Posted on May 30, 2013

Petition and Suggestions for Tiny Castle version 1.05

Tribute to vily

Poor Vily Just got sent to Courage keep by clumsy ogre, Help her please !!

I will send this link to tinyco’s support on Thursday 30 May 2013 PST times or sooner when it reaches 50 comments. Please write down your thought and suggestions for tinyco on the comments on civilized manner :D. You can also tell them directly on tiny castle facebook account. Thanks to all reader on guide4gamers site.

Since tinyco said that they want to make the game become more exciting , here are few suggestions from me:

  • Add status like agility that determine monster speed, or monster effectiveness.
  • Make the healing time and cost based on how much hp that lost. It’s insane when you use vily and take damage from clumsy ogre….and need to heal for about 8 hours and about 100k gold, talking about exciting?? For the developer, please ask yourself whether this is exciting “Vily sent to courage keep by clumsy ogre. OMG this is so exciting”. If it’s exciting, then please continue with the update, I am not gaming developer so I am not sure about this but please reconsider about this update.

Other nice Banishing suggestion from readers:

  • If you get 2 perfect hits on a minion then you get a jewel.
    Three perfect hits you get 2 jewels.
    This will make it more challenging and prevent you from using Vily to banish every minion on the 1st and 2nd islands.
    Needless to say the healing times and coins would also have to be lowered

Other suggestions those are not related with minions:

  • Name changing features


Tinyco have heard us, my Vily can kick minion’s ass again :D. Hope they add other features on the next update. Thanks for your participation. Have a good day and good luck.

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79 Responses to “Petition and Suggestions for Tiny Castle version 1.05”

  1. linda k says:

    Put more info in the creature Encyclopedia on each creature. Like their top attack and defence strenghts. Kinda like a quick reference guide.

  2. Paksenarion says:

    Any of the suggestions I have read in here would be great additions to the game. Please get rid of the minion attack first. This game will get removed from my device if it doesn’t change.

  3. cheeko111 says:

    Adding my suggestion here, basically would like a way to change the egg after summoning and before hatching.
    We shouldn’t have to wait over 3 days (in some cases) to hatch an egg.

    Here’s a suggestion for summoning that would make the game more interesting and fun:
    One of the most disappointing things is knowing for example that after you breed 2 creatures together you’re going to have a 41 hour breeding time. So now you know you’re going to have to wait 82 hours to get another Yeti. Uggggghhhhhhhhh.
    My suggestion is after the first 41 hours you can put the egg into “Inventory” (it’s not being utilized anyway).
    Then while in Inventory you can use “Magic Dust” to change the egg hatching outcome.
    Naturally the more dust you use the better odds of obtaining a more rarer creature.
    After you use Magic Dust on the creature the egg must move into the Nursery to see your new hatching time.

    • Desma says:

      Thats a great Idea. I know Im geting frustrated trying to breed fire nyph..and Ive breed almost every combo possible. but I have 3 spots for eggs so not worried about egg space, just the same ol eggs all the time, but i guese if we finished breeding all of them than we wouldnt have anything to do would we

  4. Link says:

    Few suggestion:
    – improve encyclopedia : put quotes of the 3 ages on the description and also the sound of quote
    – with this update there is no sense in having a monster with high attack and there is too much respawn of minions
    – I can suggest alternatively to remove courage keep and put to “rest” monster after every battle for an hour, so you have to have more monster of high level to battle minions

    • stschw says:

      I do not attack minions any more. What for? I have enough dust and I am on level 30. The last two days I didn’t got any more any new minion or storm.

      Healing time and Healing cost according to the dammage would be nice.

      • fishlike says:

        how much dust is enough for you? I have over 100000 and no more fogs to be cleared or fog monsters appear

        • Desma says:

          I have the first 2 islands uncoverd, but still have the 3rd Island left. Im just one cloud awy from uncovering Ice..and have no minions to banish. they just are not spawning sinse this expansion…and so i have to get 4150 dust from my well wich gives me 230 a day. I cant sit here every 30 seconds to get 4 dust ll day. i have work and such

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Follow fix error section on the main page, there should be minion appear on the map if you have banished existed one on the map.

  5. SirenSongx says:

    I love and agree with everyone’s suggestions. I only have a few suggestions and I’ve wished for these changes since I started playing.
    -second dust well
    -ability to rename creatures (I have 3 named Sunshines)
    -shorter breeding times for limited creatures
    -second Enchanted tree
    If any of the suggestion on my list or listed by other players happened I believe TC would have a lot of happy gamers.

