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Pokemon Black and White Guide: 3rd Badge Castelia City

Get out from the gym and you will see a cut scene about team plasma. You need to go to Pinwheel forest now. Recover your Pokémon at the Pokemon center first, and then head northwest to

Pinwheel forest (Entrance)

Talk to the first man you see and he will give you Tm 94 Rock smash. Keep going west and you will fight with 3 Trainers,

Nurse Sherry Preschooler Juliet Preschooler homer
munna lvl 15 (psychic) Cottonee lvl 13(grass) Roggenrola lvl 14 (rock)
==== Petilil lvl 13 (grass) ======

Grab a great ball on the east of preschooler homer. Backtrack and head south to fight with

Youngster keita
Tympole lvl 13 (water) x3
Be careful, because all of his tympole can use supersonic

After defeating him go south and take an antidote from the ground and head southwest to take a super potion. Backtrack to to where you got an antidote before and head east. Fight Youngster Zachary and then go upstairs to fight a karate man and kung fu girl.

Youngster Zachary Baclkbelt Kentaro Battle girl lee
Venipede lvl 14 (bug/poison) Timburr lvl16(fight) Timburr lvl 16 (fight)
LIllipup lvl 14 (normal) ==== ====

Check the giant rock in the middle of this spot; it’s a challenge rock (I am not sure if you will get the same item as I did; I obtained a star piece by using pignite to smash the rock). Continue northwest to the lower level and take a net ball from the ground. Jump through the ledge and backtrack to the spot where you fought with Nurse Sherry (nursery ??? Clever name huh). You can talk to her to heal your pokemon. Go west to

Pinwheel Forest

As soon you enter this forest, Burgh will go north and tell you to go west. Progress like he said.

There is a moss stone at point (1); You can evolve your evee into leafeon by level up in this area. Your objective is to go to TP5 spot in my map.

There is a trainer called ranger in this forest, they will give you a berry when you win the battle against them. Make sure you check a green object to make them appear. You can also catch Petilil in this forest so you can trade it with Cottonee (see previous chapter)

T1= Twins Mayo & May T2= Ranger Forrest T3= Youngster Nicholas T4=Ranger Audra
Sewaddle lvl 16 (bug) Herdier lvl 18 (normal) Venipede lvl 16(bug/poison) Pansage lvl 18 (grass)
Sewaddle lvl 16 (bug) TImburr lvl 16 (bug)
T5= Ranger Irene T6= ranger Miguel T7= School kid sammy T8= Lass Eva T9=School kid millie
Panpour lvl 18(wtr) pansear lvl 18(fir) Munna lvl 17 (psychic) woobat lvl 15(psy/fly) Pidove lvl 16
== == == woobat lvl 15(psy/fly) Purrloin lvl 16
== == == woobat lvl 15(psy/fly) ==
TP1 = TP Grunt TP2=TP Grunt TP3=TP Grunt TP4= TP Grunt
Sandile lvl 16 (GRD/Dark) Purrloin lvl 16 (normal) Patrat lvl 16( normal) Patrat lvl 14 x2 (normal)
sandile lvl 14(GRD/Dark)

After you have beaten TP 4, Lenora will come and give you a moon stone. Continue east and take a miracle seed. Jump through the ledge and you will arrive near T9 on my map. Fight her and go south to fight T7 and T8. Go north and enter the gate. Talk to the hiker and he will give you a quick claw. Continue east and you will arrive at Skyarrow bridge; there is no battle or item in this area. Just keep following the path until you reach

Castelia City

The town is pretty big :D. So here is the map

Few things that you can do in this city:

  • Go south to point (1) and talk to the man over there, he will ask you what “monkey” that you have. He will give you a stone that can be used to evolve that ‘monkey”. So, I choose pansage to obtain a leaf stone.
  • (2) right building: you can have a massaged for your Pokemon by talking to the man near the table. Go to upper floor and then talk to hiker over there to obtain TM 44 rest
  • (2) left building: a game company, go to upper floor and talk to the manage. he will tell you to fill up your pokedex.
  • (3) museum: there is a clown who want to see a type of Pokemon; If you can show the type of Pokemon that he wants, then he’ll give you berry as a reward (thanks to raportech 97 for this info)
  • (4): walk north and there will be a man in black who will give you TM 70 Flash. Enter the cafe and talk to the owner to obtain a lemonade
  • Dance park: Go to the dance park and then talk to the dancer who is in the middle of the area. Beat him in the battle and he will ask you to find other 2 dancers. The location of the dancers are at point (7) and (4). So, go there and talk to them. They will battle with you before they join the dance team. After you have defeated them, go back and talk to Dancer mickey and he will give you an amulet coin.
    dancer mickey (D.park) dancer raymond (7) dancer edmon (4)
    pansage lvl 21(grass) pansear lvl 21 (fir) panpour lvl 21(wtr
  • Battle Company: You can fight with a lot of trainer over there. I suggest you to go there to level up your pokemon before challenging the gym.
    Floor 47 

    clerk inggrid clerk clemens scientist randall clerk warren clerk allberta
    herdier lvl 19 (nrml) timburr lvl 19 (fght) roggenrola lvl 19 (rock) bascullin lvl 17 x3 (water) petilil lvl 18 (grass)
    cottonee lvl 18 (grass)

    Grab a revive on the southwest corner of this room. Talk to the man near clerk Inggrid to obtain quick and timer ball. Talk to Scientist (southeast part of this floor) to obtain scope lens.

