Petition and Suggestions for Tiny Castle version 1.05 |
Posted on May 30, 2013

Petition and Suggestions for Tiny Castle version 1.05

Tribute to vily

Poor Vily Just got sent to Courage keep by clumsy ogre, Help her please !!

I will send this link to tinyco’s support on Thursday 30 May 2013 PST times or sooner when it reaches 50 comments. Please write down your thought and suggestions for tinyco on the comments on civilized manner :D. You can also tell them directly on tiny castle facebook account. Thanks to all reader on guide4gamers site.

Since tinyco said that they want to make the game become more exciting , here are few suggestions from me:

  • Add status like agility that determine monster speed, or monster effectiveness.
  • Make the healing time and cost based on how much hp that lost. It’s insane when you use vily and take damage from clumsy ogre….and need to heal for about 8 hours and about 100k gold, talking about exciting?? For the developer, please ask yourself whether this is exciting “Vily sent to courage keep by clumsy ogre. OMG this is so exciting”. If it’s exciting, then please continue with the update, I am not gaming developer so I am not sure about this but please reconsider about this update.

Other nice Banishing suggestion from readers:

  • If you get 2 perfect hits on a minion then you get a jewel.
    Three perfect hits you get 2 jewels.
    This will make it more challenging and prevent you from using Vily to banish every minion on the 1st and 2nd islands.
    Needless to say the healing times and coins would also have to be lowered

Other suggestions those are not related with minions:

  • Name changing features


Tinyco have heard us, my Vily can kick minion’s ass again :D. Hope they add other features on the next update. Thanks for your participation. Have a good day and good luck.

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79 Responses to “Petition and Suggestions for Tiny Castle version 1.05”

  1. linda k says:

    Put more info in the creature Encyclopedia on each creature. Like their top attack and defence strenghts. Kinda like a quick reference guide.

  2. Paksenarion says:

    Any of the suggestions I have read in here would be great additions to the game. Please get rid of the minion attack first. This game will get removed from my device if it doesn’t change.

  3. cheeko111 says:

    Adding my suggestion here, basically would like a way to change the egg after summoning and before hatching.
    We shouldn’t have to wait over 3 days (in some cases) to hatch an egg.

    Here’s a suggestion for summoning that would make the game more interesting and fun:
    One of the most disappointing things is knowing for example that after you breed 2 creatures together you’re going to have a 41 hour breeding time. So now you know you’re going to have to wait 82 hours to get another Yeti. Uggggghhhhhhhhh.
    My suggestion is after the first 41 hours you can put the egg into “Inventory” (it’s not being utilized anyway).
    Then while in Inventory you can use “Magic Dust” to change the egg hatching outcome.
    Naturally the more dust you use the better odds of obtaining a more rarer creature.
    After you use Magic Dust on the creature the egg must move into the Nursery to see your new hatching time.

    • Desma says:

      Thats a great Idea. I know Im geting frustrated trying to breed fire nyph..and Ive breed almost every combo possible. but I have 3 spots for eggs so not worried about egg space, just the same ol eggs all the time, but i guese if we finished breeding all of them than we wouldnt have anything to do would we

  4. Link says:

    Few suggestion:
    – improve encyclopedia : put quotes of the 3 ages on the description and also the sound of quote
    – with this update there is no sense in having a monster with high attack and there is too much respawn of minions
    – I can suggest alternatively to remove courage keep and put to “rest” monster after every battle for an hour, so you have to have more monster of high level to battle minions

    • stschw says:

      I do not attack minions any more. What for? I have enough dust and I am on level 30. The last two days I didn’t got any more any new minion or storm.

      Healing time and Healing cost according to the dammage would be nice.

      • fishlike says:

        how much dust is enough for you? I have over 100000 and no more fogs to be cleared or fog monsters appear

        • Desma says:

          I have the first 2 islands uncoverd, but still have the 3rd Island left. Im just one cloud awy from uncovering Ice..and have no minions to banish. they just are not spawning sinse this expansion…and so i have to get 4150 dust from my well wich gives me 230 a day. I cant sit here every 30 seconds to get 4 dust ll day. i have work and such

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Follow fix error section on the main page, there should be minion appear on the map if you have banished existed one on the map.

  5. SirenSongx says:

    I love and agree with everyone’s suggestions. I only have a few suggestions and I’ve wished for these changes since I started playing.
    -second dust well
    -ability to rename creatures (I have 3 named Sunshines)
    -shorter breeding times for limited creatures
    -second Enchanted tree
    If any of the suggestion on my list or listed by other players happened I believe TC would have a lot of happy gamers.

  6. Stichot34 says:

    These are more types of monsters

    Kraken= beach+ mountain since coral nixie is gone
    Chimera=desert +mountain since its a lion and a goat
    Serpent=beach+polar I’m talking a guess I think they live in cold water

    New magics

    Dark, light ,air, metal

    Have good Xp on good creatures when you get them because a sylph is rare and it gives you 164 while a Loch Ness gives you 263

    Makes the eggs more fancy they are just plain with like 3 colors except sylph and rakashasa

    It’s not fair that you have to get the wicths castle on level 35 and some people finished the whole island except the part

    Thank you for you cooperation