  6. Stichot34 says:

    These are more types of monsters

    Kraken= beach+ mountain since coral nixie is gone
    Chimera=desert +mountain since its a lion and a goat
    Serpent=beach+polar I’m talking a guess I think they live in cold water

    New magics

    Dark, light ,air, metal

    Have good Xp on good creatures when you get them because a sylph is rare and it gives you 164 while a Loch Ness gives you 263

    Makes the eggs more fancy they are just plain with like 3 colors except sylph and rakashasa

    It’s not fair that you have to get the wicths castle on level 35 and some people finished the whole island except the part

    Thank you for you cooperation


  7. Al says:

    Is the any way you guys can add a new light and/or dark toe as well. You could either make a new island with new minions. Maybe even a pay system?

    • Stichot34 says:

      Yea make a separate island with a sun representing light and a moon for dark
      And one more island for metal representing a huge machine while air could bea very high mountain with winds

      And the witch could have a more evil twin sister and kidnaps mervin and the prince so it’s girl power

  8. Lisa says:

    I would like to say that I always wished creatures healing time and cost to heal was based on how much damage they took. I dread playing now with the random attack program. I actually think on paper it is cool, but the imperfection is again limiting our abilities to gain levels, pretty much the only reason to play. I have most of the creatures, tho the recent limited addition showed an anomaly in breeding times, I had different times, which I thought meant that I got the limited edition creature just under the wire, but it turned out to be the Nanuk. The time was wrong, without the ability to breed new monsters easily at all, money and time being spent to heal on weak minions, having to collect less money because I can’t get rid of minions, means I can’t save money to build habitats to gain exp and level up.

    With breeding time of new monsters measured in days, I have no reason to play for a couple days at a time, if I have nothing to do.

    And again giving us a quest to clear thistle, when most of us cleared thistle months ago, way before the third island was released? Not a level appropriate quest, it doesn’t clear automatically when the game should recognize all thistles have been cleared, and new ones don’t grow to complete it. Instead of encouraging us to play more, tinyco seems to want us to stop playing.

  9. teresa says:

    Going to uninstall the game, its become boring, healing times are dragging out the game, what a shame I loved it, tiny co need to think about what they are doing. Minons getting the first strike is a joke. Unhappy player.

    • guinivere says:

      I completely agree. I’m very dissatisfied with the new update. That being the main reason.

    • Desma says:

      They dont always get the first shot. Ive faught against about 15 minnions sinse the release and only half of them have gone first. Maybe it depends on who is tougher..who gets to go first?

  10. YzCat says:

    I’ve been playing this game faithfully. I hesitate to update regarding minion issue. Maybe option would be to alternate at different levels who attacks first???
    Enjoy the ‘lucky’ for summoning – gets a bit ridiculous & extremely frustrating when you use every possible combination & still not able to get ‘elusive’ creature!
    Would like to see more quests as they keep game interesting.
    Perhaps more options to utilize dust? I’ve cleared as much fog as possible for level I’m – now sitting with ‘storage full’ and nowhere to use other than $$ more trees!
    Let’s hope Tiny Co will consider great suggestions by their dedicated players! :-)

    P.s. Noobbgodlike you are awesome!!!! And thank you again for all your hard work!

  11. Tm says:

    Sorry TinyCo but this update has made the game worse. The graphics have become fuzzy (on icons, market etc..) and the 3rd island graphics are now poor. The fact that the minions attack first has made it impossible to make what slow progress was allowed before and all healing should be appropriate to ‘damage’ done.
    The times everything take now are far too long (not just based on recent update) and spoil the enjoyment. Waiting 2 days to find you’ve just got the same creature again is boring!
    Please sort it out TinyCo as you’ll lose players otherwise.

  12. Krys says:

    Mummy Monster= Cliff/Desert magic
    Wendigo= Cliff/Polar or Cliff/Forest magic
    Horus= Desert/Sky magic
    Cerberus= Volcano/Cliff magic
    Gorgon= Cliff/Forest or Cliff/Garden magic
    Sea Wyvern= Beach/Volcano magic

    any or all of these would make awesome monsters! also, it would be nice to give us back our first strike in minion attacks and maybe cut down the breeding time, it has gotten excessive.

  13. Nick says:

    Pleease change the combat update. People have worked so hard to summon the monsters that they want to be able to stay out of the courage keeps. They are expensive and take too long in my opinion to heal. I understand that the game has to be difficult, but hopefully you can understand that many of your players including myself are considering deleting your game from their device because it has now become not challenging, but boring thank you for your time in reading these suggestions and taking them into consideration.

