Posted on Nov 15, 2013

Oceanhorn Complete Guide

Oceanhorn LogoRelease Date: 14 November 2013

Genre: Adventure

Platform: IOS device

Publisher: FDG

Developer: FDG

Download Oceanhorn ™ – FDG Entertainment from the App store

The game is really amazing. The price is quite high for an IOS game (8.49 $), however it’s worth every penny, the puzzle the control,etc are very smooth. I will do a full review once I have finished the game :D. If you like fantasy adventure game like Zelda, Spyro, etc then you probably will like this game too. This is one of the best game ever made on IOS platform.

Main Story

  1. Prologue (getting Sword and Shield)
  2. Exploring Bomb Islands
  3. Getting the bombs at abandoned mines
  4. Withered Island
  5. Forest Shrine (How to defeat Turmos)
  6. Hermit Island (How to get inside the well)
  7. Gillfork’s Drop (Deliver Honey from Southwind Isle)
  8. Coming soon


Feel free to comment /critique/ discuss about the game/guide by leaving comments.

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169 Responses to “Oceanhorn Complete Guide”

  1. Lost girl says:

    how do I rebuild a bridge that blew up when I went across. Why can’t I slide anything.

  2. KDV says:

    I need help! I went to sky island before riptide reef and now I see everywhere that I was supposed to go to riptide reef 1st. What do I do? Now I’m stuck and can’t really do anything.

  3. Archie says:

    How do I get the chest on top of the core entrance on sky island? Can’t figure it out!

  4. Loki says:

    In gillfolks drop I used one of three keys to open the door that you actually leave out of later. How do I get anothe key to open the door?

  5. Dany says:


    I got a new iPad and tried to backup my save data. But this failed and now i lost all my progress. My latest save was after i got the fire spell in gilfolks drop.

    Would someone be so kind and upload according save files if this were possible? I would appreciate that very much!

  6. Hankuli says:

    I lost a key when i opened a chest on gillfolks island . In cavern of Fire after blocks pushing
    I opened a chest And at the same time I was fired to death
    Now the key has dissappeared . I need new regular key to continue.

  7. kippur says:

    BUG I can’t use my tent. Can’t sleep. The button seems to have gone away.

    Also, how do I “collect” bloodstones? I can’t pick them up.

    • Riana says:

      You can only sleep once.
      To collect bloodstones you have to hit w/ your sword a bunch of times.
      Hope this helps 🙂

  8. Rick says:

    Great game
    However I died at the same time I opened a chest with a key to move forward in the fire cave
    Started the game again. Chest is already open but no key in my inventory. Anyway around this beside starting over painfully?

  9. Addy says:

    Hi, game is super. However, trying for 4 days, over 100 times approx, to defeat the Turmos, without success. I am not a very fast young kid trying to defeat it, but a bit elder and not that fast. Is there another way to defeat it, or do I have to quit ? Would be a pity because game is super, but the pain in my finges/hand from trying, is not.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Have you seen my guide about it? if yes, then I can’t do anything about it. I have already written everything I can (see the video for better instructions).

    • Hankuli says:

      I hitted With sword only those long wines
      standing near safe place to climb on if more of those come near.
      Took time, but is worth it.
      And managed to collect hearts every time they hitted me
      Kill those flying creatures !

  10. Ray says:

    How do i acess riptide reef. I didnt talk to the guy at the great forest and when i went back to great forest there was no one there i could talk to.

  11. Melissa says:

    I moved a square block in the forest shrine and there is not a switch to move it to the original plave amd cannot continue until I move the block to its designated square what do I do

    • Bam am says:

      I’m at the same place – accidentally pushed the block under the wall thru the spikes … Is there ANY way to reset or get pasts here??? Can the boots be found to jump it without going thru on top of the block first ?
      Thanks in advance to ANYYYYBOOOOODY who can help 🙂

  12. Horlick says:

    Finished the game and tying up loose ends…. On hermit island, right after dropping into the well and heading east past the rock-blocked entrance, I see an unopened chest on the minimap due east of that position. I can go on down the hall and around to the north of it too, but can’t find any way into that area of blackness. Tried bombing everything, tried moving everything, can’t figure out how to get there. Anyone?

  13. Darla says:

    What is the third element and where do I find it? There is a space between my fire and ice emblems so I assume I missed one…?

  14. Rendy says:

    Help im at sky island and im supposed to lit the torch in the middle of grandmasters room after i meet the guy with the dark cloak, the problem is i lit them before i met the guy now i cant get the treasure chest to fall, any way i can undo that??

  15. Darla says:

    I have trencher boots. The saber, fire, wind and ice emblems…. The hermit still says he is studying teppos documents… How do I get him to open up sky island? I’ve run out of things to do… I even took him a pot of honey which he ignored…. LOL

  16. Chris says:

    How do you use a spell? I got the force spell from the Owrus on Witherered Island but I can’t equip it. When I open the menu and tap on it nothing happens.

  17. xenteus says:

    Hey, does anyone know what adventurer level comes after archmage and what bonus it gives? And if you could give me a good place to farm exp thatd be great. It took me forever to farm 1500 exp for the archmage adventurer level.

  18. nox92300 says:

    Anyone knows what I have to do to have 100% on the hermit island???
    I’m stuck at 88 %.

  19. Korkidog says:

    Any idea how to get into the abandoned house on Tikarel Island??


    • nox92300 says:


      You must have bombs. When you arrive at Tikarel go left, pass the storage house . On the right there is a well and just behind near the cliff you can see a sign. Blow the wall left of the plant. you will find a cave:) Follow the path and you will arrive at a ladder, climb and you are near the house:)

  20. Eeea says:

    Love the game. But i am stucked inside the cave at whitered island. There’s one button to reset the moving block, but now i cant reach it. Reason for this is because I moved the block down into the water in front of the stairs. Is there anything I can do? I’ve tried to throw rocks on top of button, but that didn’t work 😛

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