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Pokemon Black and White Guide: 5th Badge Driftveil City

Go west to

T1=Baker Jenn T2=Harlequin Paul T3=Musician Preston T4=dancer Brian
Pansear lvl 21 (fir) Whirlipede lvl 22 (bug/psn) blitzle lvl 22 (elec) Darumaka lvl 22 (fir)
panpour lvl 21 (wtr) Whirlipede lvl 22 (bug/psn) blitzle lvl 22 (elec) Darumaka lvl 22 (fir)
Pansage lvl 21 (grs)

Route 5

You will fight Cheren at point (1)

Liepard lvl 24 (normal)
Dewott lvl 24 (water)
Tranquil lvl 24 (water)
Pansear lvl 24  (fir)

and continue west to see an event. You will enter double battle immediately

preshooler serah and billy
herdier lvl 26 (norm)
herdier lvl 26 (norm)


T5=Artist Horton T6=Backpacker Louis T7=Backpacker Michael
Sigilyph lvl 23 (psy/fly) Munna lvl 23 (psy) Palpitoad lvl 23(wtr)

You need to talk with other trainers to initiate the battle since they’re not aggressive. You will obtain an electric guitar from the musician. You can also go inside the van to meet with woman who will buy a food item from you (ex: fresh water, lemonade,etc).

Driftveil Bridge

There is only straight path so go west. You can get “wing” item by checking a shadow spot. Sometime you’ll find Ducklett by checking the shadow. It’s a water/flying type pokemon which makes it very weak against elec, but it can learn fly and surf so catch it if you see one.

Driftveil City

Go west and you will see an event about Clay. Clay will ask you to find team plasma before you can challenge him into a gym battle.

  • 2nd house left of the entrance (from where you met with Clay): Talk to the blue haired man, he will offer to teach your starter Pokémon a special move (fire pledge, grass pledge, and water pledge).

Driftveil Market:

[0] Talk to the man in black to obtain Expert Belt.
[0] Buy momoo milk because it’s very cheap considering the amount of HP recovery from this item
[0] You can buy a medicinal herb but your pokemon won’t like you (better not use it on Pokemon that use Happiness as evolution trigger)
[0] Check a spot near the lady who sells Momoo milk to find a heart scale

Talk to Motorcyclist Charles (left of the market), he will tell you about Triple/rotation battle (I am playing white version; you will fight him if you’re playing black version).

  • Talk to the girl in Pokemon center to obtain Repeat balls.
  • Small house right of Market (middle part of the market): The red hat man wants to trade Minccino for Basculin. Old man will give you an item if your pokedex have 50 or more Pokémon (shell bell: restores your Pokémon HP every time it hits your opponent)
  • House, left of the Pokémon center: there is a lady who want to see a certain move on your Pokémon. She ask me to show her struggle bug (I don’t have a bug Pokémon so I  don’t know what is the reward for this quest)

Your destination now is Cold storage, so go south to

T1=Youngster Kenneth T2=Youngster Albert T3=worker eddie
whirlipede lvl 24 (bug/poison) joltik lvl 24 (elec) pansage lvl 24 (grs)
Karrablast lvl 24 (bug) dwebble lvl 24 (bug/rock) Timburr lvl 24 (fight)

Cold Storage (ent)

There is nothing special on the entrance, so just take all the items and head southwest to the inside

Cold Storage (In)

There are areas with a slippery surface. You can’t walk freely on them. the first on is (1):

Follow the redline in the picture so you can grab TM 55 Scald. Continue east to point (2):

T1= worker victor T2=worker Glenn T3=Worker Fillipe T4=Worker Patton T5=Worker ryan
Pansear lvl 24 (fir) panpour lvl 24 (wtr) Gurdurr lvl 25 (fight) Vanillite lvl 24(ice) Timburr lvl 23 (Fight)
Timburr lvl 24 (fight) Timburr lvl 24 (fight) Timburr lvl 24 (fight) Vanillite lvl 23 (ice)
Timburr lvl 23 (Fight)

After passing point (2), just keep following the path until you reach (3) on my map. Cheren will come and then go inside the box.

Icy Box

You need to fight with all of TP grunt over there.

Watchog lvl 23 (normal) Liepard lvl 24 (normal) Trubbish lvl 24 Sandile lvl 23 (drk/grd)
Scraggy lvl 23 (wtr/fight) Watchog lvl 23 (normal)

Grab nevermelt ice from the ground before you leave this place.

Go to driftveil gym (right of the pokemon center) and then see an event. Enter the gym

Driftveil gym

worker felix worker don Clerk Isaac Worker Sterling Clerk Katie
Palpitoad lvl 28 (Wtr/grd) Krokorok lvl 29(grd/dark) Sandile lvl 27(grd/dark) sandile lvl 28(grd/dark) Drilbur lvl 29(grd)
Drilbur lvl28(grd) Palpitoad lvl 27(grd/wtr) Drilbur lvl 28(grd)
Sandile lvl 27(grd/dark)

Like usual, talk to the old man near the entrance to obtain fresh water. Step into the elevator and go down floor.

1.       Go east and fight with worker Felix. Descends

2.       Walk through the small ledge to the west and fight with worker don. Descends

3.       Go to the east platform and ascends.

4.       Fight with Clerk Isaac

5.       Go to the northeast platform and ascends to fight Worker Sterling

6.       Backtrack to the lowest floor (point 3) and go to the north platform and ascends.

7.       Walk through the small ledge and fight with Clerk Katie

8.       Go to the platform and descends.

Talk to Clay to initiate the battle

Krokorok lvl 29 (grd/dark)
Palpitoad lvl 29 (grd/water)
Excadrill lvl 31 (grd/ metal)

This is probably the hardest gym battle until now.

  • Krokorok can use swagger which confuse your pokemon. It can really hurt if you have a bad luck in the real world (always hit your self  🙁 ) then this battle will become hard.
  • Palpitoad is easy. His weakness is grass (4x damage) but it’s still easy to beat it without using grass type move.
  • Excadrill is the one which makes this battle hard. First Clay has 2 Hyper potions and he will use it to heal this crap. Exca will start to use Honeclaw (increase its attack) which probably will kill your pokemon in one hit after it has used it for 2 times. I found that the best method is to use Krokorok (or other ground type pokemon) and then use dig (soft sand equipped). Deplete his Hyper potions and then it should be easy to defeat him by using brute force (3 against 1; see my video for further explanation)

You will obtain a quake badge but no TM at this moment.

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  1. sasafras says:

    your saying that the girl in front of the elevator that takes you to clay says that but on my game it says”i started pokemon battles after i grew up but i got so into it” please help it wont let me battle clay

  2. Evaqua says:

    The lady gives you a heart scale for showing her the move she requests.

  3. Mike says:

    plz tell me what that block is for in Driftveil City\town, if you go alittle south, (right before you go to Cold Storage) there is a blocking there and after it looks like a huge opening to goninside, can you go in it during 1 of the seasons or is it just part of the view? plz reply! 😀

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