  14. Rosebud says:

    I can very rarely attack first now. It means I can’t play the game as often as I used to as my courage keeps are always full so I can’t banish more. Its extra frustrating when one of your really strong creatures loses a tiny slither of life after a minion attacks first but you still have to heal them for half a day. It should be changed so either you only need to heal for a fraction of the time and cost, or you can keep using the same creature until a lot more life has gone. I don’t find this update fun or exciting in the slightest.

  15. James says:

    You definitely have the right idea noob i do not see how a level 10 vily can be sent to the courage keep by something as lowely as a clumsy goblin even a level 10 yeti for that matter i think a mistake has been made by tinyco fair enough if the monster is the same level or has the same amount of attack or defense then it would be plausible for it to attack first but when spend so much time raising our monsters so we can efficiently deal with minions and something like this happens its almost like a slap in the face please make the change tinyco and make it soon !!!!!!

  16. Ariealla says:

    I really don’t like that the minons get to attack first now. I thought part of the point of trying to get the stronger monsters was so that you didn’t have to heal after every single fight and wait forever.

  17. Nikki says:


    What I most dislike about these updates are how TinyCo do not publish on update page what changes have been made. It takes an incredibly long time to level up on this game since ninja update one; and the change that my creatures are hit first every single time is rather disheartening to say the least. I am currently trying to breed some of the higher level creatures now; and the accumulation of all the changes, I find I do not bother to log on until well over one day has passed so I can move the same creature I keep seeming to breed. I understand that the game needs to become more difficult (and making the game a little more strategy based as suggested so well by Van and lol) but not to the point of boredom.

    I’ve really enjoyed playing this game, but it still doesn’t beat Tiny Village in its hay day.


    • Fishlike says:

      Before updating I always read what they have fixed (bugs, crash issues, better graphics etc) but this update TC listed just barely least issues while there are major changes). I guess to get Apple approval they just put down some details and not all. That’s poor practice in my working world. This kind of updates might be as well as those unannounced patches we have been gotten with this game (food amount for example).
      I agree with you totally.

  18. BettyBoobs says:

    I think it would be nice if you had the option to trade in coins for Jems or Food ( 100,000 coins = 1 Jem / 500 apples). Time / cost in courage keep should reflect damage taken during battle. Option to name creature for coins. When creatures are available for a limited time shorten summoning times, since it may take several attempts to gain limited creature.

    • Krys says:

      I especially agree on the courage keep, to take 20 damage to a monster that has over 100 defense and have to leave them in the courage keep the same amount of time as when he is defeated AND have to pay the same amount is absurd! especially now that sometimes minions get the first strike

  19. Awesome dude says:

    It would be fun if we could name our animals!

  20. Ziona says:

    I totally agree. This is rediculous that the monster attackes first. This way no matter what, you loose. Healing time should be according to the damage.

  21. Fishlike says:

    Update not revealing all the details before doing so. If I have known banishing minions taking another turn then I would wait. Not only the healing time is ridiculous but also preventing me from banishing minions. Now I only play it once a day just to collect coins and kill those easy minions. Inventory has egg storing feature but not working. Storing deco is not how I spent coins. Definitely not exciting any more. Creature encyclopedia is a nice feature though.

    • Fishlike says:

      Also breeding time is getting out of hand for new creatures. Just like the recent limited coral nixie, took long time for one breeding tree and the fail time is not helping. Limited creature should have basic elements for all players having fair chance. Takes forever to level up and unlock new capacity for homes. This would discourage players from playing if not willing to pay for gems. Concur on healing times and cost based on amount of damages take in.

  22. Deb says:

    I agree with the suggestion that healing time and cost to heal should depend on how much damage was done to the creature.

    I absolutely HATE the fact that now the minion attacks first EVERY time!! I understood that it was only if we were using a really strong creature to attack a weak minion, but that is not the case in my game… the minion attacks first EVERY TIME!! So many of the creatures that the minions are allergic to only has a medium or lower chance of winning anyway and now that the minion attacks first, there is no chance of winning a battle EVER! And since clearing fog takes a ridiculous amount of dust and getting dust depends largely on banishing minions, this new feature has taken all the fun out of the game. I hate this so much that I am not going to play any more unless it is fixed so that my creatures stand a fair chance against the minions.

