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Posted on Oct 25, 2011

Profesor Layton and the Last Specter Walkthrough Chapter 4

Chapter 4 The Shadowy manipulator

Room 301

Tap the left bed multiple times to obtain Soft Feather. Tap the chair to unlock a puzzle

Puzzle NO 22 Paper Pair


Hint 1: How to divide perfect square into 2 same parts???

Hint 2: Divide it from the middle point right, there is another way to divide it. That’s the answers

Hint 3: Divide it diagonally


Answers: see screenshot

There are no hint coins in this room. So get out to Guest Room hall and talk to Bobi to obtain Puppet Theater. Go downstairs and talk to the hotel owner to know the location of the market. Get out from the hotel and talk to Chippe (Police officer) to unlock

Puzzle NO 23 The Cracked Clock


Hint 1: Split into half

Hint 2: Sum all of the number in the clock

Hint 3: same as Hint 1


Total 78, split it into half then it becomes 39. Just try to cut it into half so one of the sides has total 39.

Afer finishing the puzzle go west and talk to Aldus and solve

Puzzle 24 Moonlight Melancholy

Tap near the tear to see an option to rotate the object


Hint 1: you need to rotate the tears

HInt 2: all human need …..

Hint 3: use the tears to create …. symbols


Answers: Symbol of love is heart so create a heart shape object in the middle of the box.

Head to Paddy’s place and talk to Paddy to learn a new puzzle

Puzzle 25 Taste test


Hint 1: See the picture !!!

Hint 2: Creams >Jam> butter> Chocolate

Hint 3: There are 4 creams, 2 chocolates, 3 Jam, 3 Butter on the table. So how many do you need to taste to know the taste of the cake


You only need to taste 1 because you already know most of the cakes are Creams (4 circle shaped) and the least cakes are chocolate (2; square form). that left butter and Jam which are 3 on each types.

Go to the North Ely Park and talk to Clarence to unlock


Solution + No hint just step by step pictures




Go left to Murray Street and talk to Jasmine to Unlock

PUZZLE NO 27 Floating cottages

Hint + Solution

Hint 1: you need to visit each bridges once not the cottage

Hint 2: only one bridge that different from other bridges

Hint 3: odd numbers

Answers: D (have 3 bridges odd numbers)

Go north to apartment Row. Talk to Hugo to obtain

PUZZLE NO 28 Black and White Cats

Hint + Solution

Hint 1: You can have more than 2 cat with same colors in a row and column as long as they’re no stack more than two each other

Answers: see the screenshot

Now go to Crossroads (go back to North Ely Park and keep going south) and talk to Finch to unlock

Puzzle NO 29 How Old

Hint + Answers

Hint 1: younger sister born at march last year, now = 25 April

Hint 2:Simple math equation

X + Y + Z = 13

X*Y*Z = 36

Hint 3: Z=1


6 , 6 ,1 (youngest sister)

Go back to Luke’s house and talk to Beth (Foyer) to learn new puzzle

PUZZLE NO 32 Fit for a King

Just follow the numbers that shown in the grid and do some trial and error


Hint : Start by going right


Back to Crossroads and head left to Library (you’ll see a Keats over there; you can finish the unsolved puzzle from previous chapter, just in case you miss the puzzle like me :D).

Puzzle NO 20 Counting Cats

You just need to see it carefully, so no hint or anything


Go inside the library and talk to Olga to obtain a new puzzle

PUZZLE NO 30 Book Stacks


Hint 1: Top librarian see the correct numbers

Hint 2 : top left = 5 middle =2 top right =3

Hint 3: bottom right = 4

Answers: 16 books

Hint Coins:

  • Check the white note near Olga 
  • Gray stereophone on the left part of the screen
  • Mirror on the bookshelves (left of Olga’s head)

Tap books near Olga to obtain Rare Tome. Get out and head right to

Staircase Bridge

Hint Coins:

  • Bush beside brown house on the right part of the screen
  • Brick on the blue roof (left house; left part of the screen)
  • Windows on the second floor of the right house

Continue right to

Closed Factory

Talk to Sebastian to unlock

PUZZLE NO 31 Light Height

This rely on your math lesson on the school

hint + answers

Hint 1: it will make a big triangles

Hint 2: see the screenshot

Answers: 4 ft (explanation below)

Hint Coins: see the screenshot below

Now go back to Twin bridges (beginning of the game where you solve bridge rope puzzle) and then go left to

Market Entrance

Talk to Aunt Taffy   (Tap the green bush multiple times on the right of Aunt Taffy to obtain Lithography) and go left to

Hint Coins:

  • Small blue window on the left building (orange building)
  • Yellow candy on the cart
  • “left direction arrow” sign board

Market South

Hint Coins:

  • blue umbrella above Louis
  • blue vegetables near Marilyn
  • White paper on the table (near Louis)

Talk to Louis and Marilyn to unlock a new puzzle

PUZZLE NO 33 Fruit Friends

Hint + Answers

Hint 1: Grape fruits + Melon

Hint 2: are round

Hint 3: You place round object on ….. so they will move by their own

Answers: B, it’s downhill which will cause melon and grapefruits rolling down

Go north to

Market Center

Talk to Tweeds, check the apples (green fruit right of Tweeds) to unlock

PUZZLE NO 34 Apple Picking

This one is pretty tricky, I have no idea until I know that I can

Hint + Answers

Hint 1: you can move the smaller basket to a larger basket

after knowing that you should know because it’s become very easy to solve it


2 on big basket, 2 on medium basket, 1 on small basket and then move the small basket into the large basket.

