Posted on Aug 27, 2013

Plant Vs Zombies 2 Special Ancient Egypt Level Guide

Special Delivery (Unlock bloomerang)

Very easy, just follow the general strategy and you will be fine.

Save our seeds (Unlock Grave Buster)

You need to protect sunflowers those placed on yellow-black line. Those sunflowers are also generating sun too, so you get extra 3 sunflowers at the beginning of the game.

Save our seeds I
Simply put bonkchoy and wall nut in front of the sunflowers.

Save our seeds II
Swap your bloomerang with the grave buster. Use your grave buster on the grave that located on the top row so you can place your wall-but on that spot and put your bonkchoy behind the wall-nut. After that simply protect endangered plant one by one with wall-but and bonkchoy combo.

Save our seeds III:

 Locked and Loaded (unlock Twin sunflower)

Very easy, just follow the general strategy and you will be fine.

Mummy Memory (unlock Plant Food Boost)

It’s memory game so better pay attention :D. Level 3 is a little bit hard..

Last Stand (Unlock Sun Boost)

Last stand 1

Pvz Last Stand 1 egypt guide

Use formation above, if there is a grave blocking wall nut space simply wait until bonkchoy destroy it.

Last Stand 2

Pvz Last Stand 2 egypt guide

Follow formation like screenshot above. Save your plant food for the final wave but don’t hesitate to use it, if one of explorer zombie is near your wall-nut.

Last Stand 3

Pvz Last Stand 3 egypt guide

Note: Simply Replace Threepeated with 3 peashooter if you haven’t got it.

Follow formation like above (place wall nut once the grave is destroyed). Bonk-choy is useless in this level since there are many explorer zombies coming. Use your plant food on wall nut (when it’s near death), since it’s more important to protect your wall-nut than to use it on the final wave.

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