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Posted on Apr 30, 2011

Pokemon Black and White Guide: Lacunosa Town to Giant Chasm Legendary Pokemon Kyurem

Go to Opelucid City and head east to

Route 11

backpacker talon Ranger Thalla Backpacker Corin
croagunk lvl 65(poi/fight) Rapidash lvl 64 (fir) Snover lvl 65 (ice)
Cacturne lvl 64 (grs/dark)
Mantine lvl 64 (wtr/fly)

Fight Backpacker Talon and take a hyper potion that located nearby. Continue east and fight Ranger Thalla. You don’t need to enter the car because there is nothing inside, so continue east and fight Backpacker Corin. Go east past through the gate and you’ll arrive at

Village Bridge

School kid serena Baker chris Scientist Shannon
zubat lvl 60 (poi/fly) Combee lvl 64 (bug/fly) Amoonguss lvl 62 (grs/poi)
slugma lvl 60 (fir) Ekans lvl 62 (poi)
Doduo lvl 60 (fly) Grimer lvl 62 (poi)
Poochyena lvl 60 (nor) Ursaring lvl 64 (nor) Seviper lvl 62 (poi)
Nosepass lvl 60 (rock)
Electrike lvl 60 (elec)

From the entrance go south, you’ll arrive at wild grass area. Follow the path and fight with Schoolkid Serena. After winning the battle, backtrack to the middle and head east to the village bridge. You don’t need to enter 3 first house because there are nothing inside. Continue east until you arrive at another set of the houses.

Leftmost house: Hip waders club. Join and you’ll be instructed to catch a certain water type Pokemon.

Middle house: not sure about this one. You’ll see a girl with a lot of Patrat; she’ll run away (maybe it’ll trigger some event in the future).

Rightmost house: Talk to the girl to recover your Pokemon.

Go east and then south to fight with the Baker Chris in front of the car. You can become waiter by talk to the Baker Chris again. Go west to the north to the grassy area.

TIPS: Train your Pokémon In darker grass because there are many high level Pokemon over there (about lvl 57-60).

Backtrack and then head east to

Route 12

backers fey and sue Breeder Ethel School kid Jem Breeder eustace
swoobat lvl 65 (poi/fly) Shuppet lvl 61 (Ghost) weedle lvl 63(bug/poi) Makuhita lvl 63 (fight)
Snorunt lvl 61 (Ice) Beedrill lvl 63 (bug/poi) Riolu lvl 63 (fight)
Phanpy lvl 61 (grd) Kakuna lvl 63 (bug/poi) Tyrogue lvl 63 (fight)
swoobat lvl 65 (poi/fly) Skitty lvl 61 (nor)
Cacnea lvl 61 (grs)

Take a full heal near the entrance. This route is just a huge square, so  just explore it a bit and fight every trainer you see. There is a TM 53 Energy ball near Breeder Ethel. There is also a revive north of Breeder Eustace. Continue east to

Lacunosa Town

There is no one in the house if you come here on the daytime. There is nothing important in this town (CMIIW) except for Pokemon center and Kyurem’s information (talk to the old man on the northeastern part of this town). Continue east to

Route 13

Lass Fey youngster Astor artist zach fisherman Jones
Buneary lvl 63 (nor) Nincada lvl 63 (bug/grd) Camerupt lvl 65 (grd/fir) Tentacool lvl 63(wtr/poi)
Snubbull lvl 63 (nor) Mothim lvl 63 (bug/fly) Qwilfish lvl 63 (wtr/poi)
Shroomish lvl 63 (grs) Metapod lvl 63 (bug) Tentacruel lvl 63 (wtr/poi)

Cut the tree south of Lass fey to obtain a max ether. Go south and fight youngster Astor. Continue south and take a razor claw at the end of the path (talk to the old man on the bridge to fight artist Zach).

Tips: you’ll see a wingull on the bridge that leads you to a razor claw. Talk to the woman and she’ll  ask you to find 3 grams.

Go south and take gram 2 from at the end of the path (it’s on the same spot where you found a razor claw) . Backtrack and go west to the lower level (beach area), head east and fight Fisherman Jones. Continue east and talk to the old man to obtain gram 1.

