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Pokemon Black and White Walkthrough: 8th Gym Opelucid City

As soon as you get out from the gym, you’ll see a cutscene about shadow triad. You need to go to Dragonspiral Tower now, but heal your Pokemon first at the Pokémon center. Go north to

Dragonspiral Tower

Bianca will call you and Cedric’ll give you an old gateau.


Just keep following the path and go upstairs.


Cheren will tell you that you can walk on broken pillar. Go northeast to take a hyper potion. Now push the big boulder to the left so you can go upstairs (need a Pokemon that know strength). Take Stardust nearby and go left to the next area. Follow the spiral stairs to a maze room. Go south and take the middle path to obtain a shiny stone on the north. Backtrack to 3 “ledge” and take the south one now to continue to the next room


Tp grunt 1 Tp grunt 2 Tp grunt 3 Tp grunt 4 Tp grunt 5
watchog lvl 34 (norM) Liepard lvl 34 (nor) Scraggy lvl 34 Liepard lvl 33 (nor) watchog lvl 32 (norM)
Liepard lvl 33 (nor) Scraggy lvl 32  (dark/fight)
Krokorok lvl 32 (drak/grd)

You’ll see both Breycen and Cheren are fighting team plasma. Continue south and beat anyone who blocks your path. After you have beaten TP grunt 5, go east to take a dragon fang and go north to the next area.

Spiral room

Go right and north to the 2nd inner circle. Continue right and go south to 1st circle to take a stardust. Go back to 2nd circle and keep going left until you obtain a star piece (3rd circle). Go right (jump through the ledge), go to the 4th circle. Go right and keep following the path until you obtain a revive in 2nd circle. Go south and then go upstairs.

Tp grunt 1 Tp grunt 2 Tp grunt 3 Tp grunt 4
Watchog lvl 33 (norm) krokorok lvl 34 (grd/dark) Trubbish lvl 33 (poison) watchog lvl 34 (norm)
krokorok lvl 33 (grd/dark) Liepard lvl 33 (nor)


There will be another quake, go north and take a max elixir. Continue left to fight 4 TP. grunt consecutively. Continue upstairs


See a cutscene about N and the legendary Pokemon. Get out from this tower .

Alder will tell you to go to Relic castle. Heal your Pokemon and “fly” to Nimbasa city and go to desert resort and enter

Relic castle

Cheren will stop you before you enter this place. Go to the spot where you talked with the female backpacker who gave you a fossil. Go downstairs

TP grunt 1 Tp grunt 2 Tp grunt 3 Tp grunt 4
watchog lvl 34 (nor) scraggy lvl 35 (dark/fight) Garbador lvl 36 (poison) Krokorok lvl 36 (dark/grd)
Krokorok lvl 34 (grd/dark) watchog lvl 35 (nor)
Krokorok lvl 34 (grd/dark)


Talk to the sage beside the stair, go east and fight TP grunt 1. Go to the quicksand nearby and stand on it.


Go south and take a max potion. Go west and fight TP grunt 2. Continue west (careful so you not get sucked near the quicksand) and then south to take TM 30 (shadow ball). Go down by using the quicksand on the left.


Go left and fight TP grunt 4 and take a max revive nearby. There is also a PP up on the west of this are so make sure you take it before go down by using another quicksand nearby.

TP grunt 5 TP grunt 6 TP grunt 7
Liepard lvl 34 (nor) Watchog lvl 35 (nor) Trubbish lvl 35 (poison)
Trubbish lvl 34 (poison) Scraggy lvl 35 (dark/fight) Liepard lvl 35 (nor)
Trubbish lvl 34 (poison)


Take Sun stone nearby go north to the stairs. Back to B3 and go southwest to fight TP grunt 5. Let yourself to get sucked again and fight 2 TP grunt (6 and 7). Go west to the quicksand and see a cut scene.

Fly to Nacrene museum, you’ll get a dark stone. Now go back to Icirrus city and head to

Route 8

ranger Lewis Parasol lady Millete Ranger Annie Fisherman bruce Parasol Lady Lumi
Cubchoo lvl 34 (ice) Frillish lvl 34 (wtr/ghost) Cinccino lvl 36 (nor) Basculin lvl 34 (wtr) Alononola lvl 35 (wtr)
Palpitoad lvl 34 (wtr/grd) Ducklett lvl 34 (wtr/fly) Basculin lvl 34 (wtr)
Maractus lvl 34 (grs)

Go north and fight ranger Lewis, after that you can grab items nearby:

Poison barb (northwest of ranger lewis)
Tm36 Sludge Bomb (northeast of ranger Lewis)

Go east and fight Parasol lady Milette and then take full heal nearby. Continue northeast to fight Ranger annie and then take an ultra ball at the end of path. Backtrack to PL Milette spot and head southeast. Talk to the Parasol lady and she will give you TM 42 Facade. Move east, fight fisherman Bruce and Parasol lady Lumi. Talk to Parasol lady who standing west of the building to obtain an icy rock (it seems that you can get a new stone on different day). Go east and enter the building.

