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Posted on Apr 4, 2011

Pokemon Black and White Guide: Pokemon League to N’s Castle

Get out from the gym and you’ll meet with Prof. Juniper. She will give you a Master Ball. Go north to

Route 10

Battle girl Amy ace trainer johan veteran ace trainer Chyenna veteran chester
scrafty lvl 39 (dark/fight) fraxure lvl 39 (drg) Maractus lvl 39 (grs) sawsbuck lvl 40 (nor/grs) beartic lvl 39 (ice)
Mienfoo lvl 39 (fight) accelgor lvl 39 cryogonal lvl 40 (ice) Jellicent lvl 40 (wtr/gho) Seismitoad lvl 39 (wtr/grd)
Eelektrik lvl 39 Alomomola lvl 39 (wtr) excavalier lvl 40

Fight battle girl amy, take full heal (leftmost poke ball, the other 2 are  fungus level 30). Go east to the upper level, fight ace trainer Johan and Veteran. Continue east a bit and Cheren will challenge you into a Pokemon battle.

unfezant lvl 43 (fly)
Simisear lvl 43(fir)
Samurott lvl 45 (wtr)
Liepard lvl 43 (nor)

The only Pokemon that challenging is Samurott. it has high attack status and I don’t have an electric type Pokemon (I hope you have :D).

After the battle, Cheren will heal your Pokemon and Bianca will give you a full restore. Continue east to fight ace trainer Chyenna and take a full restore south of her location. Continue northeast and fight veteran chester.

Go north to a badge checker, you only need to move north from here. There is only a straight path in this area (only one puzzle; icy area and it’s easy)

Victory road

ace trainer Shanta ace trainer dwayne black belt tyrone veteran tiffany
whinsicott lvl 45 Stoutland lvl 45 (nor) scrafty lvl 43 (dark/fight) beheeyem lvl 44
zebstrika lvl 45 (elec) Scolipede lvl 45 (bug) mienfoo lvl 43 (fight) heatmor lvl 44 (fir)
conkeldurr lvl 43 (fight) Lilligant lvl 45 (grs)

Go north and east to the upper level.


Fight ace trainer Shanta and then head south to the outside of this area. You’ll see a man performs a slide down. So go right and slide down the cliff.


Continue right and enter the cave nearby. You can’t get the treasure on this area because you don’t have surf yet (REMEMBER to return to this PLACE later). Continue west to the upper floor


You can go south to escape quickly, go north to the upper floor.


Fight ace trainer Dwayne and head outside. Go left and you will see 2 caves,

Middle cave: Veteran tiffany and to 4f to fight ace trainer cathy, go outside to take a full restore.

Left cave: fight black belt Tyrone and go upstairs


Fight the doctor Logan and continue west. If you have Pokemon that know “strength” then you can push the boulder in order to create a shortcut. Go upstairs


Go south to the outside and slide down the cliff. Enter the left cave and take a calcium (near Doctor Logan’s spot).

PS: You can go left and then slide down when you have reached a dead end in this floor to obtain an ultra ball on the lowest level of this area (I don’t recommend it though because ultra ball is cheap anyway and you can get this quickly later).

Backtrack to the entrance at 5f and head north to the upper floor.

ace trainer cathy doctor logan ace trainer david veteran martell
simisage lvl 44 (grs) gothorita lvl 43 (gho) klang lvl 44 (metal/elec) gigalith lvl 45 (rock)
simipour lvl 44 (wtr) leavanny lvl 43 (grs/bug) Darmanitan lvl 44 (fir) eelektross lvl 46
simisear lvl 44 (fir) seismitoad lvl 44 (wtr/grd)


Fight ace trainer david, take the left exit first to obtain a full heal. Backtrack and take the right exit now. Slide down from the right side of the cliff.


Enter the cave and go north to fight veteran Martell. Go north to the highest floor


You can go down by using the left stairs to create a shortcut. Go south to the outside. A ranger will tell you that there is an item below. But don’t go there yet, head north so you arrive at

Pokemon League

Once you arrive here, back to previous area (victory road 7f) to obtain an ultra ball that mentioned earlier. Fly back to Pokemon league and then return to victory road 7f again. Slide down by using the right spot of the ranger, and take nugget. Go inside the cave and walk north (you can obtain max revive and max potion by checking the stone in this area). Just continue following the path and you will get TM 02 dragon claw.

Buy a lot of healing items (hyper potions, revive, full heal, etc) and a lot of ultra balls, heal your Pokemon and then head north to talk with the guard to challenge elite four.

