Posted on Mar 13, 2011

Pokemon Black and White Guide

Pokemon Black and White Guide

Release : 6 march 2011 (NDS)

Platform: NDS

Developer : Game Freak

Publisher: Nintendo

Genre: RPG

This guide based on White version and I chose Tepig as my starter pokemon :D. So you may find a minor difference in my guide. Please tell me about the difference so I can add them in my guide. Please help me to fill the list on each chapter about wild Pokemon location by leaving a comment.

Main Menu

1. 1st Gym Badge (Nuvema town=>Accumula town=> Striaton City)
2. 2nd Gym Badge (Route 3 – Wellspring Cave – Nacrene Town)
3. 3rd Gym Badge (Pinwheel Forest-Skyarrow bridge-Castelia City)
4. 4th gym badge (Route 4-relic castle-Nimbasa city)
5. 5th Gym badge (Route 5- Driftveil city-Cold storage)
6. 6th gym badge (Route 6-chargestone cave-Route 7- Celestia Tower-Mistralton City)
7. 7th Gym Badge (Twist Mountain- Icirrus City)
8. 8th Gym Badge (Dragonspiral tower-Relic castle-Nacrene town-Opelucid city)
9. Pokemon League (victory road-elite 4-N’s castle)

Post Game Guide:

1. Lacunosa Town to Giant Chasm (Catch Legendary Pokemon : Kyurem)

This guide is copyright of Noobbgodlike, 2011.

Pokemon Black is Copyright of Nintendo, Game Freak 2011
Pokemon White is Copyright of Nintendo, Game Freak 2011


If you like my guide please support me by:

1. Tell your friend about this guide if he/she play the same game, so my work can help more people. ( e.g:Use twitter or facebook) because  I spend a lot of time creating this guide so the more people know and use my guide the happier I become 🙂 .

2. If you find that I miss something feel free to tell it to me by leaving comment or send me email. If you give a really useful tips via comment or email i will give you credit for that tips.

3. Give feedback  to my email (give tips about how I should write review or guide, etc).

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117 Responses to “Pokemon Black and White Guide”

  1. Pokemoner says:

    Noob I’m not sure if you’ll have an answer for my question but I was ev training a talon flame and I was investing in attack so I looked at serebii and it said to battle cubchoo hordes but when it did my speed stat went up and not my attack any idea what is happening

  2. pokemoner says:

    noob do you play x or y

      • pokemoner says:

        whats your friend code

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Hmm, my 3ds is not on my place at this moment, and I only reach 2nd gym then got bored, lol :D. I have played Pokemon since red version on gameboy, getting tired and bored recently XD. Maybe will continue again later.

        • pokemoner says:

          o okay i was just wondering because i thought it would be really cool to have a new battling buddy nd i am really desperate for more friend safaris

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Haha, try to search gamefaqs or other forums.

      • Glitchfinder says:

        If you get bored with the game, just telling u it gets way better once you get to the fith gym. Also you might want to get an espeon or meowstic before the 5th gym, psychic types are almost essential from that point, or you might want a talonflame, you encounter quite a few powerful dark, fighting, and fire type pokemon after the 5th gym.

  3. pokemoner says:

    my friend code is 4296-3651-9437

  4. Nuffles says:

    Meh friend code! 2109-0582-7211

  5. poucheman says:

    I have a level 100 of every rare monster from the previous games Ive played. B)

  6. Felix Felixis says:

    When will you post the pokemon black and white 2 guide?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I won’t XD but I will make for pokemon x and y. Just wait on October.

      • Felix Felixis says:

        Too bad XD, the game’s actually good. I’ve played the game(Black2) and now a have an about lv87 Full party.

        If you change your mind, I can help your guide

        • noobbgodlike says:

          No, I won’t change my mind :D. But I am pretty sure about Pokemon X and Y, they looks so amazing so I will make the guide better on that game than what I did on this guide :D.

  7. CORVUS says:

    who can beat this
    shiny charizard
    lv.100 palkia
    lv.100 arceus
    lv.100 emboar
    lv.100 crobat
    lv.100 lugia

    • slimelord99 says:

      sorry buddy…but emboar sucks, and legendaries does not mean autowin. however, i do like that you put crobat in, mad props on crobat.

    • poucheman says:

      I have lvl:

      100 Giratina
      100 Arceus
      100 Groudon
      100 Mewtwo
      100 Kyurem (shiny)
      100 Genesect
      And that’s only my party

  8. Cool dude says:

    Do you have Pokemon Diamond or Pearl, I do. Already beaten the Elite four and champion. But the game gets kinda boring after that, nothing to do except wonder around trying to catch different Pokemon.

  9. Cool dude says:

    Sorry, I don’t mean to insult you or your guide, but I’ve noticed that no one except me and you have left any comments on the main page lately.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      LOL, yeah it’s not an insult. The game like Pokemon and other console RPG are bound to be left as the time goes on. DIfferent with mobile game, that’s why I switch into making Iphone(mobile devices) guide, since they will help others much longer :D.

  10. Cool dude says:

    How many Legendary’s are mentioned in this guide?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      TAT I already forgot, I recommend you to use gamefaqs after you have finished the guide.

      • Cool dude says:

        I was asking because I know about some. Volcarona, Cobalion, Virizion, Zoruark, Zorua and Larvesta. Most of them can only be caught after you complete the main story of the game.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          yup, But I don’t make them on this guide XD. The guide only covers of main game.

        • Cool dude says:

          Okay then. Thanks for the guide all the same.

        • oOMisteryOO says:

          You Forgot “Victin”

        • Viper says:

          How about meloetta?!
          Date: 3/27/2013

        • Felix Felixis says:

          OK, i’m going to explain everything.

          The legendary pokemon’s that can be catched in this game is Vizirion, Cobalion, Terakion, Reshiram/Zekrom, Kyurem, Tornadus/Thundurus (I’m not sure about this one’s name), and Landorus.
          Zorua, Zoroark, and Larvesta aren’t legendary, they are just hard to obtain, that’s all.
          Meanwhile, Genesect, Meloetta, Victini, and Kedleo are also legendary, but they can only be obtained by wi-fi event. Other way is by Cheating or Hacking

        • Felix Felixis says:

          Oh, one thing, Volcarnoa isn’t a legendary,HahahahahahahaaaaaXD

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