  23. Manaal says:

    I agree the new update is really a disappointment the creatures have t go t the courage keep regardless of their strength as minions attack first loosing interest please fix this problem as have to wait for ages as the courage keep are all filled please tiny co i don’t want t stop playing this game but iam being forced to stop
    Take care

    • Manaal says:

      Tiny co should not force us to spend money on our game
      They should make an option for after killing minions choose from food dust coins or some jewels
      They should give an option to convert coins into jewels for example 10000 coins converted into 10 jewels
      They should give the amount of time for healing according to the damage
      They should lower the price of removing things or make the food dust or coin limit higher right now i need to remove this cavern and my coin limit is not even half the price of it and I have upgraded everything to its max

      • noobbgodlike says:

        too selfish IMO

        1 they never force us to spend money……
        2 random reward is suit better to this kind of game.
        3 they will go bankrupt since there are no one buy their jewels, they need money to maintain their server, pay employess salary. 10.000 coins = 10 jewels?? I can easily get 2 million on one day that mean 200 jewels, then it becomes buying game not breeding you can buy almost all monster within 2 days.
        4 legit, totally agree
        5 yeah they’re expensive but I feel it’s optional and make us to gather money.

        • Manaal says:

          But the minion thing is unfair

        • noobbgodlike says:

          yup, like I said I agree about minion thing 😀

        • Manaal says:

          And how do we gather that money it is impossible for me i have sold all the expensive decorations n i have still not earned enough money

        • noobbgodlike says:

          level up fill your habitat with monster, check the game frequently to get the coins. Banish minions using right creatures, not just blindly using strongest creature. Visit evil minion guide for suggested monster. This update is not that irritating for me now, it will be irritating if you still use strong creature like Nanuk to banish weak creature that can be easily banished using phoenix. After playing it I believe tinyco want us to use courage keep , I never use them before but now I keep using it, it makes a game more alive IMO. But still I want healing time/cost balanced based on how much damage you just received.

  24. Eddy says:

    I have to say that I agree with most on the changes I just dont like especialy the part where minions attack first? I was enjoying the fact I could stay out of keep if I use the right creature to minion ratio. Worked hard to build up for that purpose. Its bad enough I cant seem to get those rare and ultra rare due to long summining times and running out of time to summon. I hope you understand theese requests,ty for your time too.

  25. Tara says:

    The new banishing is JUNK!!! I have 5 courage keeps and they are now contuiously full. Please remove the change allowing the minion the first strike in banishment. Thank you.

  26. lol says:

    In regards to suggestions for the banish/battle sub-game I believe some of the following ideas would be a dramatic improvement to the overall game and definitely make the sub-game more exciting. I have tried to be fair and obtain a realistic balance in regards to my suggestions some will require extensive design changes while others would be fairly simple to implement and highly cost-effective.

    1). Both the player and opponent should be able to avoid or block direct attacks.
    2). The amount & cost of healing should be reflected by how much damage your creature received.
    3). Instead of always receiving dust when you win a battle give the player the option to choose dust, coins, gems, or XP.
    4). Allow players to control their creatures animations so he/she can decide when to execute a creature signature move.
    5). Allow the opponent at random times to bring in a partner which will auto trigger the player option to bring in a partner for an exciting tag team match.
    6). Allow players to choose the battle ground.
    7). For a cost (gems, coins, dust) allow players to purchase a magic device to banish all minions in a limited radius.
    8). At random times allow players the ability to switch places w/ their opponents.
    9). Dramatically reduce the time & cost of healing.
    10). Expand the bribe option an give the player the capablity of tricking the opponent into not always receiving his reward.

  27. lisa says:

    I think it would be so much better if healing time and cost depended on how much damage was done!! would make it that much better :)

    • Christy says:

      First of all this and tiny monsters are my favorite games!!! Now to my request:

      – go back to the old way of battling minions where we attack first
      – add another dust well
      – allow more farms to be purchased or reduce feed amounts for creatures
      – add another breeding tree or option to breed more than one pair of creatures at a time or reduce
      Breeding/hatching times
      – take away the added step to plant more food after harvesting your farms. (Once you harvest the
      Option to replant on that farm should automatically appear like in tiny monsters.)
      – lower cost of clearing debris
      – if there is a quest make it possible (for instance I have a quest to clear thistle but sense I already
      Cleared all my thistle months ago I have no way to complete this quest.) Maybe new thistle should appear when quest is activated or you should get credit for it already being done, like Tiny monsters

      Thank you for your time and such a great game!

