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Profesor Layton and the Spectre’s Call Puzzle Solution Chapter 5

Highyard Arch

Hint Coins:

  • 1st floor window on the left building
  • 2nd blue window from the right on the 2nd floor of the right building
  • Brown chimney on the upper left of the screen

Head north to

Grand Plaza

Talk to Otaki-San to unlock

PUZZLE 42 Angle Time


Hint 1: You just need to list all the time that has special time (01:11, 02:22) and imagine them to see which one that has biggest angle


Answers: 15:55

Hint Coins:

  • Bush right of Otaki San
  • top of the hill on the upper left screen
  • leftmost roof on the right buidling (blue color)

Head left to

Quiet Townscape

Hint Coins:

  • Ligth bulb on the left
  • orange brick on the right part of the screen
  • Purple flower/whatever on the leftmost house

Backtrack and head east to

Twisted Light

Talk to Hans and tap the largest window on the Mr. Greppe’s house to unlock

PUZZLE NO 151 Coax the Kitty


Hint Coins:

  • Lightbulb left of Hans’s head
  • bottom left corner street (tap it multiple times)
  • Broken lightbulb (it’s located near Hans; blue bent object)

Head left to

Police Headquarters

Tap the rightmost (bottom right corner) bush multiple times to obtain” Hair Clip“. Talk to Chippe to unlock

PUZZLE NO 43 Armor Antics

Take a look at the picture carefully


Hint 1: C obviously won’t fit on the armor

Hint 2: it’s hard to wear 2 hats

Hint 3: it left only A and D, you need to look which one of them that doesn’t have any connection between those first two

Answers: D, A was a friend B and C, It concludes D is the culprit (he is also covering his head)

Hint Coins:

Now backtrack to Grand Plaza and head north to

Reservoir Wall

PUZZLE NO 44 Family Portraits

No need for any hints, just look carefully at the picture. the next photo only share one same feature 😀


Hint Coins:

  • leftmost orange pillar on the reservoir wall
  • bottom part of the broken pillar (2nd broken pillar from the right screen)
  • rightmost window on the left house (1st floor)

Head west to

Riverside Road

Hint Coins:

  • Rightmost window on the left house (2nd floor)
  • door on the middle house
  • small bush on the rightmost house

Head north to

North Pier

check the board above the door to obtain

PUZZLE NO 45 Sign Flipper

No hint, Just keep experimenting and you’ll get an idea what is needed to solve this puzzle


Flip 4 corners first and then tap the middle panel to end this puzzle (tap all dark panels)

Hint Coins:

Continue north to


Tap the water below the bridge multiple times to obtain “Compass”. Tap the forest on the right part of the screen to obtain

PUZZLE NO 152 Either Oar..


Hint 1: He doesn’t do a thing with this tool

Hint 2: Someone is helping me

Answers: B: see the picture for the explanation

Hint Coins:

  • Small orange building on the left
  • Check the stairs near dam’s gate
  • 3rd square brick pillar from the left screen

Continue east to

Old gate

You’ll see Keats in this area,

Hint Coins:

  • Top of the left pillar
  • lion emblem on the right part of the gate (broken)
  • Check the vine right of Keats

Desolate Garden

Check the brown soil in the middle of the screen to unlock

PUZZLE NO 46 Overgrown Garden

Hint + Answers

Hint 1: Start by connecting all 1-8 in the board (no need to start from each point)

Hint 2: see which line can be connected without breaking the lines (imagination please :D)

Hint 3: west start is the correct one

Answers: see the picture for complete solution

Hint Coins:

  • Center of the giant windmill
  • gray brick on the right part of the screen
  • gray brick on the left part of the screen

Continue north to

Barde Manor

Hint Coins:

  • Chimney (second from the right)
  • Green bush on the left tower
  • large window on the middle part of the manor

Check the door to see an event with Seamus, now head northwest to


Hint Coins:

