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Pokemon Black and White Walkthrough: 6th Gym Badge Mistralton City

Heal your pokemon at the pokemon center and then head northwest.

Route 6

T1=Scientist William T2=Ranger Shanti T3=Parasol Lady nicole T4=scientist Ron
Deerling lvl 27(nrml/grs) emolga lvl 27 (elec/fly) Tympole lvl 24 (wtr) Deerling lvl 27 (nor/grs)
Deerling lvl 27(norm/grs) Tympole lvl 24 (wtr)
Tympole lvl 24 (wtr)
Tympole lvl 24 (wtr)

Bianca will come and initiate a pokemon battle (1).

Herdier lvl 26(norm)
Panpour lvl 26 (water)
Servine lvl 26(grs)
MuSharna lvl 26(psy)

Like usual, she is very easy to beat. No need to implement any strategy, your Pokemon should be able to kill them easily because of the level difference. She has 2 hyper potions but it doesn’t really matter :D.

Tips: Fly To Nacrene City to revive your Fossil Pokemon

She will give you HM02 fly after you have won the battle. Go north and take an ultra ball. Continue west. You should be able to see an item at point (2), since you don’t have surf right now just leave it.

At point (3) you can talk to the professor and learn about deerling. You can also get extra items from them by showing different type of Deerling (you will obtain lead stone by doing this;simply change your DS Calendar to change the season).

T5=Scientist Maria T6=Parasol lady Tihana T7=ranger richards
Deerling lvl 27(norm/grs) vanillite lvl 26(ice) Minccino lvl 27 (nor)
Frillish lvl 26 Emolga lvl 27 (elec/fly)

Continue and go inside the house (4). You can get a shiny stone by talking to the little girl over there. Talk to the old man to heal your pokemon. Get out from the house (talk to the old man near the river to learn about the legendary pokemon). Go north to the Chargestone cave, Clay will give you TM 87 Bulldoze.

Chargestone cave


Ace trainer Jared Scientist Ronald Hiker Hardy Scientist Naoko
Archen lvl 31(rock/fly) klink lvl 29 (metal/elec) Boldore lvl 26 (rock) Klink lvl 29 (elec/metal)
Gurdurr lvl 26 (fight)

Move forward and you will see an event with Pokemon Trainer N. Go north and you will meet with Prof. Juniper and Bianca. You’ll get a lucky egg from Prof Juniper (it boost your Exp by 50%, so don’t forget to equip this item). Push the blue stone near Bianca to the left and then continue north.

Push the blue stone to the right, so you can take the item (Parlyz Heal). Go to higher level and continue east. Take Heal ball nearby and go south (there is AT. Jared nearby). Jump south through the ledge, and fight Scientist Ronald. Go south a little bit and then push the blue stone to the right so you can grab revive.

Backtrack to AT. Jared Spot and then push the stone like shown in the screenshot above. Go south; Bianca and Juniper will come and talk to you again. Go north and talk to Hiker Hardy. Backtrack to the south until you see an elite squad from team Plasma :D.

Take Hyper potion nearby and then push the blue stone to the south. Continue and fight Scientist Naoko, don’t go downstairs yet. Push the lower bluestone to the left and take an iron at the end of the path. Now backtrack and go downstairs.


Keep following the path until you see 2 persons (nugget brother) standing, talk to them and you will get 2 Nugget (left path leads you back to 1F so you can exit from this cave quickly). Go northeast and fight Doctor Wayne. You can talk to him to heal your Pokémon. Continue north and take timer ball on the left. Now go north to fight a bunch of team Plasma (Total: 7 TP grunt); after defeating the fifth grunt push the blue stone to obtain a thunder stone.

Doctor Wayne
Swadloon lvl 29 (grs/bug)

Go left to the lower floor first


ace trainer allison Ace trainer Stella
Drillbur lvl 30 Gothita lvll 29
Zebrastrika lvl 30 Ducklett lvl 29
Lilligant lvl 29

This is only an optional area. You can fight 2 ace trainers (Allison and Stella). There are 3 items that you can grab:

Bright powder: northeast of AT. Allison
Rare candy: East of AT. Stella
Hyper Potion: west of AT. Allison

Backtrack to B1 and take the right stairs to to higher level.

1F (east part)

Scientist Orville
Klink lvl 29 (metal/elec)

You can go west to fight Scientist Orville and push the stone to create a shortcut in this cave.

Go east and you’ll fight

Bulldore lvl 28 (rock)
Joltik lvl 28 (elec/bug)
klink lvl 28 (metal/elec)
Ferroseed lvl 28 (grs/metal)

His Pokemon are a joke. They are basically a normal Pokémon in this dungeon but on the higher level. Continue and you will arrive at

Misralton City

You can go to

Move Deleter/learner (left of the pokemon center): You need to give the woman a heart scale so she can make your Pokemon remember its move. Talk to the old man to delete HM move.

