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Pokemon Black and White Walkthrough: 4th Badge Nimbasa City

Bianca will call you via X-transceiver. Go to the dance park and head north to

Street to route 4

Left building: You can go upstairs and meet with Mr.Lock, he’ll tell you to come back later.

Right building: go to 47F and talk to the little girl to learn TM 45 attract

Go to the gate and talk with Bianca to initiate the battle

Herdier lvl 18 (normal)
munna lvl 18 (psychic)
Servine (or other weak starter) lvl 20 (grass)
Panpour (or other “strong” monkey) lvl 20 (water)

She is very easy compared to your previous gym battle. Herdier is normal type pokemon, so use pokemon that you used against second gym (strong against normal; fighting move). Munna can be killed easily by using dark type move (bite,etc). Her starter shouldn’t cause you a problem because you have starter advantage against her.

Continue north to

T1= Fishman hubert T2=fishmen andrew T3=parasol lady april T4=worker gus
basculin lvl 19 (water) basculin lvl 16 (wtr) Tympole lvl 18 (wtr) Roggenrola lvl 17 (rock)
basculin lvl 16 (wtr) Tympole lvl 18 (wtr) Timburr lvl 17 (fight)
basculin lvl 16 (wtr) Roggenrola lvl 17 (rock)
basculin lvl 16 (wtr)

Route 4

Go north to point (1) to fight with

Pidove lvl 20 (fly)
Dewott (or other “strong” starter) lvl 20 (water)
Pansear (same element with your starter) lvl 20 (fir)
Liepard lvl 20 (normal)

The only pain in this battle is Dewott, his razor shell can deal a lot of damage. Other Pokemon are very easy to defeat because of the level’s difference (you must be about at level 25 at this point).

You can heal your pokemon freely by talk to the man inside the house (2). Just make sure you take all TM 28 dig on the northwest house (4). You can get a lot of exp by having a battle with 2 fisherman in point (3). I also suggest you to catch Sandile from this area. It’s strong against elec (next gym elemental weakness) and psychic because if its dark/ground type. It also can evolve to more powerful Pokemon at level 29.

You can go to Nimbasa city immediately or go to Desert resort and Relic castle (Optional)

T5= worker shelby T6=Backpacker Keana T7=backpaker jill T8=Backpacker waylon
Timburr lvl 19 (fight) Darumaka lvl 19 (fire) Petilil lvl 19 (grs) blitzle lvl 19 (elec)
T9=Backpacker Anna T10=worker scott T11= backpacker jerome T12= worker zack
Cottonee lvl 19 (grass) Roggenrola lvl 18 (rock) Pidove lvl 19 (normal/flying) Timburr lvl 19 (fight)

Desert Resort

Walk north from where you obtain black glasses and then talk to the man in black to obtain soft sand (strengthen ground type move which is useful for the next gym battle).

The wild pokemon is still the same as previous area except they are on higher level now. I suggest you to catch Sigilyph because it’s quite rare/hard to find.

T1=Doctor jerry T2=backpacker Kelsey T3= Backpacker liz T4=Psychic sybil
Solosis lvl 23 (psychic) Tranquil lvl 23 (fly) watchog lvl 23 (normal) Gothita lvl 24 (PSY)
T5=Psychic Gaven t6= Ranger mylene T7=ranger Jaden T8=Psychic low
Solosis lvl 23 (psychic) Ducklett lvl 24 (water/fly) darumaka lvlv 23 (fir) yamask lvl 22 (ghost)
woobat lvl 23 (psychic) blitzle lvl 23 (elec) Munna lvl 22 (psychic)
T9=Backpacker Nate T10= backpacker Elaine
dwabble lvl 23(bug/rock) Maractus lvl 23 (grs)

Ignore Relic castle 1 in my map cause it leads to a dead end. Enter the one which located on the northeast

Relic castle

T1=psychic perry T2=Psychic dua
sigilyph lvl 24 (psy/fly) woobat lvl 23 (psychic)

There are only 2 trainers in this dungeon. You can also find ghost type pokemon in this dungeon (Yamask). Don’t let your self get sucked by a quicksand. Move west and then talk to the girl who brings fossils. She will offer you one of the fossils.

