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Pokemon Black and White Guide: 7th Badge Icirrus City

Get out from the gym and you will meet with N. Go to the small house that located north of the pokemon center. The boy will tell you that he hide a treasure on edge of the runway. So go there and take TM 40 Aerial ace.

Backtrack to Route 7

Go northeast from the point where you went north to the Celestia tower before. Enter the house to heal your Pokemon.

Go right to the tall grass area and take TM 81 X-scissors nearby. Go north (Use the ledge to evade insane encounter from the tall grass) and fight 2 Harlequin (Pat and Ian).

Twist Mountain (entrance)

First Change your season to winter to get an access to an area that only available in that season. You can do this by changing your DS month.

Cheren will challenge you into a Pokemon battle.

Unfezant lvl 33 (fly)
Simisear lvl 33 (fir)
Dewott lvl 35 (wtr)
Liepard lvl 33 (nor)

He is more challenging than Skyla IMO. All of his Pokemon already reach the final form (except for his starter). Just try to exploit his Pokemon elemental weakness and you should be fine because he doesn’t have Pokemon with fancy move or deadly combo move.

Hiker Terrell hiker Darrell Ace trainer Caroll Battle Girl Sharon
Boldore lvl 34 (rock) woobat lvl 33 (psy/fly) Vanilish lvl 35 (ice) Throh lvl 36 (fight)
Gurdurr lvl 34 (fight) Gurdurr lvl 33 (fight) Gothorita lvl 35 (psy)
Boldore lvl 33 (rock) Duolosion lvl 35 (psy)

Go upstairs and fight Hiker Terrell, continue to the cave nearby. You’ll meet with Clay over there. Just go east to the outside again.

Twist Mountain level 1 (highest level)

Go north and take Revive at the end of the path. Backtrack south and take a full heal at the end of the path. Go inside the cave that you just past earlier.

Fight Hiker Darrell, there are 2 paths nearby

middle path lead to Ace trainer Caroll

Right most paths leads to battle girl Sharon and then go outside. Challenge Worker Brand, then move north and enter the cave. Follow the path and Worker Heath will pop up near the stairs. Go east and pick up moon stone, backtrack and go to the lower level continue to the next area.

Go south and check brown spot to fight Worker Rob; check sand on the right of worker Rob to obtain stardust. Go west to the outside

Worker Brand Worker Heath Worker Rob Worker Cairn Doctor Hank
Boldore lvl 34 (rocK) Swoobat lvl 35 (psy/fly) Boldore lvl 33 (rock) Excadrill lvl 35 (grd/steel) Duosion lvl 34 (psy)
Excadrill lvl 34 (grd/steel) Boldore lvl 33 (rock) Musharna lvl 34 (psy)
Boldore lvl 33 (rock)

Twist mountain level 2 area (middle area)

Go north to obtain Max Potion. From here you can see many caves. The caves destination and items are:

East Cave (below he max potion): Metal Coat

West Cave (there is ether nearby): Nugget, PP up (you need to fight with Worker Cairn)

North cave: Leads to a dead end.

Northwest Cave (near Doctor Hank): This cave connects with the cave on the west.

Northeast cave: You will meet with Cheren and will leads you to Icirrus City. Tthis is your goal if you want to get out from this mountain quickly, but I suggest you to explore area described below to obtain all items.

Twist Mountain level 1 (highest level)

North cave:

Ace trainer jordan
Krokorok lvl 35 (dark/grd)
Palpitoad lvl 35 (wtr/grd)
klang lvl 35 (metal)

TM 90 Substitute (west of ace trainer Jordan)

This cave also interconnects with northeast cave on level 2

Twist mountain level 3 (lowest level)

Only one cave, you can get TM 91 Flash cannon from this cave and there is also a giant ice stone in the same room.

After getting all of those things go back to northeast cave to

Icirrus City

Change the seasons back if you want :D.

Pokemon Center: Talk to the old woman over there to obtain Tm 31 Brick Break. You can also sell ores to an old man who standing beside the counter (ex: thunder stone,etc).

Pokeman fan house (south the gym): The old man will give you an item if you show him happy Pokemon (I showed him my starter and he gave me an exp share).

Quiz house (east of Gym): Go inside and answer the question correctly (I obtain antidote)

Icirrus gym

Black belt Grant Battle girl Miriam black belt Kandrew Battle Girl Mikiko Battle Girl Chandra Black belt Thomas
Cubchoo lvl 35 (ice) Cryogonal lvl 37 (ice) Cubchoo lvl 37 (ice) Cubchoo lvl 36 (ice) Vanillish lvl 36 (ice) Vanillish lvl 36 (ice)
Cubchoo lvl 35 (ice) Vanillish lvl 36 (ice) Vanillish lvl 36 (ice) Cubchoo lvl 36 (ice)
Cryogonal lvl 35 (ice)

I am already tired of this but talk to the old man and he’ll give you fresh water.


Walk north and continue east to fight Black belt grant, press the red switch and use it to continue north. Fight battle girl Miriam. Go upstairs


Go east and fight black belt Kandrew. Follow the left screenshot above and fight Battle girl Mikiko. Follow the right screenshot to press the red switch. Now use the newly rotated tool to progress to


Fight Battle girl Chandra and follow the left screenshot above. Fight Blackbelt Thomas and press the red switch. Then Continue to follow screen shot on the right.

Gym Leader: Brycen

Vanillish lvl 37
Beartic lvl 39
Cryogonal lvl 37

Ice element weak against rock,steel, fire, and fight move type. Since you have progressed this far you should have one of those Pokemon. Frost breath always deals crit. hit but it’s not that powerful if your Pokemon isn’t weak to ice element. Watch out when you’re fighting Beartic using fire Pokemon because it can use Brine (water type) which probably can kill it easily.

You’ll obtain freeze badge and TM 79 frost breath.

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  1. egggdcggh says:

    yo dude, ty for this. u didnt said that after cheren u get hm04 surf from champion aldren. cyaaaa

  2. Jace says:

    Candy is a ragecandybar in the us game

  3. Mandingo says:

    if you go in the house south-east of the iced lake, you can find a Team Rocket member, talk to his wife and she’ll give you a “candy” (sorry but i’m playing the italian version of the game and i don’t know the english name of this object…).

    Then if you go north and pss under the bridge you can find a Pokémon Ranger (Cubchoo lv 34; Palpitoad lv 34 and Maractus lv 34), after beating him go north and you can find an item for Poison Pokémon, if you go north- east from tha Ranger you can find MT90, for Poison Pokémon.

    Sorry for my english and thank you very much for this guide!
    I also used your site for Dragon Quest IX and Golden Sun! 🙂

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