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Posted on Mar 13, 2011

Pokemon Black and White Walkthrough: 2nd Badge Nacrene City

Get out from the gym and you will meet with Fenele. She will give you HM 01 (cut) and ask you to go to dreamyard once more times to obtain a dream mist. Go to


wild Pokemon (day) wild pokemon (night)

cut the tree which blocked your path (see previous map; (1)). Branca will come and talk to you, follow her and see an event.

Team plasma grunt
(-) patrat level 10 (normal type)

Team plasma Grunt 2
(-) Purrloin level 10 (normal type)

After the battle see a cutscene, don’t return to Fenele’s house yet.Follow where Munna left and take Pokeball on the ground. Backtrack to Branca’s spot and then head east to the upper floor (there is a Parlyz heal south of the stairs). There are 2 items in the upper floor; Repel on the eastern side and potion on the western side. Go back to Striaton city.

Go to a narrow path behind Fenele’s house and then talk to the old man over there to obtain a dusk ball. Go to Fenele’s house and go upstairs, see a cutscene and you will get a pal pad.

Go west and keep following the path to

Route 3 (Striaton City to Nacrene Town)

wild Pokemon (day) wild pokemon (night)

T1= Twins Kumy Amy
(-) Purrloin level 10
(-) Purrloin level 10

It’s your first double battle; you use 2 Pokémon against 2 Pokémon’s at the same time. Focus against one pokemon first.

T2= Nursery Aide Autumn
(-) Lillipup level 10 (normal)
(-) munna level 10 (psychic)

If you have Lillipup and it has already learn “bite’ then use it because it’s super effective.

T3= Preschooler Tully T4= Preschooler Wendy T5= Preschooler Doyle
Pansage level 10 (grass) Pansear level 10 (fire) Panpour level 10 (water)

You need to talk with T5 to initiate the pokemon battle. House at point (1) is a daycare center, You can leave your pokemon over there and they will level up eventually. House at point (2) is a school, talk to the teacher to heal your Pokemon. Move west to point (3) and you will meet with

(-) Oshawott level 14 (water)
(-) Purrloin level 12 (normal)

Use your monkey Pokemon to defeat his starter easily (use elemental move). His Purrloin can use Water gun when he fought me (I used Tepig), so I don’t know if he can do another elemental move against your starter.

Continue west to point (4) and you will see a cutscene. Don’t go inside the wellspring cave yet, take Repel on the east side and fight with

T6= Breeder Adelaide
(-) patrat level 9 (normal)
(-) Lillipup level 9 (normal)
(-) Pidove level 9 (flying)

After beating her, heal your pokemon in the school if they are in a bad condition. Enter the wellspring cave and talk to team plasma.

Team Plasma Grunt
(-) Patrat level 12 (normal)

Team Plasma Grunt and Team Plasma Grunt
(-) Patrat level 12
(-) Patrat level 12

Your first Team Battle, it’s same as double battle but you can’t control your friend’s pokemon. Backtrack to Branca’s spot and then talk to her and the little girl. She will give you a heal ball.

wild Pokemon (day) wild pokemon (night)

After beating them don’t go out yet, go west and follow the path to obtain TM 46 (thief) and then jump down through the ledge. Go back to point (3) and talk to Branca. You will obtain a heal ball from the little girl you just helped.

T7=School kid Al T8=School kid Marsha T9= School kid Gina T10= School kid Ergar
Blitzle lvl 13 (elec) Woobat lvl 13 (psych/flying) patrat lvl 12 (normal) Pidove lvl 12 (flying/normal)
============== ================= Purrloin lvl 12 (normal) Roggenrola lvl 12 (rock)

Go south and take all items that shown in my map. There is a tall grass area right of  T8 trainer; there is a chance that you will do a double battle while walking in this grass, so be careful with your Pokemon composition (Upper left and right pokemon that listed in your Pokemon list will fight the battle). Continue and enter the gate; you can do a kind of personality test by talking to the boy inside this gate. Move west to

Nacrene town

Place of interest:

  • House right of the pokemon center: Talk to the lady in 2F, she will ask you to trade Petilil for Cottonee
  • Warehouse (left of the pokemon center): You can buy items that raises your Pokemon’s status in the battle.
  • House left of the warehouse : give you an item that strengthen your starter’s move (I get a Charcoal because I chose Tepig in the beginning)
  • Café (northwest part of this town): If you come to the café at Wednesday, talk to the lady beside the counter to obtain fresh soda.

Now go to the museum (it’s located on the north of this town), try to enter the museum and

Pokemon Trainer N
(-) Pidove lvl 13 (flying)
(-) Tympole lvl 13 (fight)
(-) Timburr lvl 13 (water)

Nothing special from his team, you should be able to defeat him easily because your pokemon’s level is higher than his. Go inside the museum and continue to the door at the back of this museum to

Nacrene Gym

You will be given fresh water upon entering in this gym. Talk to the little kid

School kid carter
(-) Patrat lvl 17 (normal)

He will tell you a hint about “nice to meet you” book, check the bookshelf north if this boy and you should find it.

Question 1: what’s the first pokemon you met in this gym?
Answer: Go north to the right and talk to the little girl. Read the green bookshelf that located left of the little girl; book of patrat).

Question 2: Flame burns inside its body and it gives off smoke from its head while it runs
answer: Go north and then talk to lady scientist

Scientist Satomi
(-) Herdier lvl 17

Read the book after you have defeated her and it will lead you to

Question 3: if you heat it up on the pot, it’ll be delicious. What is this?
Answer: Go to the first row of the bookshelf in this area and then check the green bookshelf on the rightside. It will lead you to

Question 4: From this bookshelf.. Move 2 backward, move one to the left, move two forward, move one to the right, and move one backward…
Answer: Go north and talk to the little girl (previous girl where you find ahint for question no 1)

School kid Lydia
(-) Lillipup lvl 15 (normal)
(-) Lillipup lvl 15 (normal)
(-) Lillipup lvl 15 (normal)

Read the book behind the place where she stood before; it will reveal a new path to the gym leader. Go downstairs and talk to Lenora when you’re ready

(-) Herdier lvl 18 (normal)
(-) Watchog lvl 20 (normal)

Herdier is easy but watchdog is a real pain. It can use hypnosis and retaliate; hypnosis put your pokemon into sleep status which make them very vulnerable. 2 “Retaliate” probably can kill your Pokémon, so it’s very bad to have a sleep pokemon. I suggest you to have a chesto berry held on your Pokémon that will fight Watchog. Normal type is weak against Fighting move type (I  am lucky to have Tepig as my starter). The old man at the entrance give you a hint that you can find a fighting type Pokémon in Pinwheel forest (will be covered on the next section, so I suggest you to level up or catch a new Pokémon if you have a hard time against him.

You will obtain TM 67 Retaliate. See an event and end of this chapter.

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