Tips:  use surf and then head north, take prism scale and go upstairs. You can use strength to push the boulder on the west to make a shortcut that leads to the beginning of this route. Continue north to

Giant Chasm

Items (inside cave): star piece x2, comet shard

Enter the cave and head west, push the boulder to the hole and take a star piece. Go north and keep following the path and make sure you take other items that you see along the way. Follow the path and go the lowest floor in this area and go outside.

Items (outside): max elixir, max potion, Tm 13 Ice beam, revive, full heal, and TM 03 psyshock, and max revive

Take a max elixir on your left and continue north and take a max potion. Jump down through the nearby ledge. Explore the area a little bit (you should find a revive on the north and a carbos on the south). Go east and take TM 13 Ice beam before you jump through the ledge nearby.  Take a full heal nearby and go south (follow the path) and take TM 03 psyshock.

Go south and follow the path to the northwest (take a max revive along the path). Now go west and keep following the path to the middle of this area. Remember to save your game before you reach the post on the screenshot above. Now go northeast cave and enter the cave. Talk to Kyurem and

Legendary Pokemon: Kyurem

it’s very hard to catch Kyurem because your Pokemon’s level probably lower than Kyurem’s level (it’s at lvl 75). It also has endeavor which will lower your Pokemon’s HP to the same as his HP, it’s hard because you need to lower his HP to catch it. My suggestion is to use Master ball against Kyurem. But if you have used it, then use “sleep” when you’re trying to catch it because it’s very hard if it’s on awake state (Endeavor).

— Backtrack to the point where you surfed to the north–

Fisherman Mick Parasol lady Laura Fisherman Vince
magikarp lvl 60 Surskit lvl 63 Krabby lvl 64 (wtr)
magikarp lvl 60
magikarp lvl 60 Seaking lvl 63
magikarp lvl 60 Octillery lvl 64
magikarp lvl 60 Goldeen lvl 63
magikarp lvl 60

Go south and fight all trainers along your path. Go west after you have fought Parasol Lady laura, talk to the man in black to obtain a random treasure (he’ll give you one treasure everyday, so you can come here to talk with him to obtain a treasure chest).

Tips: Enter the house that located northeast of the man in black. The old man can teach your starter Pokémon a good move (Special attack with 150 power but you need to rest on the next turn).

Twins Emy & Lyn Gentleman Yan Socialite Marian
Plusle lvl 64 (elec) Farfetch’d lvl 64 (fly) Kricketot lvl 64
Minun lvl 64 (elec) Granbull lvl 64 (nor) Chimeco lvl 64 (psy)

Talk to the parasol lady near the MIB to obtain gram 3 (Go back to the wingull lady to obtain TM 89 U-turn). Continue south and head west when you see a branching path. Follow the path and then push the boulder by using “strength” and take TM 29 Psychic. Backtrack and head east, use cut at the tree to obtain an electirizer. Continue east and follow the path until you arrive at Undella Town.

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  1. Kathleen Boorman says:

    Its ranger Thalia, not thalla

    Also, Poochyena is a dark-type and snover is ice and grass type pokemon

    • Kathleen Boorman says:

      And who do you get back in when you jumped off the ledge?

      • Felix Felixis says:

        This proves that the small cave where Kyurem is challangable is One Time visit, as the snow won’t cover up again and the cave is blocked by a legde after Kyurem is caught.

        The Only way to re-enter the cave if you accidentally defeated kyurem(OOoOopppsss….:s) is by defeating the elite 4(again). This way Kyurem will reapear in the cave, allowing the snowy giant chasm event to be triggered again. I’m not sure about This as i never tried to do that, please ask the internet (I’m lazy)

        Oh, and ledge can’t be reclimbed. You must go spinning around the Giant Chasm to get back there(and its confusing!!! LOL)

  2. ben says:

    once on a pokemon white 2 game i caught kyurem with a poke-ball

  3. dennis says:

    the patrad girl = for event, on a brige.
    when you talk to her, you must follow the 4 patrad’s to a random item

  4. Jon says:

    Ok just thought i would let you know that ditto is fairly common in thee grass in the foggy area

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