Go north and see a cutscene, Skyla will tell you to go to the Celestia Tower at route 7. So, go over there.

Small house, north of the Pokémon enter: Red cap man will tell you that he will tell you something after you obtain Misralton gym badge.

Cargo (left of the pokemon center):Talk to the woman and she will give you a sharp beak (Increase flying type move)

Continue left to the airport and take TM 58 Sky drop near the airplane.

Continue north to

Route 7

Item: Tm 58 charge beam, Ultra ball, PP up

Go west to the higher ground and then talk to the girl near the tree to obtain Tm 58 Charge Beam. Continue north and fight with Backpacker Terrence. Go to the lower ground and explore the tall grass area (you can’t use your bike over there). Grab an ultra ball and fight 2 trainers nearby.

Continue north and enter the small house nearby. Talk to the hiker; he’ll offer you to trade Boldore for Emolga. Continue east by using the small ledge to avoid the pokemon battle, you will fight with Ace trainer (triple battle).

Continue north and fight 2 trainers (Backpacker Ruth and Ranger Mary). Take a PP up on the west of Ranger Mary. Continue north and fight Ranger Pedro, move forward a little bit and you should be able to see a tower, enter it.

Celestia Tower


Go upstairs immediately


Psychic Doreen lass kara Pokefan Jude Pokefan Georgia
Elgyen lvl 30  (psy) deerling lvl 30 (grs) Emolga lvl 30 (elec/fly) Swadloon lvl 31 (grs/bug)
Solosis lvl 30 (psy) Gothita lvl 30 (psy) herdier lvl 30 (norm)
Sigilyph lvl 30 (Psy/fly)

Hyper potion (east of lass Kara)
Tm 61 Will-O-Wisp (west of Pokefan Georgia)


Psychic Belle psychic Lin psychic Miki Psychic Bryce Nurse Sachiko
Musharna lvl 32 (psy) Litwick lvl 31 (psy) yamask lvl 31 (ghost) Duosion lvl 32(psy) Gothita lvl 31 (psy)
Swoobat lvl 31 (psy/fly) Golett lvl 31 (grd/ghost) Alomomola lvl 31(wtr)

Spell Tag (east of Psychic Bryce)


Ace trainer Beckett Ace trainer Kassandra
Stoutland lvl 33 (nor) Swoobat lvl 32 (psy/fly)
Gothorita lvl 32 (psy)

Revive (east of At beckett)
Tm 65 Shadow claw (west of AT. Kassandra)


Talk to Skyla and then check the bell. Now you can challenge Misralton gym. Use Fly to go back to Misralton quickly.

Misralton City

Go to the gym (north of the airport).

Misralton Gym

Talk to the old man to obtain fresh water.

worker cliff Worker brady Pilot Ted Pilot Chase Worker Arnold
tranquil lvl 32 (fly) Ducklett lvl 32(wtr/fly) Ducklett lvl 32(wtr/fly) Unfezant lvl 33 (fly) Swoobat lvl 33 (psy/fly)
tranquil lvl 32 (fly) Woobat lvl 32 (psy/fly) Sigilyph lvl 32(psy/fly)

1.       Check the cannon nearby and use it to continue north

2.       Go left and check the cannon, re-check the cannon and fight with Worker cliff

3.       Follow the path and fight Worker Brady. Check the cannon on the south

4.       Fight Pilot Ted and check the cannon from the bottom, so you will be thrown to the north.

5.       Check the cannon on the east and fight Pilot Chase . Recheck the cannon

6.       Go north and fight Worker Arnold. From here check the cannons that you see to meet the gym leader.


Swoobat lvl 33 (psy/fly)
Swanna lvl 35 (water/fly)
Unfezant lvl 33 (fly)

She is probably the easiest gym leader because her Pokemon’s level doesn’t differ much from Clay’s Pokemon which means your Pokemon’s level should be a lot higher than her.

  • Swoobat: You have already met same Swoobat at Celestia Tower. So you shouldn’t face any trouble facing this one. You can also use Dark type move to kill this one because swoobat has psychic type.
  • Swanna: A water/fly Pokemon. Probably it’s the most threatening Pokemon that she has. I use unfezant to fight this one, because I don’t have an electric Pokemon at this point. If you have an electric Pokemon then this one shouldn’t possess any threat.
  • Unfezant: Final form of Pidove. You should be able to defeat it easily with rock, ice, elec move.

You will obtain jet Badge and Tm 62 Acrobatic.

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