Posted on Nov 15, 2013

Oceanhorn Complete Guide

Oceanhorn LogoRelease Date: 14 November 2013

Genre: Adventure

Platform: IOS device

Publisher: FDG

Developer: FDG

Download Oceanhorn ™ – FDG Entertainment from the App store

The game is really amazing. The price is quite high for an IOS game (8.49 $), however it’s worth every penny, the puzzle the control,etc are very smooth. I will do a full review once I have finished the game :D. If you like fantasy adventure game like Zelda, Spyro, etc then you probably will like this game too. This is one of the best game ever made on IOS platform.

Main Story

  1. Prologue (getting Sword and Shield)
  2. Exploring Bomb Islands
  3. Getting the bombs at abandoned mines
  4. Withered Island
  5. Forest Shrine (How to defeat Turmos)
  6. Hermit Island (How to get inside the well)
  7. Gillfork’s Drop (Deliver Honey from Southwind Isle)
  8. Coming soon


Feel free to comment /critique/ discuss about the game/guide by leaving comments.

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168 Responses to “Oceanhorn Complete Guide”

  1. KDV says:

    I need help! I went to sky island before riptide reef and now I see everywhere that I was supposed to go to riptide reef 1st. What do I do? Now I’m stuck and can’t really do anything.

  2. Archie says:

    How do I get the chest on top of the core entrance on sky island? Can’t figure it out!

  3. Loki says:

    In gillfolks drop I used one of three keys to open the door that you actually leave out of later. How do I get anothe key to open the door?

  4. Dany says:


    I got a new iPad and tried to backup my save data. But this failed and now i lost all my progress. My latest save was after i got the fire spell in gilfolks drop.

    Would someone be so kind and upload according save files if this were possible? I would appreciate that very much!

  5. Hankuli says:

    I lost a key when i opened a chest on gillfolks island . In cavern of Fire after blocks pushing
    I opened a chest And at the same time I was fired to death
    Now the key has dissappeared . I need new regular key to continue.

  6. kippur says:

    BUG I can’t use my tent. Can’t sleep. The button seems to have gone away.

    Also, how do I “collect” bloodstones? I can’t pick them up.

    • Riana says:

      You can only sleep once.
      To collect bloodstones you have to hit w/ your sword a bunch of times.
      Hope this helps :)

  7. Rick says:

    Great game
    However I died at the same time I opened a chest with a key to move forward in the fire cave
    Started the game again. Chest is already open but no key in my inventory. Anyway around this beside starting over painfully?

  8. Addy says:

    Hi, game is super. However, trying for 4 days, over 100 times approx, to defeat the Turmos, without success. I am not a very fast young kid trying to defeat it, but a bit elder and not that fast. Is there another way to defeat it, or do I have to quit ? Would be a pity because game is super, but the pain in my finges/hand from trying, is not.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Have you seen my guide about it? if yes, then I can’t do anything about it. I have already written everything I can (see the video for better instructions).

    • Hankuli says:

      I hitted With sword only those long wines
      standing near safe place to climb on if more of those come near.
      Took time, but is worth it.
      And managed to collect hearts every time they hitted me
      Kill those flying creatures !

  9. Ray says:

    How do i acess riptide reef. I didnt talk to the guy at the great forest and when i went back to great forest there was no one there i could talk to.

  10. Melissa says:

    I moved a square block in the forest shrine and there is not a switch to move it to the original plave amd cannot continue until I move the block to its designated square what do I do

    • Bam am says:

      I’m at the same place – accidentally pushed the block under the wall thru the spikes … Is there ANY way to reset or get pasts here??? Can the boots be found to jump it without going thru on top of the block first ?
      Thanks in advance to ANYYYYBOOOOODY who can help :)

  11. Horlick says:

    Finished the game and tying up loose ends…. On hermit island, right after dropping into the well and heading east past the rock-blocked entrance, I see an unopened chest on the minimap due east of that position. I can go on down the hall and around to the north of it too, but can’t find any way into that area of blackness. Tried bombing everything, tried moving everything, can’t figure out how to get there. Anyone?