    Floor 55

    clerk ivan scientist samantha scientist steve clerk wade janitor Geoff
    woobat lvl 20(psy/fly) munna lvl 20 (psy) sewaddle lvl 20 (bug) pansear lvl 19(fir) trubbish lvl 20(poison)
    panpour lvl 19(wtr) minccino lvl 20 (normal)
    pansage lvl 19(grs)

    Fight the manager (janitor Geoff) and you will obtain an exp share.

  • Go to survey building and talk to everyone there (you can change your “passerby” conversation dialogue in this place). If you complete all the survey offered by a yellow haired lady, she will give you a lemonade soda.

Fuh, that’s a lot of side quest. Now go the Castelia gym and see an event over there. Burgh will ask you to help him to chase team plasma. Go to point (5) to meet with Branca. See a cut scene and then go back to gym. You should see team plasma nearby (6). Talk to them and you will fight

Team Plasma Grunt
Sandile x2 lvl 17 (Grd/dark)

Go inside the buidling and watch a cut scene. Grab a smoke ball from the floor. Now you can go to the gym to challenge Burgh.

Castelia gym

Talk to the old man to obtain fresh water like usual :D. You need to light 2 lamps above the door to get the door opened. Just follow these instructions carefully :

  1. Go north pass the honey wall, step on the switch. Go right and fight Harlequin Jack.
  2. Press the switch on the right and then pass the honey wall that you just open. You will stand on switch and fight with Harlequin Kerry
  3. Now go to the leftmost section and then touch the switch over there and then go south through the honey wall. Touch the switch nearby and Harlequin rick
  4. Now back track to the room before you fought with Harlequin rick. Touch the entire switch on the floor now. It should unlock the room on the northeast and northwest. Go inside those rooms and press the switches; you will fight with Harlequin Louis.
Harlequin Jack Harlequin Kerry Harlequin Rick Harlequin Louis
sewaddle lvl 20(bug/grs) sewaddle lvl 20(bug/grs) sewaddle lvl 20(bug/grs) venipede lvl 20(bug/grs)
venipede lvl 20(bug/grs) dwebble lvl 20(bug/grs) sewaddle lvl 20(bug/grs)

The middle honey wall should be opened now. Pass through it and talk to

Gym Leader Burgh
Whirlipede lvl 21 (bug/poison)
Dwebble lvl 21 (bug/rock)
Leavanny lvl 23 (bug/grass)

This battle should be easy if you have conquered Battle company (your pokemon should be around level 23 if you have done this). Bug pokemon is weak against fire, rock and flying pokemon. If your starter is Tepig, this battle will become ultra easy, just use rollout (rock) from the very first turn (I used fire charge first to boost my speed first). Rollout’s power increase on each attack which means his Leavanny should die in one hit if you already used rollout from the first turn of this battle.

If you don’t choose Tepig, you probably have rock or flying type pokemon (You catch Pidove, right??). These types also work good against bug pokemon (air cutter, gust, etc).

After beating him you will get Bug badge and TM 76 Struggle Bug. End of this chapter.

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  1. Felix Felixis says:

    LOL, those dancers really need to learn to give something without picking a fight 😀

  2. Annoyed says:

    Hey, if you guys are going to put information out there, make sure it’s not blatantly wrong. Stuff like Leavanny (bug/grass, NOT bug/rock) and Venipede (bug/poison, NOT bug/grass) makes you all look incompetent.

  3. chiron says:

    moss stone used to evolve eevee into leafeon, level up near moss stone.

  4. Gerrutttt says:

    The Moss stone is to evolve Eevee into a Leafeon. It works the same as in Diamond and Pearl. If Eevee goes a level up near the Moss stone, he will evolve into a Leafeon. There is an Ice stone in the lowest part of Twist Mountain. That stone is to evolve Eevee into a Glaceon.

  5. raptortech97 says:

    I did have the Pokemon the guy in the museum was looking for. He was looking for flying type, and he offered a choice between a Cheri, Chesto, Pecha, Raswt, or Aspear Berry. He offers a berry every day, presumably for a new type of Pokemon each day.

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