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Posted on Nov 22, 2013

Oceanhorn Walkthrough Honey for Gillman

Gillfork’s Drop

Oceanhorn Target PracticeOceanhorn Skerry Islands LocationStand on the stair and use your arrow to open the blocks. Continue north and open treasure to get Rare Seashell (5 coins). Head west (follow the beach line) until you find a bottle, check it to know Skerry Island Location.

Oceanhorn Entrance to Deep CoveBacktrack and follow the stairs you saw before. Follow the path and until you see a locked gate. Use Force spell on the switch to go inside.

Deep Cove

Head west and Gillman will ask you for a honey. Get out from this island and head to

Southwind Isle

Oceanhorn Windmill Southwind IsleHead north until you see a locked steel door. You need to activate 2 windmills in order to open it. The windmill located near the door, hit them once to make them spin. Continue through the new path to

Southwind Cave

Oceanhorn Lever SouthwindOceanhorn Southwind Isle puzzle 1Head east and use force spell to trigger the lever. Continue through the new path until you arrive at the new puzzle. Push the box following order on the screenshot.

Oceanhorn Southwind Isle puzzle 2On the next area, you will see 2 “blow” boxes, however don’t use the bomb. Push it so it becomes like shown in the screenshot.

Oceanhorn Southwind Isle puzzle 3_1Oceanhorn Southwind Isle puzzle 3_1 resultNow for the last puzzle on this area (quite hard). Ignore 2 boxes on the beginning of this area. Follow the path until you see another 2 boxes like shown on the screenshot above. Push the box like instructed on the left screenshot so you get the result like shown on the right.

Oceanhorn Southwind Isle puzzle 3_2Oceanhorn Southwind Isle puzzle 3 FinalNow go back to 2 boxes on the beginning of this area. Push the box until it becomes like on the left screenshot. The next step is to make a bridge from the boxes (right screenshot). Talk to the man and he will give you a honey. Go southwest for quick exit from this dungeon.

PS: You need to carry it manually. Simply drop it, if you need to do something (attack,push, etc). Don’t throw the honey since you may accidentally throw it to unreachable spot … you can get it back from the honey man’s spot on the cave.

Deep Cove

Bring that honey to Gillman on Deep Cove to get the regular key. Use the key and head west to swim, your goal is to talk with elder Gillman who stands on the northeast. After talking to him you will get a key to Cavern of Fire. Use the key (look for the key icon on the mini map).

Oceanhorn exit to fire cavernPress the switch and then use your arrow to hit the target practice, so you can continue through the door to the outside.

Oceanhorn Odd Fortress LocationOn the outside take bloodstone and check bottle to know the location of the Odd Fortress. Go upstairs to Cavern of Fire location (don’t go inside), you should see another bloodstone nearby. Take it and leave from this island for now.

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