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Pokemon Black and White Guide [NDS]: 1st Badge Striaton City

Enter your character name and see a cutscene. Check the gift box; you can choose 1 of 3 pokemon available.

  • Tepig : fire pokemon
  • Oshawott: water pokemon
  • Snivy: grass pokemon

I choose Tepig in this playthrough. You will fight with your friend now. First battle is against your female friend; she will pick a pokemon that weak against your pokemon {e.g. I choose Tepig (fire), she will pick Snivy (grass) as her partner}.

Just use “tackle” in this battle (win or lose depends on luck, but if you pick Tepig you probably win because he has  the highest strength of all 3 Pokemon). After the battle has finished, your Pokemon will be healed. You will enter another battle against your male friend (he use Pokemon that strong against your Pokemon, but it isn’t a problem because the Pokemon haven’t learn elemental move). If you win both of the battles your Pokemon should level up to level 6.

Go downstairs and your mom will give you Xtransceiver .Get out from your house. Go inside southwest house of the town and you should see an event (Branca’s house). Go to the big house on on the northwest of town, talk to your frineds and go inside.

Talk with Prof. Araragi and she will give you the Pokedex. Get out and you will also obtain Town Map from your mother.

Route 1 (Nuvema Town to Accumula town)

wild Pokemon (day) wild pokemon (night)

Follow your friends to the north and you will see a tutorial that shows you how to catch a Pokemon. You will get 5 pokeballs, continue north and then talk to a girl  in point (1), move forward until you see your friends and say yes when you are being asked.

Karakusa Town

Go to the Pokemon center by talking to Prof. Juniper at the entrance. Heal your Pokemon inside and see an explanation about PC. Get out from Pokemon center and then you should see an event in the plaza about Team Plasma. After an event you will battle with

Pokémon Trainer N

  • Purrloin lvl 7: Normal type pokemon. It is very easy unless you are under leveled (level 5). Use tackle or any attack and you will win easily.

Go north and you should be able to see 2 house, enter the left one and then go upstairs. Talk to the man on this floor and he will give you a free pokeball.Get out from the house and then head west pass through the gate.

Route 2 (Accumula Town to Striaton City)

wild Pokemon (day) wild pokemon (night)

T1= Youngster (miss the name 🙁 ;leave a comment please :D)
(-) Patrat lvl 7

T2= Lass Mali
(-) Purrloin lvl 7

T3= youngster roland
(-) Lillipup lvl 7

As soon as  you progress west, you will meet with your mother (1). She will give you a running shoes. Continue north and take a potion from treasure ball. You can talk to a man in point (2) to learn about “jumping ledge” as a shortcut (red line in my map indicates a ledge, shorter line indicates lower platform. E.X: You can jump from north to the south by using ledge near point (3) ).

There is a tree which can be cut in point (3), but ignore it right now because your Pokemon don’t have the move yet. Take 2 treasure ball in the east and prepare before you continue to point (4) in my map.

Tips: Make sure your pokemon’s level is about at level 8-10. I suggest you to have more than one Pokemon.

Rival Battle: Branca
(-) Lillipup lvl 6
(-) “weak” starter (Snivy) lvl 7

This battle shouldn’t cause you a trouble if your starter pokemon have reached about level 8-10, because they have already learn an elemental move. Use that move to kill her starter easily.

Continue north to

Striaton City

As you enter the town, go right to the first building that you see. Talk to black haired woman and she will give you a great ball. Go north and talk to the old man who standing in front of the building (it’s a gym; right of the pokemon center). He will tel you that the gym leader went to the trainer’s school. So, go to the trainer’s school (left of the pokemon center). Go north and talk to Cheren near the blackboard. Answer with “yes” when you’re ready

Tips: Don’t put your starter pokemon on the first order because he will start with his starter pokemon which has a elemental advantage against your main pokemon.

(-) “Strong” starter level 8
(-) Purrloin level 8 (Normal type)

He will give you Oran berries after you win the battle. Talk to the man on the left and he will give you a quiz (The answers: Antidote, awakening), you will get a full heal if you manage to answer it correctly. Get out from the building but don’t go to the pokemon gym yet. Go east to


T1: Lass Eri
(-) Purrloin level 8 (normal type)
(-) Purrloin level 8 (normal type)

T2: Youngster Joey
(-) Patrat level 7 (normal type)
(-) Patrat level 7 (normal type)
(-) Lillipup level 7 (normal type)

Talk to the man at the end of this path and he will give you a new pokemon. It depends on your first pokemon, you will get a pokemon that weak against your starter (I obtain Pansage, a grass type pokemon because I Choose Tepig as my starter). Take a X defend and then go back to Striaton City. Heal your pokemon and then head to the gym

Striaton Gym

You will be given fresh water when you enter this gym. To proceed in this gym you need to stand on the platform that strong against the element shown at the large curtain.

1st curtain (step on Water)

Waiter Maxwell
(-) Lillipup level 11(normal type)

2nd curtain (step on leaf)

Waitress Tia
(-) Patrat level 10 (normal type)
(-) Purrloin level 10 (normal type)

3rd curtain (step on fire)

Gym leader: cress
(-) Lillipup level 12 (normal type)
(-) panpour level 14 (normal type)

You can beat him easily if you have already obtained a monkey pokemon from the dream yard. Use your starter to kill his first pokemon and then switch to the monkey pokemon. Use your monkey’s elemental move against his monkey 😀 and you should defeat him in no time.

After the battle you will obtain TM83 Work Up (it can increases your attack and special attack status). You can use TM as many times as you want it (unlike previous version). Congratulation you just obtained your first gym badge.

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