Cover fossil will give you Tirtouga (water/rock pokemon)
Plume fossil will give you Archen (flying/rock pokemon)

Both of them can evolution into more powerful pokemon at level 37. You can’t go downstairs yet, backtrack a little and let yourself to be sucked by a quicksand. Below, take revive at the ground and then get out from this place. Go to

Nimbasa city

Prof. Juniper will give you an ultra ball when you talk to her at the gate. Continue to the city and see an event about an old man with team plasma

Team Plasma Grunt
Watchog lvl 18 (normal)
Trubbish lvl 18 (Poison)

The old man will give you a bicycle (register it by pressing “y’ at the items for quick access). Go right to the amusement park; see an event with

Pokemon trainer N
Sandile lvl 22 (grd/dark)
Scraggy lvl 22 (fight/dark)
Sigilyph lvl 22 (psy/fly)
Darumaka lvl 22 (fir)
easy.. all of your main pokemon should surpass his Pokemon level.

  • Northwest house of the pokemon center: Talk to the little boy at 1F to obtain Hm04 strength. Go upstairs and then talk to the grandma to obtain a soothe bell.
  • North of pokemon center: Go upstairs and then talk to blue haired lady to obtain sun stone.
  • Go to gate that located on the northeast of this town. Talk with karateka over there to obtain a macho brace.

Try to get out from this city through the west path and Bianca will come to you to take you to musical theatre. You will be given props upon your arrival, participate in one of the Pokémon musical (talk to the lady on the middle of the counter). Now talk to the old man on the middle of this room to obtain a toy fishing rod. Talk to the little girl on the northeast part of this room to obtain TM 49 Echoed voice.

Nimbasa gym

Talk to the old man to obtain fresh water. You need to ride the roller coaster in order to reach the gym leader.

Lady magnolia rich boy cody rich boy rolan Lady colette
emolga lvl 24(fly/elec) blitzle lvl 25 (elec) blitzle lvl 24 (elec) emolga lvl 25 (fly/elec)
emolga lvl 24(fly/elec) blitzle lvl 24 (elec)

1.       Ride the blue one first and then stop at the east platform. Fight lady magnolia over there and then press the switch nearby.

2.       Ride the same blue train and then stop at the next platform, walk forward and battle with rich boy Cody. Step on the switch to activate the yellow path. Try to use newly activated roller coaster and you will have a pokemon battle with Rich boy Rolan.

3.       Stop again on the next platform and step on the purple switch to activate orange trail. Fight Lady Colette

4.       Step on the roller coaster and you will arrive at the gym leader’s spot.

Warning: You can get out from this gym quickly (pokemon center) quickly by activating the red switch that located on the left of this platform. But you need to start again from the beginning when you re-enter this gym.

Gym leader Elesa
Emolga lvl 25 (elec/fly)
Emolga lvl 25 (elec/fly)
Zebstrika lvl 27 (elec)

Emolga are weak, you should have no problem even you have no rock/ice move (it’s not weak against ground and elec because of its type). Use your ground attack against zebstrika to kill them  quickly (I told you to train Sandile, right?). I suggest you not to use ground type attack when he use Zebstrika and still has reserved pokemon your ground type move won’t cause any damage to flying pokemon.

After the battle you will get Bolt Badge and TM 76 volt switch.

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  1. Cool dude says:

    One more question. Have you seen the Darmanitan outside one of the entrance’s to relic castle, you can wake them with rage candy, and they are not normal Darmanitan, they have have an ability, Zen Mode. If you have watched Pokemon Black and White, then you would know what I am talking about. You can try to catch them if you like, as you cannot find Darmanitan like these anywhere else in the game.

  2. Cool dude says:

    Is it Rock, or ground types that Electric type moves are totally ineffective?

  3. mrinal says:

    emolga has one weakness rock. because rock types are effective on both flying and electric pokemons

  4. andy says:

    There are two building on the right in the last section of the city, if you take to the scientist on the first floor he will give you eviolite which gives massive bonuses to defense and special defense of the pokemon holding it, so long as they are not fully evolved.

  5. Evaqua says:

    In my game, Poke Black water starter, Psychic Dua had two pokemon, Woobat and Munna, both lvl 23.

  6. Jai says:

    In my game, Poke White and same starter, Fisherman Hubert had two pokemon, both Basculin lvl 18

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