapon is neutral (no-elemental).

Go and talk to Rolan when you are ready.

BOSS Battle: Rolan

He is pure bastard. He can absorb dark elemental attack and resist light elemental attack (also resist fire, not sure about the other element). He can attacks twice/turn and his attacks are quite deadly. You can steal Lightbringer from him, since he can only carry 1 item, if you steal and get a x-potion, it means you can’t get Lightbringer from him (so ,reset your game  and good luck at the next time :D). His attack patterns:

  • Thundara: Light elemental damage about 60 damage to single target (without shine cape and elementalist crown)
  • Darkga: Dark elemental spell to all targets (deals about 15-30 damage with darksteel shield equipped)
  • Darkra: Dark elemental spell to single target (deals about 20-35 damage with darksteel shield equipped)
  • Attack: deals about 10 damage with darksteel shield equipped

My strategy:

I see a game over screen 3 times when I fought him 🙁 . It is because all of my attacks deal crappy damage on him (the highest damage is only 40 🙁 ) and he casts thundara twice/turn at my healer. So I need to ‘cheat’ a little, here is the “cheat” :

  • My party 3 elementalists and a white mage
  • Elementalist equip darksteel shield and most powerful neutral weapon you have (important!!)
  • White mage equip Darksteel shield and shine cape (very important)
  • Make you sure you have raise spell on one of your elementalist
  • Raise spell needed if somewhat he manages to kill your healer
  • As the battle begin, let your elementalist attack him every turn and your white mage spam cure spell every turn (no need to use life/health giver)
  • If you have followed all the strategy above; Dark spell should deal 0 damage (since you are elementalist and equip darksteel shield) except your priest (which can be nullified since you spam cure spell each turn)
  • Thundara spell should only deal about 20 damage to your characters which disable his ability to kill any of your characters at one turn

Ben’s strategy (thanks to him):

1. To defeat Rolan is extremely simple, yet time costly if u want to farm diamonds.
To defeat Rolan in 1 hit or so all you need to do is Upgrade the black mage hat of your characters hats to the maximum, and just use magic might(once yes once).

2. In order to max out a hat, you need at least 1 diamond. To get a diamond you need the merchant hat, and use finder or the more advanced version to get one.

3. For efficiency, try to use three merchants and one freelancer, try to keep your freelancer alive until the rest are dead.

It is perfect for farming diamonds, and making ca$h.

It also works good with Money Talks on
Merchant if you have plenty of money.

After you have defeated him, talk to witch of the sky to learn that you have been warped in time. He tells you that you need to save the world and obtain Rolan’s legendary equipment. Talk to the dragon to go to the world map.

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42 Responses to “[NDS]Final Fantasy The 4 Heroes of Light Walkthrough: Tower to the Sky to Spellvia”

  1. Moon says:

    if you have three of your guys using the fighter crown and one person healing while fighting Rolan and have the ones wearing the fighter crowns not use any weapons and just there fists, it deals a lot of damage and because it has no element to the attacks Rolan wont be resisting them

  2. thanh tran says:

    When fighting Rolan ,why don’t you use Steelsword 7(+5) receiving from the merchant in urbeth’s weapon shop . I upgraded it to +7 using just a few gems and it worked perfectly

  3. Christyian Gordy says:

    this person did leave out one VERY important thing: If you look behind the staitcase in the fountain of hope you can fine the hero armor. its a 10% increase in strengh spirit and intelect with a good defence boost to boot. so be sure u get it its REALLY good

  4. kurang says:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hJx2ivyJfA – i wish i could be as awesome as these person

  5. shalu says:

    thnks about the mythril in the hunting caves trick i was freaking out [i forgot to deposit one:P]

  6. dick says:

    Can someone please tell me how you spam the “A” button?

  7. dick says:

    I am having a BIG problem getting to Spelvia through the dungeon. I keep getting killed by the Cloud Penguins. I am at level 20 & 24 with my 2 characters and have both of them as Fighters with high HP. They are using upgraded weapons(Mythril Hammer & Wind Dagger) but it’s doing no good at all. I have used all my potions and can not go anyplace to get anymore that I have stored. I also can not change weapons as I can not go back to Urbeth, Any suggestions?

  8. jei'Sy says:

    In the Fountain of Hope dungeon where the three stairs meet underneath it there’s a treasure chest. It contains the Hero armor: Def +8 MDef +7 STR/INT/SPT +10%.

  9. Mimaki says:

    I tried your strategy for defeating Rolan, but only had two plain weapons. I sent the other two heroes in empty handed, and it took nearly half an hour to defeat him, but I did!

    My tip for those who don’t have 4 plain weapons is to make whoever doesnt have the plain weapon a Fighter, and have the attacking heroes spam their attacks at Rolan as the healer spams health. Making the weakest one the healer is also good, because with your dark shields and heightened defense/hp, your best characters are put to much better use using offense, while the weak defends.

    Happy gaming~!

  10. FF-helper says:

    if the music change (not by low hp) does it means the enemy almost defeated?