  • top of the highest tree on the screen
  • Middle section of the tower (smallest wide)
  • Green bush on the left part of the screen (tap it multiple times)

Head left first to


Hint coins:

  • Flower on the bottom left corner of the screen
  • square object near the small house on the right
  • small stem on the left bush

backtrack to Tower and then enter the door

Lower Tower

Hint Coins

Go upstairs to

Upper Tower

Hint Coins:

It looks like a dead-end but it’s not. Tap multiple times at the giant leafs that located on the upper left part of the screen (where shoe and bag location on the screenshot above).  Continue to

Viewing Platform

You’ll get a hint in this area; 4123. Check 3 spots to obtain Hint coins (you need to tap multiple times for hint coin that located on the below of the viewing hole :D).

Go back to the Lower Tower and check the alcoves that located on the left part of the screen. Now light them following the order given before (4123). Go upstairs to Upper tower, before entering the door check (tap it multiple times) the widest part of the pillar to obtain

PUZZLE NO 153 Two Tower

amusing puzzle 😀


Hint 1: see the picture clearly. 1st picture worth 2 million 😀

Hint 2: try to see the picture farther from your DS 2nd picture worth 6 million

Hint 3: imagine all the paintings are just black color


Answers: 9

Sky passage

Tap the door to solve

PUZZLE NO 47 The Terrace Door


Hint 1: star x star x star = 2 digit

Hint 2: star = 2 or 3 since 1 will result in 1 digit

Hint 3: just try unused number until you get the result 😀 (in paper of course 😀 so you won’t reduce picarat)

Answers: 86

Hint Coins:

  • Spider web on the roof
  • candle stands on the left wall
  • right window (middle row, 2nd column from the left)

Enter the door

Atrium Stairs

Check the lamp in the middle of the room to unlock

PUZZLE NO. 48 Crawling the Web

Hint + Answers

Hint 1: try to draw a line on spider’s route to find out which way it take

Hint 2: watch about the direction


2 and 4

Hint Coins:

Head right to

Arianna’s Door

Hint Coins:

  • Orange bus toy on the right side of the carpet
  • Green plant on the left
  • bottom left part of the door’s pillar (square object)

Check the big door and see an event. Now backtrack to Atrium Stairs and then go downstairs


Check the painting to solve

PUZZLE NO 49 Picture Key

No hint from me, just see the picture carefully and try to rotate the key


Hint Coins:

  • white vase on the left part of the room
  • plant on the right part of the room
  • orange carpet on the stair

Get out from Barde Manor to Riverside Road. Tap the person who hiding behind the bush, you’ll talk with Goosey. Talk with everyone you see. Go back to Highyard Arch, Talk to Mimi and go to Quiet townscape to talk with Sean. Backtrack to Highyard Arch again to see an event.

You need to go to the market now. You can go to South Pier to talk with Bucky, he’ll tell you something about the gardener. Go to the Market Entrance, talk to Aunt taffy, I believe you know who is Seamus now :D. Go left and talk to Marilyn, now go to Crow’s place while talking to all people you see along your way there. Talk to Crow and he’ll give you

PUZZLE NO 50 Middle of the deck

Hint + Answers

Hint 1: see the pattern of the symbol first, it’s very easy

Hint 2: the numbers have exact same pattern from one card to another card

Answers: J Clubs

Head back to the town and go to East District and talk to all people on that area. Now answers all the questions (BBA). You can go to Barde Manor to end this chapter now 😀 But you can solve new puzzle by talking to Nabby at the entrance to the Crow’s place.

PUZZLE NO 51 Family Tides

No hint just answers

Answers; different from the one that you get when you have solved the puzzle

2 adults go first, 1 adult return the ship, 2 kids go, 1 kid back, 2 kids go, 1 adult back then 2 adult go

Go to Bucky to use his ship to go to Barde Manor quickly. Go to the lakeshore and see an event. Go to Police HQ and talk to Chippe to end this chapter.

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