    • linda k says:

      I have thought of this so many times..
      My creature gets one bad hit but has to heal for the same amount of time if it was completely defeated..
      So I agree with this idea 100%. And it seems a lot of people agree with this comment.

  28. MadCat says:

    I agree it is unfair that my nanuk, a really strong creature gets one tiny scratch from a clumsy Cyclopes and has to spend 12 hours in the courage keep. If that’s the case we should get reasonable time and coin cost for how much damage we receive.

    Other than that the update is fine by me.

  29. Crispy says:

    Not happy with this new update. Change the times for healing then or allow creatures to protect themselves. Do something soon, or people will not play and I like the game.

  30. Slsroo says:

    When banishing creatures, I would like to know who gets the first hit before the battle. This way I could strategically choose which creature I want to battle with.
    Or limit the monsters you can battle with–only certain monsters can battle certain minions.

  31. Laura says:

    I do NOT like the new changes at all! You now need a login name, serves no purpose. How can I har a high chance of winning a battle if I don’t get to fire first. This was my favorite game but until they change things back….I will not be playing and I will NOT recommend this to anyone now!

  32. Dariaclone says:

    I agree with making the healing time and cost based on hp lost. That would be much less frustrating. And a second breeding den would also be nice. Right now, I check the game about once a day to switch out things which waiting to breed my hippocamp and nereid that I have been working on for months! Also, I have purchased jewels, so I am not demanding to never pay for the game–just to make it fair.

  33. Van says:

    With these changes, I quite honestly feel like I have even less reason to banish monsters. With the sheer numbers crowding my islands versus the few courage keeps I have, there’s no way to keep them away. I feel like I’m loosing the war at this point, so why bother?

    I think there are a lot of good ideas here, and they are worth considering by the game developers. Rewarding players for using a variety of monsters, or even limiting the number of battles each can fight would also be better avenues that would accomplish similar goals. Like a fatigue system where you can only battle with a particular monster a limited numbers before they have to rest.

    Making a player feel like they can no longer “win” is not an improvement to any game experience.

  34. Leah says:

    The new changes are discouraging. Tiny co seems to change th rules not for the good of the game but to keep our strong creatures in the courage keep. If you want to go this route then the heal times should be much lesser. Secondly if our creatures are staying in the courage keep for days then players will become bored and move on to other games. Buying jewels will not solve this problem because a lot of players do not d
    Buy them. Please rethink your decision and make necessary arrangements to make things more user friendly as far as actually getting to play the game and not deterring players from playing

    • Christy says:

      I am also one of those players who are not opposed to paying for jewels. I buy diamonds all the time in tiny monsters and have purchased hundreds of dollars of smurfberries from my smurfs village game over the past year and a half but I do not buy jewels from this game even though its my of all because I feel they are too expensive. In tiny monsters you use 1 diamond per
      hour that you want to speed up (breeding times, hatching times, dream room etc. ) but in tiny castles the jewels you have to spend to do the same things cost double or more . I can’t afford to buy the creatures I can’t seem to breed, even the less expensive ones, because I would have to spend upwards of $40 to $50 to buy enough jewels. And with the excessive breeding times it makes it very frustrating for players. Also with the new minion battling your creatures are always in the courage keeps so they are unavailable to breed which makes it even more frustrating when trying to breed a creature that takes 2 days and 20 tries to get.

  35. Strinx says:

    – I would only agree with a minion attacking me first IF: i only have to pay for the caused damage, which should reduce the waiting time.

    – Speed up breeding time with coins?

    – The possibility to use, for example, 1 jewel if 8 are needed. It would be nice to have the option to choose how many jewels you would like to spend instead of a fixed amount of jewels you HAVE to pay. This way you can reduce the waiting time as you like.

    – give us another chance on the Coral Nixie!

  36. Nobody says:

    I just got a mission that says.. “Clear one thistle”
    I don’t have any since I already cleared away two islands of stuff.
    Maybe ask for re-spawning junk?

    How about bonuses for decorations?
    Like, the Pyramid next to the desert habitats AND/OR on the desert part of the island, gives a tiny about of coin bonus.

  37. Katzca says:

    What’s up with collecting coin you get an option to ‘finish’ for jewels.
    Concur about minion banisings.
    1 wish be able to ‘name’ new hatched creatures

  38. zephyral says:

    I have yet to update yet. As previous updates seems to remove whatever experience i have. Will update as soon as i level up. Not willing to take the risk.

