Posted on Nov 15, 2013

Oceanhorn monster of uncharted seas Heart Piece Complete Location

You need to gather 4 Heartpiece to increase your life for one heart.

This guide is not finished yet and will be updated as I progress in the game.

Num. Picture Note
1 Oceanhorn Heartpiece 1 location Hermit House Hermit Island;Chest on Hermit House (need master key).
2 Oceanhorn bomb island heartpiece cave 1 Bomb Island;From Rusty statue at Bomb island head west until you find location on the left screenshot. Jump into the hole.
Oceanhorn Heartpiece 2 location Explore the dungeon, you will get heartpiece from the treasure chest at the end of this cave.
3 Oceanhorn Dessert Cavers Heart piece Withered Island – Dessert Cavern;After getting force spell, enter the cave west of Rigger’s house. Continue until you see a branching path. Head west and you will see it.Visit THIS PAGE for more detailed guide.
4 Oceanhorn Heartpiece Restless Grove Forest Shrine;After getting the bow, head to where you got Regular Key. Hit the target practice to lower the water level. Open the treasure chest to get it.Follow THIS PAGE for more detailed guide.
5 Oceanhorn Heartpiece Great chronicler Hermit Island – Great Chronicler’s Grave;After unlocking 1st door on this dungeon. Head northwest and open the treasure chest.

Visit THIS PAGE for more detailed guide.

Oceanhorn Guide Main Page

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  1. Hermit says:

    ALL heart piece locations (playthrough, link works):

  2. Phil says: Complete heart piece (12) locations!

  3. Sean says:

    Is this guide still being worked on?

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