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Oceanhorn Guide Prologue Hermit Island

Oceanhorn Guide stage 1 1st treasure 5 coins

Follow the necklace, head southeast to open treasure chest (5 coins). Talk to the Hermit and go inside his house. There is a treasure chest, but it can’t be opened (need master key).  Now go outside and head to the most eastern part of this island (past the checkpoint) and enter the cave.

Sword and Shield Cave

Head to the west (left) first (the north door is still locked), and you will encounter your first puzzle on this game.

Oceanhorn Guide stage 1 Sword cave puzzle 1

Simply push the box to the circle switch (see the picture, remember this spot), you can only move the box within the grey floor so you may need to push the box from a different direction. Head to the new area, you will get Regular Key at the end of the road.

Back to the north door and then use the regular key. Continue and you will see another steel door, simply step on the circle switch nearby to open it. Continue and there will be another puzzle.

Oceanhorn Guide stage 1 Sword cave puzzle 2

You need to find 2 objects (I choose stone like in the screenshot), and then put them on the circle switch like on the first puzzle.  Grab the necklace and open the treasure chest (Sword and Shield). Go west to pull the lever, which open the path to the outside.

Now go back to your home, you will meet the hermit on your way back (on checkpoint). Talk to him to end the day.

Oceanhorn Hermit door to the boat

Next morning go to Hermit’s house and defeat machine that attack the hermit. Talk to the Hermit and you will get Master Key. Go inside and open the treasure chest that contain Heart Piece. Head to the southeast until you find a locked door, open it using Master key. Continue and you will find your boat.

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  1. Rdrfantd says:

    What about the little island that looks like it has a red crystal on it. Are we supposed to get there? If do, how do we get there?

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