Hint Coins:

  • Brown Drum on the right part of the screen
  • Mirror on the left part of the screen (left of Tweeds’ head)
  • Banana ??? or whatever (right of Tweeds’ head)

Head north to

Market North

Talk to Nabby , no puzzle in this area so backtrack to previous area and head left

Hint Coins:

  • Blue Signboard (square shape) on the left part of the screen
  • Red garment on the right part of the screen
  • red bottle that located above of Nabby’s head

Market west

Talk to 2 kids (Badger and Scraps) in this area.

Hint Coins:

  • Eliptical blue signboard
  • Blue door in the middle of the screen (very small)
  • lower X log which support the stairs (below badger)

Keep going east until you reach

Market East

Tap the green bushes right of the building to unlock

PUZZLE 149 Marble Third

Hint + Answers

Hint 1: Try to create 3 circles from the picture

Hint 2: You can create 6 half circles by divides the object half in axis

Hint 3: just use your imagination

Answers: C

Hint Coins:

  • White laundry signboard (white one on the right part of the building)
  • Upper left corner of the laundry yellow glass
  • Brown bag; right of Socket (the male kids)

Go back to Aunt Taffy to unlock

PUZZLE NO 35 Candy Counter

Hint + Answers

Hint 1: Look carefully on each pieces. is there any difference??

Hint 2: Heart

Hint 3: Spade

Answers: see the screenshots

Now go to the location that marked by ” Here” (Market Center) on your map (top screen). See an event (who the hell are you Emy ??).

Market Center

Talk to Tweeds and he’ll give you a puzzle

PUZZLE NO 36 How Many Ones?

Hint + Answers

Hint 1: 11 = 2 ones

Hint 2: no hint really just count carefully



You’ll get a medal but you need 3 more,

1st medal : talk to Louis and he’ll give you

PUZZLE NO 38 Flip a Maze

No need for hint, use your imagination plus trial and error 😀

ONLY Answers so watch out


2nd Medal: Go to Market East and talk to Socket to learn where you can find the next medal. You can find it on Sweet umbrella.

Location of the 2nd medal

Umbrella on the Aunt Tuffy‘s candy cart (sweet =candy); Market Entrance. Tap it multiple times.

3rd Medal / last medal: Market West; talk to Badger to obtain

PUZZLE NO 37 Seven Coins

Hint and Answers

Hint 1: what they mean is visible head coins same as visible tail coins

Hint 2: after moving a coin you can flip them over

Answers: put the head coins at the another head coins and then flip it over, this will makes 3 head coins and 3 tail coins

Badger will give you a hint “Chimney Quartet“. To know which area just open the box below :D. Chimney quartet is already a hint so no more hint inside the box.

Chimney Quartet Location

Tap multiple times in the circled spot.

Now go to Market North and talk to Nabby to unlock

PUZZLE NO 39 Raven Medals

I give the solution in youtube video format.


Hint: You need to move all numbers to the bottom first after that you just need to see what’s fit what’s not 😀

Enter the hole that shown by Nabby.


Hint Coin:

  • Check the stone on the bottom left corner
  • Lamp near the stairs
  • The rock below the left lamps

Head north to

Black Market

Talk to Shackwell and then tap the orange “cloth/garment/ whatever” on the left stands (second one) to obtain Clown Mask. Tap the door once you’re ready

Hint Coins:

  • Blackboard, left of Shackwell’s head
  • obvious rock on the left part of the screen
  • brown drum on the first left stand


Hint Coins:

  • Second curtain (window) from the right
  • Red carpet on the entrance
  • Mic near black raven

You must solve the puzzle which is very easy, worth 0 Picarat ;D. (CCA)

Move to


Talk to Crow

Tap stack of pictures  (upper left of the panorama paint that stands on the floor) multiple times to get Bad art

Hint Coins:

  • White garment that cover the statue (right of golden statue on the right part of the screen)
  • Identity cube of the left sculpture  (brown sculpture on the left screen; tap the cube below its feet)
  • Room Lamp

Now go back to the town and follow the arrow that pointing on your map (upper screen). In crossroads Luke will suggest you to go to Paddy’s Place so go there and talk to Mr. Greppe.

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