  12. Darla says:

    What is the third element and where do I find it? There is a space between my fire and ice emblems so I assume I missed one…?

  13. Rendy says:

    Help im at sky island and im supposed to lit the torch in the middle of grandmasters room after i meet the guy with the dark cloak, the problem is i lit them before i met the guy now i cant get the treasure chest to fall, any way i can undo that??

  14. Darla says:

    I have trencher boots. The saber, fire, wind and ice emblems…. The hermit still says he is studying teppos documents… How do I get him to open up sky island? I’ve run out of things to do… I even took him a pot of honey which he ignored…. LOL

  15. Chris says:

    How do you use a spell? I got the force spell from the Owrus on Witherered Island but I can’t equip it. When I open the menu and tap on it nothing happens.

  16. xenteus says:

    Hey, does anyone know what adventurer level comes after archmage and what bonus it gives? And if you could give me a good place to farm exp thatd be great. It took me forever to farm 1500 exp for the archmage adventurer level.

  17. nox92300 says:

    Anyone knows what I have to do to have 100% on the hermit island???
    I’m stuck at 88 %.

  18. Korkidog says:

    Any idea how to get into the abandoned house on Tikarel Island??


    • nox92300 says:


      You must have bombs. When you arrive at Tikarel go left, pass the storage house . On the right there is a well and just behind near the cliff you can see a sign. Blow the wall left of the plant. you will find a cave:) Follow the path and you will arrive at a ladder, climb and you are near the house:)

  19. Eeea says:

    Love the game. But i am stucked inside the cave at whitered island. There’s one button to reset the moving block, but now i cant reach it. Reason for this is because I moved the block down into the water in front of the stairs. Is there anything I can do? I’ve tried to throw rocks on top of button, but that didn’t work 😛

  20. Judy says:

    I love this game…Scott much like Zelda! I seem to be a pickle with the game right now and can not proceed. I am at the Forest shrine, Dungeon 1 …I pushed the block up against the wall by accident. Now I can’t get it away from the wall to put in correct position. Can anyone help me with this ?

  21. Korkidog says:

    What island are the fire cave and the boots located? I know everyone is talking about the fire cave but I haven’t located it yet.


  22. Grant Collier says:

    After you get into the fire cave thing and get to te second part where you have to move blocks and there’s spike on the floor and a gate on the other side you see I stupidly moved both blocks straight forward and when they dropped down they are locked in place and I can’t fix it I don’t know what to do there’s a reset button but I can’t do anything when I try the first spell you get to drop things the button won’t press ugh it’s so frustrating I’ve put about 5 hours into this game please if anyone can help help me.

  23. Titchu says:

    Hi from France, sorry for my english
    I’m stuck too;)!
    On sky Island ( in french “Le large”).
    I’ve talked to everyone, found the key to open the cave, found several treasures and now there’s 3 boxs to move, a closed door and the blue Button to cancel.
    I’ve tried everything but not the good one!
    Through the wall next to the closed door, I’ve tried a spell on the “activator” ( don’t know the name)
    But there’s a wooden path just above which stop my spell objects.
    And with the boots, i can’t jump anywhere!!

    Help me please!

  24. MINI12345 says:

    I need help! I got stuck in Grand Core. I have explored all areas that I can, found the two treasure chest but says it need master key, but I don’t know where I can find it. I guess I need the special shield first?. But I don’t know where it is or how to find it. Thanks!

  25. MINI12345 says:

    Do I need the boots in order to pass the fire cave?

