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Plant vs Zombie 2 No IAP Guide Ancient Egypt Level

Recommended Plant


Pvz 2 sunflowers
Pvz 2 wallnut
Pvz 2 bonkchoy
Iceberg Lettuce
Pvz 2 iceberg
Pvz 2 bloomerang
Cabbage pult
Pvz 2 Cabbage pult

what for

Generate sun to be used together with bonk-choy Your damage dealer, use with wall-nut to prevent it from being eaten simply cheat for this level, use it with plant food to freeze all zombies and make sure to use it when you see explorer zombie (the one who bring torch) It can hit multiple targets on the line which is useful Useful in the beginning of the game to wait until you have more suns to build more damaging unit like bonk-choy/Bloomerang.Keep one for plant food usage.

Usually I will start with having 4 sunflowers, and then put peashooter/cabbage on the line where the zombie is attacking.  After that, just build your garden until you have bonk-choy and wall-nut combo. You can place those two on the frontline so you can add Bloomerang or other plants on the back line as a support attack.

Pvz 2 Bonkchoy wall nut combo

This combo will hold most of the zombie waves on this game.

I suggest you to plant iceberg lettuce behind the wall-nut, why ??  It acts as a cheat mechanism, you should put it to where enemy will touch it, but in my strategy, I put iceberg lettuce for plant food usage. Iceberg lettuce plant food effect is freezing all enemies on the screen :D, which probably will kill them all before they even can bite the walnut (assuming you have a lot of support plant on your back line.  If you don’t have too many support then wait until they bite the wall-nut., they will freeze and then bonk-choy will kill them easily :D. Plant food is also worth to be used on cabbage-pult since it will damage all enemies on the screen.

Special Upgrade that can be unlocked:

You can unlock special upgrade using the key. The key is randomly obtained (from my experience Pyramid of doom tends to give me a key) when you’re playing the level. Upgrade that available on Egypt age {Sorted from most important (top) to unimportant (bottom)}:

Upgrade Reasons
Bloomerang It will be unlocked by default and it’s good so get it first
Twin sunflower twice sunflowers, you should unlock this ASAP. Don’t make mistake like me for unlocking grave buster…
Sun Boost Nice upgrade but not that useful IMO
Plant Food Boost I don’t think I need it…
Grave Buster Last door to be opened, grave buster is really useless IMO, Grave can be easily destroyed bonk-choy and then place wall nut on the grave space to create strong combination. However Bonk-choy is really useful on some level like level behind the gate where lock bonkchoy (save our seeds level)

After clearing all levels, you will get a new are; Pirate Seas. But you need 15 stars to unlock it, you can get the stars by beating previous level (they have been upgraded so you can get 3 stars from each level).

Tips beating stars level:

Condition What to do/ Tips
Don’t plant on Mold Colony Simply plant in front of them. It only makes a game a little bit harder (especially if there are many graves)
Don’t let the zombies Trample the flowers Simply put wall-nut in front of the flower
Don’t lose more than XX plants Use shovel count as losing plants, so don’t use them. Use plant food on wall nut to protect them from being destroyed
Produce at least xxx sun Use your plant food on your sunflowers and build as many sunflowers as possible
Defeat xx zombies in xx seconds Simply use plant food on your cabbage-pult), save your plant food and then use it on the final wave. You may need use more than one plant food so save them
Don’t spend any sun for xx seconds Just wait until your defense already solid and then simply don’t use any sun :D. Iceberg lettuce can be used since it only costs 0 sun.
Spend no more than XX  sun Easy just make sure you don’t spend that amount. Wall-nut and Bonk-choy combo only cost 1000 suns.
Never have more than xx plants one line of defense (5), one life of attackers (5), remove sunflowers when you have adequate sun and weapon to add more weapon

Here is sample of my tactics applied on the game:

Plant vs Zombies 2 Main Page

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  1. Gae54321 says:

    Bonk choy and walnut are good combo’s like you suggested so i did it! Snap dragon actually kind of sucks when you think about it deeply, you know.

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