Bianca will halt you and challenge you into a Pokemon battle

Stoutland lvl 38 (nor)
“Strong monkey”lvl 38 (wtr)
Musharna lvl 38 (psy)
“Weak starter “lvl 40 (grs)

She become quite hard at this time, watch out Stoutland’s roar because it can kill your weak Pokemon, so make sure all of your Pokemon is at an “OK” health before you battle against her. After the battle she will give you a full restore. Go east to

Tubeline Bridge

Walk north and talk to the little girl to learn information about weekend evenings. Continue north and talk to man who is running around to obtain TM 43 Flame Charge. Continue to see an event with team plasma. Continue east to

Route 9

Biker Philip Roughneck Reese Hooligan Jim and Cas Biker Zeke Roughneck chance
Krokorok lvl 36 (grd/dark) Krokorok lvl 36 (grd/dark) Scraggy lvl 37 (dark/fight) Pawniard lvl 37  (Dark/steel) Scraggy lvl 37 (dark/fight)
Scraggy lvl 36 (dark fight) Garbodor lvl lvl 36 (poison) Scraggy lvl 37 (dark/fight)

A man will give you TM 56 Fling. Go east and fight Biker Philip, Roughneck Reese, and Hooligan Jim & Cas. Enter the big building nearby.

Shopping Mall Nine

Waitress Flo Rich boy Manual waiter bert Lady Isabel
Minccino lvl 36 (nor) Liepard lvl 36 (nor) Minccino lvl 36 (nor) Stoutland lvl 36 (nor)
Lilligant lvl 36 (grs) Lampent lvl 36 (fir/ghost)


Go northeast and fight Waitress Flo, enter the room nearby and take a PP up near the box.


You can fight with Rich boy manual


Fight Waiter Bert (near the middle stairs) and then talk to worker nearby to obtain a thunderstone.

Get out from the mall and then continue east and defeat 2 trainers (Biker Zeke and roughneck chance) on the path. Before enter the gate, go south to a grassy area. Keep following the path to the west and take 2 treasure chests (full restore and HP up). Ignore the cave nearby because you can’t enter it yet. Backtrack and enter the building on the east.

Opelucid City

Go north and enter small tower over there, talk to the old man to obtain a gift box.

Backtrack and go east; you will see Alder, see a cut scene and follow Iris. Enter the house and listen to Drayden about the legend of Unova. Go upstairs and talk to 2 persons near the table, each of them will give you an item (Float stone and Ring Target). Before going to the gym, there are few things that you can do:

Battle house

Ace trainer Lou

Ace trainer Eleen

Simisear lvl 39 (fir) Mienfoo lvl 39 (mienfoo)
Simisage lvl 39 (grs) elgyem lvl 39 (psy)
Simipour lvl 39(wtr) pawniard lvl 39 (dark/steel)

Warning: all the battles inside this building is triple battle. So arrange your Pokemon’s position.

It’s located on the small house that located northeast of the town (near the gate to route 10). Enter the house and fight Ace trainer Lau on the first floor. Go upstairs and fight Ace trainer Eleene.

West of the battle house: Talk to the yellow haired lady to obtain a destiny knot. Go to the gym now

Opelucid Gym

ace trainer webster ace trainer olwen ace trainer jose ace trainer clara
fraxure lvl 41 (drg) Deino lvl 41 (drg) Fraxure lvl 40 (drg) Fraxure lvl 41 (Drg)
Fraxure lvl 40 (drg)

Talk to the old man to obtain fresh water. Fight Ace trainer Webster and then walk to the right. Keep following the path until you arrive at a branching path. Go right and keep following the path until you fight Ace trainer Olwen. Go left and then jump down; the switch will move the dragon’s body. Go to the dragon’s head and keep following the path until you fight ace trainer Jose.

Go right and then jump down to press the switch in the dragon’s left arm. Go to its head again and follow the path until you fight with ace trainer clara. Follow the path and press another switch, Go down when you see a branching path.

veteran hugo ace trainer tom ace trainer dara veteran kim
druddigon lvl 42 (drg) deino lvl 39 (drg) deino lvl 40 (drg) Fraxure lvl 41 (drg)
druddigon lvl 39 (drg) druddigon lvl 40 (drg) Fraxure lvl 41 (drg)
Fraxure lvl 39 (drg)

Fight with veteran hugo and follow the path until you press another switch. Head to its head and follow the path until you fight ace trainer Tom.

Follow the path until you pressed the switch, now take the north path and follow the path until you press the same switch again. The head will return into its initial position, so go there and keep walking until you fight ace trainer dara. Press the switch and go to its head.

Follow the path until you fight with Veteran Kim. Go north then west to press the switch. Head north and fight


Fraxure lvl 41 (dragon)
Druddigon lvl 41 (dragon)
Haxorus lvl 43 (dragon)

Fraxure and druddigon is not a problem at all (okay, druddigon may become a problem because of his rough skin ability). Haxorus is a real pain the ass if you don’t have any powerful ice pokemon (luckily I have cryogonal). Once Haxorus use dragon dance and  it can attack you on the first turn, the battle will become very hard because it has ridiculously high amount of attack status (can kill your pokemon in one hit).

If you see the video, it seems pretty easy for me to beat him. it’s because I have Cryogonal with nevermelt ice equipped, so it can annihilate any dragon type Pokemon with one hit :D.

After the battle you will get the legend badge and TM 82 dragon tail.

Main menu


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