West (elite four Shauntal => ghost)

Use dark type to defeat her

  • Cofragius lvl 48 (ghost)
    moveset: will o’ wisp, grass knot, psychic, shadow ball
  • Jellicent lvl 48 (wtr/gho)
    moveset: energy ball, brine, surf, shadow ball
    it’s also weak to thunder and grass. So use it if you don’t have dark type attack. It has “cursed body” ability which will disabled the first move you use on it, so use weak move first to counter this ability.
  • Golurk lvl 48 (grd/gho)
    moveset: curse, earthquake, brick break, shadow punch
    I kill him by using an earthquake from my excadrill, but you can use water type move since it’s a ground type pokemon.
  • Chandelure lvl 50 (fir/gho)
    moveset: payback, fire blast, psychic, shadow ball
    use a ground/water type to kill it easily.

Northwest (elite four Grimsley => dark)

  • Scrafty lvl 48 (dark/fight)
    moveset: crunch, brick break, poison jab, sand-attack
    use fight type move to kill it easily
  • Liepard lvl 48 (dark)
    Moveset: night slash, fake out, aerial ace, attract
    you usually encounters this pokemon so I think you don’t have any problem against this one
  • Krokodile lvl 48 (grd/dark)
    moveset: crunch, dragon claw, earthquake, foul play
    use water type move if you have but one hit earthquake from my excadrill end this battle (critical hit though :D)
  • Bisharp lvl 50 (dark/steel)
    moveset: night slash, x-scissors, metal claw, aerial ace
    use ground type to kill this one quickly. It’s dangerous because of his high attack status.

Northeast (elite four Caitlin =>psy)

I used brute force in this battle (excadrill with sword dance combo), if you have excadrill then use it because it’s strong against psychic type.

  • Reuniclus lvl 48 (psy)
    moveset: psychic, energy ball, focus blast, thunder
    it has thunder which kill my unfezant…… Dark type is the best to use in this match ( I don’t use Emboar’s dark because it has fight type which is weak against psychic)
  • Musharna lvl 48 (psy)
    moveset: psychic, shadow ball, charge beam, reflect
  • Sigilyph lvl 48 (fly/psy)
    moveset: psychic, shadow ball, ice beam, air slash
    you can exploit its weakness against thunder, ice, rock, etc.
  • Gothitelle lvl 50 (psy)
    moveset: psychic, shadow ball, thunderbolt, calm mind

East (elite four Marshall=> fight)

All of his Pokémon are pure fight type but be careful when you’re using flying type since all of them can use rock type move.

  • Throh lvl 48 (fight)
    moveset: storm throw, bulldoze, stone edge, payback
  • Sawk lvl 48 (fight)
    moveset: karate chop, grass knot, stone edge, retaliate
  • Conkeldurr lvl 48 (fight)
    Moveset: hammer arm, grass knot, stone edge, retaliate
  • Mienshao lvl 50 (fight)
    moveset: jump kick, u-turn, rock slide, retaliate

N castle


See a cut scene and then go west to the upper floor


Middle room: you can heal your Pokémon
Right room: There is a max potion


Middle room: There is a max revive


Left room (N’s playing ground): rare candy
Middle room: Full restore


Go north to meet Pokemon Trainer N. See a cut scene, and talk to Zekrom/Reshiram (depends on your version) and fight it. You need to catch it to end this event (use master ball if you feel too lazy to catch it normally which is not recommended because there is still a better use for that ball; I use about 8-10 ball to catch Zekrom).

After you catch it talk to N (he will heal your Pokemon so no need to worry about your Pokemon’s health when battling with Zekrom/reshiram).

Pokemon Trainer N

  • Zekrom/ Reshiram level 52
    It’s easy because it will use its trademark move (fusion bolt/fusion flame) which is not effective against dragon type. So, just use dragon breath to deals more damage.
  • vanilluxe lvl 50 (ice)
    it’s very easy, just use fire type move against him and you’ll defeat it easily.
  • Carracosta level 50 (wtr/rock)
    use thunder type to kill this one. If you play white version you can use Zekrom’s fusion bolt
  • Archeops lvl 50 (fly/rock)
    You can apply the same strategy againt carracosta, you can also ice type since it’s flying type.
  • Klinklang lvl 50
    High defense. make sure you have fire type to kill this thing easily.
  • Zoroark lvl 52
    Can become another Pokemon but it’s still weak against fight type move.

After you have defeated him. Ghetsis will challenge you (don’t worry because all of your Pokemon has been recovered).


This one is tougher than N.

