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Oceanhorn Bloodstone Complete Location Guide

Oceanhorn Entrance to Merman Bloodstone

Oceanhorn Bloodstone Rewards

On Tikarel head east until you see a farm. Go north, and you will find an area with a hole (like shown on the screenshot). Jump inside and you can claim the reward for bloodstones from Bloodstone Gillfolk. (Rewards list come soon).

This guide is not finished yet and will be updated as I progress in the game.

Num. Picture Note
1  Oceanhorn Bloodstone 2 Sandbar Sandbar
2  Oceanhorn Bloodstone 1 Sandbar Sandbar
3  Oceanhorn Bloodstone 1 bomb island Bomb Island;

Head west from Corbin House, You will be able to see it

4  Oceanhorn Bloodstone 2 Bomb Island Bomb Islands;

Go south from checkpoint (near spiky floor), continue to north until you meet with hammer orc. Defeat it, the stone located on the north.

5  Oceanhorn Abandoned Bloodstone 1 Abandoned mine Bomb Island – Abandoned Mine Depths;

Fall into the hole where you meet with 1st Goblin Sword  on this dungeon. Explore the area and you will find it easily.

6  Oceanhorn Abandoned Bloodstone 2 Abandoned mine puzzle solution Bomb Island- Abandoned Mine Depths;

You won’t miss it. It’s the same area where you get 3rd regular key.

7  Oceanhorn Withered islands Bloodstone 1 Withered Island;

After getting the force spell, go to cave near Rigger’s cave. Take the south path (where you need to use force spell). Follow the path to the outisde. Bloodstone located on the north. Visit THIS PAGE for more detailed guide.

8  Oceanhorn Withered islands Bloodstone 2 Withered Island- Dessert Cavern;

Near Heart piece (3) location. Place the bomb beside the wall to open a path that leads to it.

Visit THIS PAGE for more info about it.

9  Oceanhorn Bloodstone 9 step 1 Tikarel Islands

Exit from Bloodstone Gillfolk cave, you will arrive on the beach. Swim north and continue until you find a cave (2nd beach from Gillfolk beach).

Don’t worry if you’re drowning, it’s possible to reach the other shore, just make sure you swim from the right spot.

 Oceanhorn Bloodstone 9 step 2 place the bomb On the cave, head west and place your bomb on the location shown on the screenshot.
 Oceanhorn Bloodstone 9 step 3 Continue west you will see it
10  Oceanhorn Bloodstone 10

Tikarel Island;

From bloodstone 9 location, continue west, and you will find it.

11  Oceanhorn Crayfish entrance Tikarel Islands-Crayfish Cave

Head Northwest of this islands until you find a cave that blocked by rocks (Crayfish Cave). Place the bomb to blow up the rocks.

 Oceanhorn Crayfish puzzle 1 Go inside the cave, continue until you see a switch. Put anything on the switch (log, stone, etc).
 Oceanhorn Bloodstone 11 Continue north and you will see it on the east side.
12  Oceanhorn Bloodstone 12 reef island Visit THIS PAGE to know how to get to the reef island.Reef Island;

You will see it immediately upon your arrival.

13  Oceanhorn Bloodstone 13 reef island Reef Island;

Continue north from bloodstone #12 location.

14  Oceanhorn Bloodstone 1 restless Grove Great Forest-Restless Grove;

After getting 1st regular key on this area, head west to find it.

Follow THIS PAGE for more detailed guide.

15  Oceanhorn Bloodstone Southwind Isle Southwind Isle;

Visit THIS PAGE to know the location of this island.

Located on the west, very easy to find it.

16  Oceanhorn Bloodstone Great Chronicler's grave

Hermit Island – Great Chronicler’s Grave;

Located northeast of this dungeon’s entrance.

Visit THIS PAGE to know more about it.

17 Oceanhorn Skerry Island Bloodstone

Skerry Island;

Very easy to find,

Visit THIS PAGE to know the location of Skerry Island.

18 Oceanhorn Bloodstone 1 to Cavern of fire

Gillfork’s Drop;

Near the bottle that show you the Odd Fortress Location.

Visit THIS PAGE for more info

19 Oceanhorn Bloodstone 2  to Cavern of fire

Gillfork’s Drop;

Near Cavern of Fire entrance.

Visit THIS PAGE for more info

Oceanhorn Guide Main Page

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19 Responses to “Oceanhorn Bloodstone Complete Location Guide”

  1. partayto says:

    I have collected 55 blood stones


  2. Lo88 says:

    In this video you can find all bloodstone locations:

  3. Ali says:

    There is a bloodstone on great forest that I can see but can’t reach. It is in the forest shrine outside just after you climb up the ladder from the caves and just before you walk up the stone steps to where you drop down to the boss. The stone is on the west face of the square area around the ladder. Anyone know how to get to it?

    • Dan says:

      You can get it by going into the Forest Shrine Crypt (the water room) and there’s a little hut door in the middle (the water needs to be up so you can swim to it). Then you can access the Forest Shrine Outside to get the bloodstone.

  4. Sailas says:

    Finally , i found the last one bloodstone on the Great Forest island. There is 52 in total. its on the East of the island in Heart of Pirta , at the start of the island. If go closer to the east , you can see an open chest, jump to it with trencher boots, and you’ll see a bloodstone in the opened chest ) its kinda tricky ))

  5. Sailas says:

    Hello , I found another one in Great Forest. Its in Heart of Pirta , to the right side of Restlless Grove Entrance. The Bloodstone on the mountains u can see it, but u need Trencher Boots to get there.

    And Guys put your comments about another bloodstones, that not mentioned here. I have 51 – there is 54 total i guess. 91% in withered lands and great forest 92% something i missed. But anyway , the bloodstones does not totally affect on percentage of the islands. It does, but not always. I found 1 bloodstone in Gilforks Drop ( its the last one in this guide ). And before i found it , I had 100% on Gilforks Drop. GL HF +)

  6. brazil says:

    I need a help in the search of the emblem of ocean I have open door on the left vs on the right in thr ice palace and now seems i am block as all the rest needs the boots !
    do you have an idea how to find a key to open east door ?

  7. 94% completed says:

    guys! i got 49 bloodstones. i think i’m missing 1 more bloodstones. either its in the graveyard island (knight’s tomb – there’s an unreachable area with a stair if u look in the minimap) or hermit island (inside the well, near the entrance there’s a chest if u look in the minimap)

    anyone knows how to get there?

    • nox92300 says:

      If you find a way to access this unreachable chest near the knight tomb, I’m interested. It’s going to make me crazy:)

  8. Dhawin says:

    Theres another bloodstone in the cave after the first goblin sword inside the cave, go north and theres a wall where you can place a bomb and inside you can get the bloodstone

  9. Dhawin says:

    I dont know if this the right place to ask this but does anybody know how to get down the well in hermit island after getting the earth emblem?

  10. elbartoe2 says:

    and u know how to get the fourth power ? plz

  11. Axl796 says:

    I was correct. Once you obtain 40, you obtain the TRILOTH spell which is the fifth and final spell from the Gillfolk. 40 doesn’t appear to be the max amount of Bloodstones though, seeing as I did not get the achievement for collecting them all. *Note After obtaining the last spell the aura around the Chronos shield turned from blue to green.

  12. Axl796 says:

    The bloodstones are collected to obtain a rare spell, that of which I don’t know yet. I believe there are 40 because at the moment I have 36 and the Gillfolk tell me that I only have a few to go.

    • eddyzero says:

      that spell is triloth spell which is very powerful. it works like a blackhole (it absorbs anything from surroundings)

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