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Pokemon Y Guide 1st Gym Elements and Weakness

First Gym Guide

  1. Head north to Aquacorde Town via Route 1.
  2.  Meet with Friends and choose your starter Pokemon.
  3.  Go back to your house. Go to route 2 then Santalune Forest
  4. Arrive at Santalune City, go to the gym and fight with woman in front of the gym to get roller blade.
    !!! Here you can claim your mystery gift from delivery girl. You will get lvl 10 Torchic.
  5. Don’t go to the gym yet, head east to route 22. Challenge all trainers on that route and then go back to the gym


Leader’s Pokemon are weak against Fire and Electric. You can capture those type on the Santalune forest.

[0] Fire type: Pansear (on Santalune Forest) or Litleo (Route 22).
[0] Electric type: Pikachu (Santalune Forest). A little bit rare and very weak on the late game (unless you’re Ash ketchump).

Santalune Gym

Trainer Pokemon Reward
Youngster David Ledyba (lvl 10) 240
Youngster Zachary Spewpa (lvl 10) 240
Lass Charlote Kakuna (lvl 7) 216
Combee (lvl 9)

The main element of this gym is bug, which make your Torchic very useful.

  1. Pokemon Y 1st gym step 1 guideFrom starting point go southeast (4 o’clock direction) where you will be challenged by Youngster David
  2. Continue to the most outer layer of this web. Head to 6’0 clock web and go up.
  3. Pokemon Y 1st gym step 3 guideOn the 2nd layer (from the inside), head west to the north. You will be challenged by Youngster Zachary.
  4. Just head north following the web to 12’o clock direction.
  5. Challenge Lass Charlotte

Continue north once you’re ready to fight the gym leader.

Leader Viola

1st Pokemon: Surskit (lvl 10)

Surskit Pokemon Y guide

It’s water and bug Pokemon which make fire type move “not super effective” against it. It can also use Bubble, so it’s better not to use fire Pokemon against this one (especially if your fire Pokemon is under-leveled). However it’s not though so you can kill it very easily using normal type move quickly.

2nd Pokemon: Vivillon (lvl 12)

Vivillon Pokemon Y guide

Bug and Flying. It’s time to use your fire Pokemon, it will go down in no time.

You will get TM83 infestation and Bug badge as a rewards.

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  1. glitchfinder says:

    I know from experience this gym is a joke if you have a fletchling at least lv 12.

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