  • Cofragius lvl 52 (gho)
    moveset: Psychic, toxic, protect, shadow ball
    This one is really annoying, toxic +protect combo is quite deadly. Kill it quickly on the beginning of the battle.
  • Bisharp level 52 (dark/steel)
    moveset: nightslash, stone edge, x-scissors, metal burst
    you already fought one before. So just use the same strategy like before.
  • Buoffalant lvl 52 (nor)
    moveset: Afro break, earthquake, wild bolt, poison jab
    has high atttack status, It can cause you a lot of trouble if you don’t have fight type move to kill it quickly.
  • Seismitoad lvl 52 (wtr/grd)
    moveset: Earthquake, Muddy Water, Slime Wave, Rain Dance
    It probably uses rain dance at the beginning of the battle, so one free hit for you.
  • Eelektross lvl 52 (elec)
    moveset: Wild Bolt, Acrobatics, Flamethrower, Crunch
    A strong electric Pokemon. (I use zekrom,  since my excadrill died and I mis-select zekrom to be revived)
  • Hydreigon lvl 54 (drg/dark)
    moveset:Dragon Pulse, Fire Blast, Surf, Focus Blast
    this one is very hard. Don’t use ice tpokemon, since it can kill ice type Pokemon with its fire blast. I suggest you to use your zekrom/reshiram to fight this one (use hyper potion when needed). Once you can kill this one you practically win the battle because the ghetsis’s other pokemon are not that dangerous.


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18 Responses to “Pokemon Black and White Guide: Pokemon League to N’s Castle”

  1. Allele says:

    Thank you!
    Apparently I only used my Samurott at level 69 to fight them..
    Feel so proud haha

  2. Kathleen Boorman says:

    How do you think of my pokemon?


  3. DING DONG says:

    Versing the elite four in Unova was a piece of cake.Or maybe it was because of my Pokemon,because to be honest I had pretty good Pokemon.Here they are:
    Hydregion lvl 77
    Vanilluxe lvl 74
    Archeops lvl 72
    Serperior lvl 67
    Volcarona lvl 61
    Mienshao lvl 58

    Please tell me what u think of my Pokemon.If u think u have better Pokemon than me,please reply.

    • Kaiweng says:

      Instead of Mienshao, you should use Krookodile. He’s dark and ground. Teach him crunch (takes care of almost half of elite four without getting hit, if you tarined him correctly), earthquake (no ground type should be without this move), stone edge (for hitting flying types), and a move of your choice.

    • thomaspaul11 says:

      i had 50 reshiram 100 watchog 100 serperior 100 stoutland 100 simipour yes its only 5 but i couldve done it with out reshiram

  4. Jay says:

    I found the strategies to be okay.Ghetsis was a little bit hard,but I managed to take him down with these Pokemon.
    Samurott lvl 71
    Hydregion lvl 69
    Gigalith lvl 67
    Conkelldurr lvl 61
    Blitzle lvl 58
    Haxorus lvl 58

    Tell me what u think.

  5. Kirara says:

    I defeated the elite 4
    69 Serperior
    23 deerling
    31 Zebstrike
    40 Unfezant
    30 Boldore
    25 Liepard

    and for N, and Ghetsis
    I used Zekrom instead of the deerling

    I did however have to use 12 revives,3 fresh water 14 moo moomilk and 1 ether (for the last elite 4)

  6. seabass says:

    it seems that ur overall strategy is lacking. I’ve watched your videos and it seems every time your given a chance to do some real damage and knock out a Pokemon in one move u don’t and chose to go the tougher route. Don’t forget ur type advantages!

  7. DJ says:

    For Shauntal’s Jellicent, its Cursed Body ability only activates when you use a physical attack against it( which might have happened since you used a Excadrill (a strong physical attacker), so using Special attackers like Eelektross might work.

  8. CJ says:

    I have a
    Durant-lvl 42
    Unfezant-lvl 41
    Gurdurr-lvl 44
    Emboar-lvl 57
    druddigon-lvl 42
    Beheeyem-lvl 42
    do i have a chance of winning if not tell me which pokemon to get and what lvl to get them to!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      hmm, your POkemon’s level is too low (except for emboar). You probably face difficult time against elite 4. try to raise Druddigon nad other pokemon’s level up to 50. then you should be fine.

      • Chris says:

        I’m Saying get rid of durant and choose maybe a grass type like petlil or whimsicott petlil is better in my opinon and trade with someone to get that gurdurr evolved hope this helps

  9. Ben says:

    eelektross has the ability levitate, therefore it can’t be hit by ground type attacks.

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