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Oceanhorn Walkthrough Withered Island Puzzle Tips

Oceanhorn Withered Island Beach to golden gearOceanhorn Withered Island Get Lost SignNow you have the bomb, the person who standing near the gate is disappear now. Don’t blow the box yet, head south to the beach (like shown in the screenshot above). Swim east and enter the cave nearby, continue until you arrive at the outside. Open the chest to get Golden Gear (50 Coins). Now backtrack to the gate and continue east until you arrive at the checkpoint. Simply follow the path until you see the “Get Lost” Sign

Oceanhorn Withered islands move the box 1

From the “Get Lost” sign, head west and you will see a gate on the watery area. Go inside and continue until you see the box. Push the box to the other side until you able to re-push it back to the right spot (see the screenshot). It will open a new path.

Oceanhorn Withered islands Spiky Switch

Continue through the new path, and you will arrive at the new checkpoint. Continue north and you will see a spiky ball, attack it moves to the switch. This will open the locked steel door.

Oceanhorn Withered islands free the prisoner 1Oceanhorn Withered islands free the prisoner 2

Continue to the new area, defeat sword goblin on this area and head west. Open the treasure chest (2 bombs). Go north to the higher terrain and then push the box to the lower ground. Now there are 2 boxes on the lower ground, push both of them to the available slots .

Oceanhorn Withered islands lever 1

Talk to the prisoner, continue east past the spiky trap (watch out for hammer orc). Grab the treasure chest (2 bombs) and then continue east to get another chest (“recover” heart). Push the box to the spiky trap so you can move across the bridge. Attack the lever at the on of the path to lower the blocks.

Oceanhorn Withered islands 3 rusty statueContinue to the new area, you will find a checkpoint. Head east following the path to the higher ground (be careful there is a goblin archer nearby). You will see 3 rusty statues. Simply push all the statues into the grassy spot. It will unlock the path to Rigger’s home.

Rigger’s home

Talk to Rigger and you will get a new spell (force) and location on the world map (Great Forest). Head west and enter the cave.

Dessert Caverns

Oceanhorn Dessert Caverns Force gold switch

Follow the path; push the 2nd box from the left so you can continue.  On the branching path, continue south until you see golden switch inside the fence. Use your new force spell to open steel door nearby. Go through the steel door and keep following the path until you arrive at the outside.

Oceanhorn Withered islands Bloodstone 1Head northwest and you should see bloodstone nearby (There is a treasure chest on the lower ground but I don’t know how to get it at this moment; I believe it need some kind of ability that will be obtained later on your journey). Destroy and take the bloodstone.

PS: You can simply go back to your boat easily right now, but there are still more items on the cave so go back inside.

Oceanhorn Dessert Cavers Heart piece

Oceanhorn Withered islands Bloodstone 2Back to the branching path, now head west. You will see a heartpiece. Take it and jump to the lower ground. There is a bloodstone nearby, simply place a bomb on the wall. It will open the path to the bloodstone. Now head south to the outside.

I believe you’re already familiar with the outside, go back to your boat (head east then south).

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5 Responses to “Oceanhorn Walkthrough Withered Island Puzzle Tips”

  1. Nathan says:

    Hello, I’m playing oceanhorn since January. Already hit 100% completion in almost all the islands, exeto the withered lands, which as you can see in the photo is missing that last trunk, but I do not know how to get there! Hope you help me thank you!

    • Kimberly Harris says:

      At the beginning to the far left after you get off your boat there’s a skull and a red plant. Bomb that wall.

  2. Tartarus says:

    The chest the two above refer too is south from the “look out for goblins and ogres” sign near entrance/boat.

  3. Jack says:

    To get the chest after the rigger’s shortcut/cave (or to the left of the dock if you just arrived) place a bomb to open a ledge along the southwest corner of the map) to the staircase up to the chest. Has a necklace worth 100 coin I believe.

  4. Billy says:

    Regarding your comment
    “There is a treasure chest on the lower ground but I don’t know how to get it at this moment; I believe it need some kind of ability that will be obtained later on your journey”

    Just go down and blow up the wall which blocks the direct path to the treasure chest.

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