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Oceanhorn Hermit Island Revisited (How to get into the well on Hermit Island)

The Hermit will contact you on the world map. But don’t go back to Hermit Island. Go to Tikarel Island first.

Oceanhorn Girl Tikarel Oceanhorn Path To humming Hill

Talk with the girl near your boat, she will give you a regular key. Go north until see a signpost “Trail to Humming Hill“. Use the key and follow the path until you reach the top (you need to go through a cave).

Mini Boss Dark Apostle

Very easy, simply circling around the torch and cast force spell/bombs.

Oceanhorn Event after Dark Apostle

You will get 2 new locations on your map after talking with the girl (Southwind Isle and Gillfork Drop).

Hermit’s island

Oceanhorn Path to Well 1Oceanhorn Path to Well 2

Go and talk to the hermit (search for a blue arrow on your mini map) to find him. To get into the well, you need to fall into the well. Go east (to the first dungeon of this game) until you find a checkpoint continue north until you find a stairs. Use the stairs and continue until you’re back to the outside. At the outside you can go east to get the treasure chest (25 explorer gems); however you need to go back through the cave again. Simply go south and fall into the well.

Great Chronicler’s Cave

Oceanhorn Bloodstone Great Chronicler's graveOceanhorn Heartpiece Great chroniclerFollow the path to a branching path, head east and take the bloodstone at the end of the path. Backtrack to the west and take the regular key from the chest. Use the regular key on the middle door and head northwest. Open the chest at end of the road to get a heart piece (The chest behind the spiky trap contains 5 bombs).

Oceanhorn Room of answers puzzleOceanhorn Room of answers puzzle 2Back to middle door location and head east. Push the rusty statue to open steel door nearby (there is a room that located east of rusty statue that contains empty treasure chest…..). Head north to room of answers. Use your force spell on the gold switch (or place any object if you run out of Mana). Continue to the watery area. Press the switch and then immediately run thorugh the path shown on the screenshot (or you can simply use your force spell while standing near the blocks).

Oceanhorn Chroniclers Place bomb

Watch out the the fire trap, wait until it stops and then immediatelly run through the path. After passing the fire, place the bomb on the wall. Open treasure chest to get the regular key. Continue follow the path, use the regular key and you will arrive at the grave. Head east and press the switch to released the blocks that prevent you from getting treasure chest.

Open it and you will get a cube. This will automatically transfer you back to Hermit’s location. Talk to him and he will tell you that he needs a time….. Leave Hermit Island.

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  1. Shade says:

    You mean I blew up everything in the house trying to find the package for nothing? Welp, dude should have been more specific that it wasn’t in his house.

  2. Flow says:

    So what about the chest???
    Did somebody find a solution?

  3. Patricia says:

    Hey guys can someone help me out I’m stuck into the chronicler grave hermit island I fall back into the wish by accident and now I can find the way to get out anyone know ? Or is a game over for me ?

  4. Nostandardlife says:

    I can’t figure out that chest either. Please help!

  5. Dark-Naruto says:

    Did someone found how to get that chest ?

  6. Me says:

    I don’t understand: “after you get the boot”????

  7. Niku says:

    At the beginning of the great chroniclers grave you can see a chest on the mini map but I cannot reach it. Anybody got an idea how to get it? I already tried bombs in the entrance area 🙁


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