Posted on Oct 19, 2011

Professor Layton and the Last Specter Guide

Professor Layton and the Last Specter

Release Date : 19 September 2011

Genre: RPG

Platform: NDS

Developer: TOSE

Publisher: Nintendo

I try to minimize spoilers on my guide. All solution for the puzzle are on the inside of the spoiler tags like below. So you can use my guide safely only to find hint coin, story progression, etc.
Just in Case you don’t know: click on the spoiler to open tthe content 😀

Example of the spoiler Tags


Main Guide:

1. Prologue and Chapter 1 Puzzle solution (Puzzle number 1-7)
2. Chapter 2: the Boy Who Foretold Disaster (Puzzle NO 8-12 and NO 145)
3. Chapter 3: The Specter Appears (puzzle 13 – 21 and 147; exclude no 17)
4. Chapter 4: The shadowy Manipulator (puzzle 22-40; 20 and 149)
5. Chapter 5: The Witch’s Castle (PUZZLE 42-51, 151-153 solution)
6. Chapter 6: London’s Hidden Secrets (PUZZLE NO 53-61)


Puzzle index coming soon 😀

This guide is copyright of Noobbgodlike, 2011.

Professor Layton and The last Spectre is copyright of Level-5


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