    • Someone says:

      No, you will get the boots after you get the fire spell. You are probably stuck where I was. You’re supposed to drop a bomb at the backwall of the cave with a chest in it. You know, where there are big stairs in the firecave with two entrances on both sides at the bottom of the stairs. Take the left one, and blow it up 😉

    • Brad says:

      I think you get the boots in the fire cave

  26. Ian says:

    So I’m in the showroom on sky island. I understand that I’m supposed to stand on the switch then jump across the platforms to other side but I’m confused by the fact the spin thing will only allow one set of platforms up at one time. Which ever platform is not up means a two block space which is far as I know, not jumpable. Nothing other then my sword seems to activate the spin switch. How am I supposed to jump across? Please help!

    • Brad says:

      There is a series you have to complete, it’s a pattern,….use the cast spell to hit the switch after exiting off the gold platform, also remember to use a sword swipe on the spinning red heater looking thing

  27. Johnny says:

    Hey there, I’m at the forest shrine and made the bad mistake that I moved the box in the last part of the cave too far. I can’t find a reset button for this box, so is this the end for me?! Please help me, I’m stuck!

  28. Annyske007 says:

    So i finished the game and got all the spells, any ideas what i can still do, are there some things that can still be done?

  29. Donobo says:

    I’m stuck in the fire cave. In front of me there are two boxes and behind that are spikes. To my left is a gate I can’t remove and to my right are spikes. I tried everything but can’t get any further. I have the ice spell but it doesn’t help me one bit.

    • Annyske007 says:

      Had the same problem but solved it, go to the place where you had to walk over 2 things that came up and instead of going to where you are stuck, go the opposite way, there are 2 gate things choose the upper left one and then you use a bomb to break the wall

  30. NavyTim says:

    On Gilforks … I need the master key to enter and have not located it. Any help?

  31. Korkidog says:

    I’ve made it to the boss area of the Forest Shrine but keep getting killed. How do I take out the boss? Keep battling the tentacles but get drawn into the creatures mouth after doing so. What am I doing wrong??

  32. Brad says:

    Ok so I have the GOLD SHIELD from the cave …… what??

    How do I get in the ladder on top of the scholars house??

    How the hell do I get off the sky island now…..???

  33. Jakkii says:

    I went into the ice palace, freed the guy, and moved the two blocks into place. I got the key, but I used it on the other door to the left and down the stairs. I can’t complete that room as I don’t have the boots and I can’t open the other door. Please help me.

    • Annyske007 says:

      But you can get a key in that room :) do you see the dragon thing with the blue fire, you have to walk into it at the end (its a bit hogher then the rest of the fire) when you do that a chest will fall and there you can get a key, now u can continue

      • 66Pony says:

        I did the same thing as Jakkii…but without the boots I can only walk in front of the blue frozen fire where it freezes me. No chest appears.

  34. Axl796 says:

    Does anyone know how to reach the heart piece on Gillfolk’s Drop? It’s the last piece I’m missing to max out my health which will aid me in beating Oceanhorn, I just can’t seem to figure out how to reach it. Thanks in advance.

    • ACECORP says:

      I to am looking for information on how to get up on the shell to get that heart piece. Can’t figure it out.

    • ACECORP says:

      Got it! You gotta reset the blocks and the gate via the blue button near the entrance to the ice temple. Then walk across the metal gate to the bars that you can walk across to get to the heart piece on the top of hand shell.

  35. Annyske007 says:


    ok so most of you guys are probably not at oceanhorn yet but i am and killing him was just reflecting his lasers at his feet and then attacking but then he leaves and you have to battle a second form of the boss (mesmerith is inside him now) so i hit 2 towers and when he runs into it he falls down then the guy comes out of oceanhorn and starts attacking me, he isnt that hard to fight but everytime he gets on low health he runs back to oceanhorn and when i repeat the progress he has all his health again and it starts all over, HOW TO KILL OCEANHORN SECOND FORM?!?

  36. Harry says:


    Hermit asked me to give him some objects. The last object is a “weathercock”. Where can I find it?

    Help please! I’m stuck!

