Posted on Aug 27, 2013

Plant vs Zombie 2 Complete Guide

Plant vs Zombies Featured Guide

Release Date: 1 August 2013

Genre: Simulation

Platform: IOS device (Android and PC version coming soon)

Publisher: Pop Cap

iTunes store link: Plants vs. Zombies™ 2 – PopCap

This guide is meant to help you beat the game without spending any money. However if you like the game I really suggest you to buy something in order to support the developer. It’s very rare to see this kind of “free” game that exactly free like this one so support it guys.


[0] How to kill Yeti

Pirate Seas

Plant vs Zombies 2 Pirate Seas General Picture

General Strategy

Star Bonus Level Guide (locked with key)

Wild West

Plant vs Zombies 2 Wild West General Picture

General Strategy

Star Bonus Level Guide (locked with key)

Plant vs Zombie 2 is copyright of Pop Cap

If you have any suggestions (need more specific guide, etc), just leave comment.

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