  11. Alexandra says:

    What are the monsters for both dungens

  12. iAn says:

    hey, could you help me? where could i get the x-potion?? 😐
    its getting hard for me, that’s why i need it.

  13. mil says:

    I beat Rolan pretty easyily. Brand was a Bard, Jusqua a black mage, Junita a beastmaster, and Aire a white mage. Rolan only went after Brand each time, and the dark/light did little damage (elemental clothes, darkshield, shine cape, mythril hammer). Just did spell focus with Jusqua (Fira,Bilzza) and he went down in like 6 rounds. Aire did healthgiver/cure. Yunita did little to nothing.

  14. LesLei says:

    FYI: there is a treasure chest behind the large staircase (where Rolan was standing) it contains Hero’s Armour =D

    • noobbgodlike says:

      thanks for the info. Could you be more specific about the location?? Is it on Rolan’s castle?? or is it on the fountain ( I can’t go inside the fountain because I already past that point)?

  15. Ben says:

    If your having more trouble with the later bosses… check earlier comments or check this new comment.

    1) Stock on ether.
    2) You should always have either resistance equipment or mirror skill so you could avoid magic attacks.
    3) Without cures you would need to use potions, get the salve maker and use disciplinary then healthcare.
    All you need is 1 X-potion
    4) If you do immense damage to a boss that breaks, remember than after that large mass of damage the boss will break easily afterwards even to 1 damage, so just use regular attack unless if you miss easily
    5) Easy to hard: Levithan, Lucifer, Mammon, Belgephor, Asmodeus. Bezzelbub.

    More Updates Later…

  16. Matthias says:

    When is the next part? the bosses are very hard in the upcoming part =(

    • noobbgodlike says:

      LOL, I am working on it. And I have same trouble like you. The boss is hard:D. BUt remember not to level up too much because the enemy level go up as yours level go up.

    • Ben says:

      Make about 150000+ gil in the Urbeth mini-game. Max out Merchant hat, use Money Talks to kill each boss, remember that the more money you have the more damage you do. 1% of the cash is used for the attack no matter what the defense is 1% of the cash is used to be a attack. Making gil is easy if you sold and then resold ether for 5k each early in the game, sells 0-3 per mini game but 3 is hard.

      • Ben says:

        No matter what your attack is the damage is exactly 1% of the your total gil, that 1% is used as an attack, so if you have like 100000 gil, you will only do a weak one thousand damage to the boss, then 99000 gil to do 990 damage and lower and lower, try to get as much gil as you can until you hit the damage cap.

  17. killer154 says:

    i need help getting the rainbow boots
    because i didnt deposit the mythril
    so how do i get the mythril

  18. Adin says:

    Good Job!
    Waiting for the next guide 😀

  19. Crazy DAC says:

    By the way, in Rolan’s Soul, there’s a clone enemy name Doppelganger, I don’t know it it drop something but you can steal from it some Item like Holy Breath, Cursed Blade, Holy Knife, Ice Pick, Curse Ring…maybe more.

    Addition, in Rolan’s Soul (Fountain of Hope), you can get Hero Armor under the stairs. I guess you miss it (can’t turn back after defeat Geri & Freki).

    Geri drop Flame Gauntlet, so I think Freki have something too.

    And, are you sure Elementalist can hit Rolan with 40 Damage? I dunno why my team so weak, my Elementalist with Mythril Hammer just take him 19-20 Damage (except the critical hit is 40).

    So I use Black Mage with Magic Mojo and Banishga, it deal about 40-90 Damage (though he’s resist light).

    Too bad, don’t have chance to try Magic Might trick anymore. lol

  20. Ben says:

    1. To defeat Rolan is extremely simple, yet time costly if u want to farm diamonds.
    To defeat Rolan in 1 hit or so all you need to do is Upgrade the black mage hat of your characters hats to the maximum, and just use magic might(once yes once).
    2. In order to max out a hat, you need at least 1 diamond. To get a diamond you need the merchant hat, and use finder or the more advanced version to get one.
    3. For efficiency, try to use three merchants and one freelancer, try to keep your freelancer alive until the rest are dead.

    It is perfect for farming diamonds, and making ca$h.

    It also works good with Money Talks on
    Merchant if you have plenty of money.

    By the way how much attack does Lightbringer have.

    • Ben says:

      p.s. you can farm the diamonds from Rolan

    • noobbgodlike says:

      WOW, that’s very good tips. lightbringer has atck and magic atck +11 (light element of course), CMIIW

      • Ben says:

        Try to keep the black mage hat off brandt since his stats aren’t that good so put the merchant hat on him if you want to.

        (tip: try to level as slowly as possible
        because after the late monster settings, the bosses and monsters level up as you do, making them stronger as you get stronger. When you get to the last boss(Chaos) say when your about level 60+ then it would be extremely hard to defeat him no matter what you do.

    • Crazy DAC says:

      Do you remember which monster you can get Diamond? I’m not really know about gem system but it’s seem similar with Item drop.

      I mean some monster only drop some specific gems, while some monsters don’t drop gem at all (and you can’t find anything no matter how much time you use Finder or Keeper). I tried so hard but can’t find any Diamond.

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