    Regarding the monster banishing part –> does not really affect me.I guess balances have to kick in at some point to resolve the issue of accumulating dust ( at current i have 100,000 ++ dust) thanks to vily and nanuk awesomeness in one-hit KOs. This was the main issue i felt, not so much of having long healing times or expensive healing amounts. Moreover it made the game a little harder.

    Otherwise, if they were to removed all of our dust and reset this ‘currency’ it would be disastrous. I would like to suggest to perhaps make the option of converting dust to jewel/food/gold available.

    I mean, if one had played the game long enough it should make sense that these games test your patience. And when the changes kick in, it probably stopped the easyness to rid of the monsters and having spend any gold farmed to healing/waiting. Still i do agree the cost to healing is high for some monsters. but for monsters like gargoyle its exceptional. She is powerful but healing is relatively low and cheap and fast.

    On the suggestion to healing times/cost base on damage taken i guess eventually this would eventually result in accumulation of dust at a lower rate. Still it is a viable option to explore. Of cause another would be to decrease the spawn rate of monsters or simply reduce the dusts given by monsters.

    I guess the burden of spending yr hard farmed gold is that island 3 debris are extremely costly as compared to 1 and 2. Perhaps moderating the cost to remove them would help too. Similarly with cost like upgrading of storages/homes (beach/polar/mountain).

    As for the social connection part. I guess its a phase of transiting the game to be more connected easily with others. Yes, many including me loved the option of just minding your own game and just focusing on it. But if tiny castle was to strive, i guess this was an option it had to explore to make it equivalent to current similar games like dragon city etc.

    • zephyral says:

      additional suggestions not directly involved with the update but with recent events of coral nixie etc.

      I guess with the long breeding times, its time to consider expanding the breeding tree. Maybe increasing 2 more trees and make the process of acquiring it fun like not just buying but through a series of quest. Hopefully not with jewels of cause.

      Similarly, monsters wise. I guess they could come up with bosses (e.g. Elder Muck Monster or Boss Muck Monster that occurs once in a very long while[ low spawn rate] that gives out high dust/jewels). Of cos having quests related to it would be fun of cause.

      Other issues: food. I guess making the option of a GREATER farm to generate more food than the current farms would be good.

      Lastly. sorry noob for my long long post.
      Homes. I guess increasing initial size from 2 to 3 and 4 to 5. would be good. this is one issue many players face if they would say for instance would like to keep a pair of every monster. its just not enough home capacity to do so.

      Thanks noob for providing the platform. I seriously hope tiny castle co. would look into the feedbacks and work on them or perhaps provide other solutions/ explanations on their rational. :)

  39. Salvaje76 says:

    I agree, make the healing time and cost based on how much hp that are lost.

  40. teresa says:

    Whats going on had a thisle quest which has disappeared, purchased a tree for 2700 dust n thats disappeared,

  41. HG says:

    I totally agree that its insane to Pay such High prices in Courage keep if there was low damage on my creature. I like the idea to add a Status like agility. There are also other possibilites for making a battle more interesting like Elements or special abilities for every creature or magic based abilities.

  42. teresa says:

    New update not great lost ice golem to troll, troll allergic to ice golem! N troll had first hit

  43. 3ke says:

    Limited summon creatures of the holidays should not exceed 13 hours.

  44. iamwba says:

    Tiny Games staff:
    Please reconsider the recent change to Tiny Castle wherein a minion attacks first. This is not a good change, especially when the minion is exceptionally weak and the creature the player uses still ends up in the courage keep for hours on end. Basing the time of healing on the points lost makes much more sense.

    This change has the potential to stop some people from continuing to play the game.

    Thank you for your consideration

  45. Robyn says:

    I dont want the new update, if Im forced to update I will be uninstalling the game! My 10yo son updated his & doesnt play it anymore. He doesnt have any ice creatures yet, so finds it hard to keep up with strong minions as his courage keeps are always full.
    I like the suggestions above, especially the jewels for perfect hits! :)
    Also would like to see the healing times reduced! I play on a samsung galaxy tab2 & my Villy takes 12 hours to heal.
    Please reduce healing times by half, it would be greatly appreciated!

  46. 3ke says:

    My suggestion would be creature name changes.
    It can be done in 2 ways,
    1: pay 1 jewel to choose one of the names from the random naming list for 1 creature
    2: pay 5 or 10 jewels to create your own name for one of your creatures

    I have several creatures with the same names. I got 3 Storms.

    • Deb says:

      I think we should just be able to change the name if we want to. Why should we have to pay jewels to change the name? We can change the name for free in tiny monsters and dragonvale. I am not willing to spend jewels for name changes…