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Oceanhorn Forest Shrine Emblem of Earth Walkthrough

Before continue, you can do some side quest to get bloodstone 9-13.

Read the message on the bottle upon your arrival. Continue northeast (Ignore the treasure chest for now since you can’t jump??) until you reach

Restless Grove

Oceanhorn Regular Key Restless grove 1Oceanhorn Bloodstone 1 restless Grove

Head north and open treasure chest to get Regular Key. Head west through the small wooden platform, you will see  bloodstone nearby. Take it and jump to the lower ground. Continue northwest to the locked door. Unlock the door.

Oceanhorn Hole 1 Restless GroveContinue you will see a puzzle and a checkpoint. Head west first and blow the box. Jump down to the hole, Fight the Hammer orc and open treasure chest nearby to get 25 Coins. Go back to the previous spot and solve the puzzle.

Oceanhorn Puzzle 1 Restless GroveOceanhorn Blow box bridge 1

Simply push the box until it becomes like what shown on the screenshot. Continue northeast until you see a wooden bridge with “blow” box. Forward and keep following the path (notice “blocked cave“) until you’re able to push the “blow” box to the lower ground. Head east and attack the lever.  Back to “blocked cave“and go inside.


Oceanhorn Restless Cave to the leverOceanhorn Regular Key Skeleton

Continue until you see a broken bridge, continue east until you find a lever and attack it. Continue to the new path, you will find a lot of “blow” boxes. Place the bomb and then push the “push” box to the spiky trap so you can move to the other side. On the outside you will see a skeleton with key icon above its head. Defeat it (use force spell to defeat it easily) and then use the key on the key lock nearby. Continue

Mini boss Attacker

Equip your shield, simply put your shield up while circling around to his sword side and then counter every attack blocked. You can also use your bomb/force spell but make sure you’re far enough from him.

Go to the place where attacker run, you will arrive on the shrine. Go to higher ground to pull the lever so the gate opened.

Forest Shrine

PS: there is a new enemy; masked ghost. You can’t do any damage to it unless you destroy its mask. To destroy it simply throw a bomb or use your force spell.

Oceanhorn Forest Shrine Puzzle 1Oceanhorn Forest Shrine Locked DoorContinue until you see arrow’s target practice (Remember locked door that located under the bridge), head east and push the box to into its slot. Head to the new path and open treasure chest (regular key);Remember this spot !!! I will refer it as “reg key 1” later. Now backtrack to the locked door and use your regular key.

Oceanhorn The Lever raise water levelOceanhorn Regular Key Water Lever

Move pass the spiky trap, attack the lever at the end of the road to raise the water level. Swim Southwest until you see a wooden platform. Continue and attack the lever to lower “block” on the north. Head north and open the treasure chest to get Regular Key. Now swim back to south and search for a door. Go inside, use the regular key and

Mini Boss Turmos Arm

It’s very easy, make sure you have bombs and full mana bar to cast force spell. Use the shield to block its attack, once it runs away from you (it tends to run aways from you when you use the shield), use force spell or throw the bomb.

Oceanhorn Golden Switch Forest ShrineOceanhorn Lever lower water  Forest Shrine

Use the regular key on locked door nearby. Go outside and search the stair that leads to a new checkpoint. Press the gold switch and continue through the opened steel door until you find a lever (You can push the box on the west of the lever to open locked door nearby, it doesn’t have anything on it, only 2 skeletons). Go to the new path.

Oceanhorn Bow and Arrow ChestOceanhorn 2 blocks return to main FOrest ShrineOpen the chest and you will get Master Key. Continue to go upstairs, you can open the giant chest now (Bow and Arrow). Use the bow to hit the target practice. It will raise the block on the northeast so you can use the stairs.

Oceanhorn Heartpiece Restless GroveOceanhorn Restless Grove path to Turmos

Follow the path and you will return to a familiar area. Head to “Reg key 1” and use your bow to hit the target practice. Open the treasure chest to get a heartpiece. Back to the main area and hit the target practice to continue your journey.

Oceanhorn Bomb entrance to turmosOn Forest Shrine-Crypt press the gold switch and continue northeast to the outside. Place the bomb at the end of the path to reveal a new path to

BOSS Battle: Turmos

Note: any supplies that you get on this battle will be kept even after you have died. So, I suggest you to save them instead of using them little by little when it seems that you won’t be able to defeat him (or in the early phase when you do a tryout to figure out his attack pattern).

Make sure you have a lot of bombs and arrows. You can get this by defeating “dandelion like enemy” on the boss area. Go to higher ground to be safe from the vines. Target each vine with your force spell, vines can be killed with one sword swing if they have been damaged by force spell (there is no reason to use 2 force spell on one vine since it’s very easy to land one hit on the vine).

Turmos will open its mouth when you have destroyed all the vines. Now it’s time to deal serious damage to him. Make sure you run away from him (near the edge of platform) and then drop the bomb (NOT THROW; to drop simply press action button when you lift the bomb without tap any directional button). Turmos will suck the bomb by itself. If you got swallowed accidentally then run away from his mouth while pressing the action button repeatedly.

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  1. Skeleton says:

    I died before I got the key from the skeleton. What should I do? I killed it before I died and when I came back, it’s already gone. please help. :'(((

  2. reminiscence says:

    thanks a million!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!after watching your video, i got the idea of mixing sepells & bombs to weaken vines & attack boss as i’m really shit at firing arrows to the direction i want while keeping myself alive. i can’t describe how pleased i am now when the freaking monster finally got killed. thank you so much!!!!!!

  3. thara says:

    I know that.
    The thing I’d like to say is where to go.
    Where have not I gone yet ?
    I am asking the possible place.

  4. thara says:

    The achievement ratio is only 79%, although I beat the boss and all boxes were opened.
    Where is the remained thing(blood stone or heart ?) which I have not been able to find yet? Or is this a bug?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      You need to complete the map and explore every area. Beating last boss doesn’t guarantee 100%.

      • Speedo says:

        I have gone though this level 10 times and am still stuck at 92%…. I cannot figure out what I am missing. Looks like every other island is 100% but I don’t have last heart piece. Is there super hidden one somewhere? If not what am I missing??!?!?!!

  5. Yuri says:

    I accidentally pushed the block that opens the passage to the “reg key 1” area too far. Now the passage is closed again. What do I do?

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