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Posted on Oct 31, 2011

Profesor Layton and the Spectre’s Call Puzzle Hint Chapter 6

Gressenheller U

Hint Coin:

  • Bush in the middle of the screen (tap it multiple times)
  • 2nd floor window (left tower)
  • window near signboard (rightmost part of the building)

Go inside to


Talk to the old man to solve

PUZZLE NO 53 Tricky Tomes

No need any hint just imagine which book you can’t take first if this is your bookshelves.


Book 8

Hint Coins:

  • Paper left of Delmona’s head
  • yellow lightbulb on the upper right of the screen
  • First Plant’s pot

layton’s office

Talk to Rosa and then check upper left part of the screen (stack of brown boxes) until you found news and note. Check professor’s desk (right part of the screen) to solve

PUZZLE NO 54 it’s in the bag

You can flip the object by tapping the square annotation that appears when you tap the object.

Hint + Answers

Hint 1: you need to create something that familiar

Hint 2: look at the bottom right corner of the puzzle area, what did you see

Answers: create professor’s layton hat

Hint Coins:

  • Triple legged chair near Rosa
  • Gray statue above the green board on the right
  • right of the box where you found news and note

Now tap the cabinet on the left part of the screen to unlock

PUZZLE NO 55 Hat Trick

Hint + Answers

Hint 1: title of the puzzle

Hint 2: 54

Answers: see the screen shot below

Get out from the office and tap the scooter to go to

Scotland Yard

Hint Coins:

  • Emblem above the door
  • left most chimney
  • red pump beside the blue box

Go inside


talk to Colby

Hint Coins:

  • Plant behind Colony
  • upper part of the window that located near Colby
  • Green public waiting chair on the right part of the screen

Continue upstairs

2nd floor desk

Talk to Monica to learn Grosky whereabout

Hint Coin:

  • plant on the left
  • yellow object on the left shelves
  • square like object above Monica’s head (2nd from the right)

Get out from the office to the Scotland Yard and head left to


Talk to Augustus to unlock

PUZZLE NO 56 Fortune Flowers

Hint + Answers

Hint 1: She loves me

Hint 2: Happy

Hint 3: bouquet

Answers: Flowers D (13 petals)

Hint Coins:

  • Leftmost window in the left building
  • red telephone box
  • Flower shop board (above Augustus head)

Tap the plant left of the flower shop board multiple times to obtain “strange seed”. Go north to

Bus stop

Talk to Hanna and then check the bus schedule (red color in the right part of the screen) to unlock

PUZZLE NO 57 RIght the Routes

No hint you just need to try each bus and eliminate the bus that not need more lines

Hint + Answers

Answers: see the screenshot below

Hint Coins:

  • brown trash can beside Hanna
  • blue fence in the middle of the screen
  • forbidden symbol in traffic

Continue north

Museum Entrance

Talk to Mick to unlock

PUZZLE NO 58 Favorite Umbrella


Hint + Answers

Hint 1: Blue handle

Hint 2: red rim

Hint 3: Circular pattern it’s pretty obvious for circular pattern if you open the umbrella 😀

Answers: A

Hint Coins:

  • Second tree from the left side (tap it multiple times)
  • middle windows in museum towers
  • white museum chair/stone??? (left of the rightmost tree)

Enter the museums


Talk to Ewan to unlock

PUZZLE No 59 Lost in the museum

Hint + Answers

Hint 1: not man-made

Hint 2: far away

Hint 3: dotted on earth

Answers: aerospace room 😀

Hint Coins:

  • T-rex dung/ whatever on the left part of the screen
  • Card description in T-rex (small white card on the bottom right of the T-rex)
  • brown stone on the second floor (upper left part of the screen)

Check T-rex Head to unlock

PUZZLE NO 60 Dinosaur Bones

Hint + Answers

Hint 1: look carefully in the middle section of the dinosaur body

Hint 2: you can rotate the body in your mind

Answers: 326

Continue upstairs

Museum 2nd Floor

Hint coins:

  • Star in the signboard (left part of the screen)
  • broken glass cabinet on the right part of the screen (1st full square shape glass)
  • crown inside the glass (right screen blue color pedestal)

Talk to Chappy and then get out from this museum. Now go back to the Grosky’s office and see an event over there. Continue to


Tap the box above Chelmey (taller man) to obtain “Faded Map”. Talk to any man over there,

Hint Coins:

  • Green cabinet on the nearest shelves (nearest = left part of the screen)
  • farthest lightbulb (right part of the screen)
  • box above Barton’s head

Check the same spot where you got 3rd hint coin to solve

PUZZLE NO 61 Find the File

Hint + Answers

Hint 1: 2 files over from a file with 3 in its number

Hint 2: 3 files over from a file with 6 in its number

Hint 3: So it means file in HInt 1 and hint 2 are located next to each other, this same to last hint files (4 files over from a file with 9 in its number

Answers: 29 see screenshotand digit numbers if you still don’t understand the answers 😀

Now go back to your scooter to end this chapter.

Professor Layton and the Last Specter Main Guide


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