    • Harry says:

      I have it! If you go to “Tikarel” island, at the roof of Meeto (Is Meeto the name?) you can find a “weathercock”! :)

  37. Larry says:

    Hello, all! I love this freaking game so much, but I have come across a problem. I got access to Riptide Reef, but upon landing there I noticed a crate, however did not notice it needed to be pushed to the bridge so as to fill in the missing piece to allow for crossing of said bridge. To make a long story short, I pushed the box in the wrong direction, and it went over the ledge and into the sand. Now it is stuck there and I can’t get across the bridge. Any suggestions? I tried leaving and returning, but it was still stuck in the same immovable spot. Then I blew it up, hoping there’d be a new one there when I returned, but no luck. Usually these crate “puzzles” have a reset button if you make a mistake like this, but this particular does not. Please let me know if you have come across a similar situation, and know of a way to resolve it. I really don’t want to have to start anew game, as I’ve already put 8+ hours into playing the game so far. Thanks!

  38. PNWesteros says:

    I’m stuck in the fire cave. I’m at this part with a puzzle. There are two blocks in front of some spikes. If I push the blocks on top of the spikes, it creates a path to the door above the spikes, but I can’t access the path. I assume that I’m supposed to create the path, then go back around and enter the door. But when I go back around, I am blocked by a gap. There are two rising columns but I can’t figure out how to make them rise to open up the path. I have the ice spell but that doesn’t help.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    • Ty says:

      You need to first push the blocks down, then go back the way you came, go down the stairs and enter into a door on your left keep going until you find a room with a crate and a jar upon entering. Throw a bomb at the crate and this will clear a path that leads to another area in the same same room that was not acessable before. There will be two more blocks and a reset button. Keep in mind that you need to strategically place these so that it not only creates a path to the locked door above but also creates a path to the bridge on the right side of the room. Once the blocks are in place, follow back around so that you are where you stared on the upper level. Take the bridge to the right, it will lead to a treasure chest that has a key which unlocks the locked door. Hope this helps!

  39. Ross says:

    I’m stuck in forest shrine. I have got the bow and arrows and have read the sign thing but am stuck what to do now? I have also pushed the box in the room on the right too far and am unable to access the area next to the room on the right. Need help please

  40. Someone says:

    Hermit is telling me to come back later because he is reading the document. I have the ice spell and the boots, but I have no clue what to do next. Am I supposed to get the fire spell? If so, where can I find the spell?

  41. Korkidog says:

    Been playing the game for about 5 hours on my iPod Touch 5g and would like to play on my iPad Mini. Does the game Cloud save, or do I have to start the game all over again?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Hmm I don’ think this game have cloud save. However if you open your itunes – apps and scroll to oceanhorn. You should be able to see the save data. I am not sure whether it will work or not, but it’s worth to try.

  42. Brad says:

    So on gilfork drop after swimming there is a tree branch with blue stones and I cannot pass, I want the boots badly and can’t find fire cave. I have both spells …..H.e.l.p……

  43. MINI12345 says:

    Does anybody know how to kill the Turmors in the Great Forest?

  44. Harry says:


    Every time I take the boat, it shows me a message saying that Hermit needs my help to find something. I go to the island, I talk with Hermit (he is next to a well) and he says that I need to go into the well. That I have to give him a package of a friend of him, an archaeologist, I think he said.

    Sorry for my english, I’m from Spain. Please, can anybody help me?


  45. Victor says:

    Does anyone know how to get past the part with the rotating laser beam thing and the two things that seem to do nothing after the two fire brearhing statues in Grand Core in Sky Island?

  46. Boogaloo says:

    How do you get the boots? Please help I’m stuck I have ice and fire and I think boots are next

  47. Abis04 says:

    Hi I have a really big problem.

    There is a section of the game where upon returning to the Hermit Island, the Hermit asks you to give him a section of items (stool, travel bed, etc.). I have given him the stool, but I accidentally threw the travel bed into an inaccessible area of the scenery and now I cannot reach it.

