Posted on Aug 27, 2013

Plant vs Zombies 2 How to Kill Yeti

Plant vs Zombies 2 Yeti spawn

Sometimes you will see Yeti spawn on your game (I believe it can only appear once per day). Killing yeti will give you a nice rewards (example: Special key that worth about 3 keys on that level; if you kill yeti on Egypt level you will get the key for the gate on Egypt level).

Plant vs Zombies 2 Key reward Yeti

Killing yet is easy and hard at the same time. Why hard?

Because Yeti can escape from the stage if you have done some damage to him. To solve this you need burst of damage to kill it. Another important thing is Yeti’s spawn lane (inside the stage) is random, so if you see yeti on top lane (at the beginning of stage preparation) it doesn’t mean it will come from the top lane later.

To kill it you need to have high burst of damage on a short period of time. So if you see a stage with yeti I suggest you to:

Save your plant food and wait until yeti come and then use it on your plant (to be safe)

Few plants that I suggest you to use against yeti:
[0] Peashooter: The main problem using plant food on peashooter is their pea will hit dead bodies, so use plant food unless you got nothing better.
[0] Bloomerang: Better alternative than peashooter, but since its attack a little bit weak you may need to use your plant food multiple times
[0] Cannon: you only need to have one plant food if you can plant this thing. Just make sure you have 400 suns ad then plant it immediately on the lane where Yeti shows up (see the video for example).
[0] Cherry bomb: Use this to kill him easily, but I don’t get any reward last time when killing him using this method (I have tapped the lunch box).

See the video for a sample how to kill Yeti (Yeti spawn on the last day of Pirate Seas level):

Plant vs Zombies 2 Main Page

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  1. Lawren says:

    I killed the yeti in Egypt when a mugshot has appeared. When I first saw him, he walked away. The yeti walks backwards after two squares.

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