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Oceanhorn Bomb Island Guide Puzzle Solution

You’re on the world map for the first time, simply tap the destination to go to the destination immediately. Your destination is Tirakel

Oceanhorn Sandbar Map Location

Oceanhorn Withered Lands Map Location

On Tirakel head east to the beach until you find an empty bottle floating, check it to know Sandbar Island location. Go north a little further and talk to the man near the house to know the location of Withered Lands. You’re done, exit to the world map now.

Head to


Oceanhorn Bloodstone 1 SandbarOceanhorn Bloodstone 2 Sandbar

This only a small island, you only need to hit the red stone like in the screenshot to get bloodstone. There are 2 blood stones, after getting those head back to the world map.

Head to

Withered Island

Oceanhorn part 2 Bomb Islands Location

Checkpoint, continue to east and talk to the person standing. He’ll tell you about Bomb Island, so exit the island and then

Head to

Bomb Island

At this island, explore and talk to every people and you ‘ll get a hint about Corbin (Bomb Maker), go to his house (on the middle of this island). Talk to Corbin and then exit from his house using stairs on the north.

Continue north, you will find a Rusty statue

Quoted part is optional simply skip it if you don’t want to do it

Oceanhorn Rusty statue at bomb island

Push the Rusty statue, and there will be treasure dropped on the east beach (only 10 coins but you clear the challenge on this island).”

Oceanhorn Bloodstone 1 bomb islandFrom Rusty statue, head west and you will see another bloodstone, destroy and then take it

Oceanhorn bomb island heartpiece cave 1Continue west until you see a tree with many bush (see the screenshot), hack the bush using your sword and jump into the cave. Notice there is a stair near the location where you fall; you can back to the outside through this way.  There is a treasure chest on the north that contains Heartpiece. Take it and then go back to the outside.

Oceanhorn lever at bomb islandOceanhorn Bomb islands box bridge

From the rusty statue location, go north until you find a lever. Pull the lever, and you will see a steel door opened somewhere. Go to that spot and continue north. You will find a simple puzzle, push the box so you can cross the wooden bridge. Continue north until you see checkpoint

Oceanhorn Bloodstone 2 Bomb Island

Head west to the north until you see Hammer Orc. He’s quite hard, use hit and run tactic (if you can’t defeat him, simply run away from him). Continue until you see bloodstone, destroy and then take it.

From the checkpoint head north pass the spiky trap, continue until you see an entrance to the mines.

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  1. Sharon says:

    I have the bombs. I just can’t throw them.
    Arrggghhh. Anyone play this game on an iMac using the mouse and keyboard? RMB just thrusts my sword. It doesn’t deploy the bombs.


  2. says:

    I can’t move the box or push the statue either. Ugh

  3. Donna Stone says:

    I can’t get the box to move to form the bridge on bomb island. I put a rock on the blue button and nothing works. I’m blocked and can’t go any further.

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