    Does anyone know if there is a way to reset the travel bed/island?

    If not can I give him a travel bed from elsewhere?


    • Strap1996 says:

      Yes you can, there’s two in the cave were u first find the sword and shield, it’s to the left at a table. U can carry it out f the ave still carrying it plus there is also one at the very end of the well u go down for hermit earlier on. I hope this helps, I did the same thing a was on the verge of starting again before I decided to check those places :)

    • Darla says:

      I can’t even get the hermit to ask for that stuff… He still says come back later so he can study teppos stuff…. .???

  48. thomas says:

    Hello I try to complete 100% but can’t figure it out how to access to this chest :

    It’s on the hermit island

    thanks if someone can help me

    • Annyske007 says:

      I tried bombs but cant reach it (hermit islands is glitched for me, it randomly reseted (all chests got unopened again) and it says i have 100% there whixh is not true)

    • Niku says:

      Image the exact same issue. Stuck at 88% and cannot get to the chest in the well :(
      Anybody any ideas?

  49. Korkidog says:

    How do you talk to Rigger in Rigger’s House when he isn’t there? Do I need to do something for him to appear??

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Which part are you? If it’s the first time then he’s not inside the house. Read the guide (withered islands).

    • freshaspect says:

      Stuck here too, I get to Rigger’s house and find the tree where according to the screenshots he’s supposed to be standing and he’s not there. Cannot find a way to make him appear – fear it’s a bug. Anyone else having this problem?

  50. says:

    Hey, so I’ve gotten past the fire temple and all that. The old man has asked me to go talk to him, and I have. He asked for a sleeping mat, some fire and a stool and I got him all that. Now he’s asking for a cuckoo like you’d see on a wind chime and I have no idea where that is. Do you know where it is? Thanks.

  51. Annyske007 says:

    So i need to safe some frozen princess but first i have to go in a fire cave, i progressed a bit and got a normal key, i can see the door but i cant get there, i also cant get to the button that resets the puzzle


    • Annyske007 says:

      I found it out myself but now the guy at the starting island asks me to search and bring items because he is building something, he asked a stool, a adventure bed and a fire bowl i gave all 3 of them and now he asks 1 last item: a weather cuckoo, i have NO idea what it looks like or where it is located

  52. Lion says:

    need help….how do you go down to well

  53. MINI12345 says:

    Hi all,
    I need help. So I was able to get the Bombs in the Abandoned Mines. However, before I blew up the boxes, I used all bombs by accident :(. Now, every time I restart the game, I go back to the same place, where there is no other exit and no more bombs. Is there any way to go back to the last checkpoint? I do not want to start a new game. Thanks!

  54. Mong says:

    After I got the emblem of earth, what will I do? The new island is introduced and I cannot do anything with this island? And the old man from the first island call to get back to the island. I came back and he ask to get in to the well, how can I get in to the well?

    • Axl796 says:

      You go up the ladder to his picnic area and fall down to the area over the well where you can then fall in, hope that helps.

  55. Someone says:

    I jumped into the well and gabe the documents to Hermit. Now he’s reading the documents and telling me to come back later. I can’t figure out what to do in the mean time. Please help

  56. xhexu says:

    I can not find a key to keep going in hermit`s island (great chroniclers grave )

    There is a door with 3 skull monsters, and i can not open this door !!! i dont know what i have to do.

    Please help me

    • Elbartoe2 says:

      Between two torch near the wall a little back use a bomb, u will have a chest, u should see it on the minimap

  57. Elbartoe2 says:

    Hey guys, i’m stuck at gilfolks drop.
    I went to the fortress island and get ice spell, then i came back to the fire cave, and i am stuck with the puzzle the first (maybe only) one… Any idea?

  58. eddyzero says:

    hi. can you please let me know where can get all the spells and also other weapon like bow , bomb and jump ability? thanks

  59. Romonaga says:

    Hermit island has a bloodstone on it. Did you figure out how to get it?

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