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Posted on Oct 23, 2011

Professor Layton and the Last Specter Puzzle Hint: Chapter 2

Check the mirror to obtain a new puzzle

Puzzle 8 Mirror Ballroom

You only need to try to make a large arrow based on the laser’s direction.

Contain picture that reveal the answers!! No HINT

Hint coin:

  • Cushion used by Clark
  • Plate
  • Top of the wooden pole (left of mirror that gives you puzzle 8 )

Get out and then head upstairs to

Second-Floor Hall

Hint Coin:

  • Check the plant

Luke’s room is at the door en the end of this corridor, but before going there go into the left door first to

Clark’s study

Hint coin:

  • Books on the table
  • Blue hat on the wooden hanger
  • Bookshelves on the right part of the screen (below the plant)

Now go backtrack to Second floor hall and head to Luke’s room

You’ll get an event puzzle

Event Puzzle Luke’s Room

Check everything in front of the door to obtain a hint. You can check the door mat, food, bear, and picture (check them twice to get more detailed explanation).

Hint and quick answers

Important Hint: too get caught in numbers, Something Luke can know what you do without see you, you can’t do anything to solve this puzzle

Solution: simply do nothing for 15 seconds and the puzzle will be cleared automatically.

Hint Coin:

  • Luke’s Bed (pillow)
  • Yellow object above the board (upper right part of the screen)
  • Middle circle of the carpet

Try to get out from Triton Estate but before that, talk to Beth to unlock

Puzzle NO. 9 Certain Curtains

You need to decide which curtain that Doland mentioned 😀

Only contains one line hint +picture + Answers , so beware

Hint: convert 13 into a letter 😀

Answer: B

Talk to Bucky (South Pier) to obtain toy train mini game. Go back to Wrecked home to talk with Brock, Luke will suggest you to go to east of the crossroads (where the police resides). Head east to library and continue east to

East District

Talk to Thomas and check the pipe near him to obtain a new puzzle

Puzzle NO. 10 Rat Rations

Just see the screenshot provided below to get an idea how to solve the puzzle.

Contains step by steps picture that leads to the answers 😀




Hint Coin:

  • Manhole
  • 2nd window from the left (leftmost house)
  • Tower house on the rightmost of the screen

Go back to the crossroads, the police has gone now so go north to

Warped Hill

Talk to Mido to get a new puzzle

Puzzle NO. 11 Downhill from Here

Which one who are going uphill??


Hint: Look at the pedal


The answers: A (I solve this puzzle but by looking at the animal, the black cat looks downward so it must going uphill; coincidence :D)

After solving the puzzle you’ll get an info “strange mist

Hint Coin:

  • Red post mail
  • Chimney on the leftmost house
  • Tree on the right most of the screen

Continue north to

North Ely Park

Talk to Chippe and he’ll let you head east to

Hint coin:

  • Bottom of the blue lamp (right one)
  • Right bulb on the left blue lamp
  • Grass below of the park chair

Great Ely Street

Talk to Aldus and he’ll tell you to tap the rusty pipes 10 times (shown in the screenshot). Tap it and you’ll get Tiny fossil.

Hint Coin:

  • Canal (where you see water flowing out; bottom right of the screen)
  • middle window on the right house
  • rusty pipes left of the blue lamp

Head north to

Hat Shop

Hint Coins:

  • red pipes on the left (near the river)
  • Rusty pipes on the right part of the screen
  • Bulb on the blue lamp (besides the red pipes)

Continue north to


Tap the green bush multiple times on the bottom right of the screen to reveal a hidden puzzle

Puzzle NO 145 Planet Cube

This one is really hard


How to solve: You really need to imagine the path in your mind to solve this one.

Hint 1: Try to find one pieces with unusual feature

Hint 2: Pay attention to the top ledge of the piece that is already placed

Hint 3: Place the piece with lake on the left

S-hint: the piece that has only one tree is not needed.


just put the piece of the puzzle like in the screenshot

Hint Coin:

  • Plant above the hotel’s door
  • Middle blue roof on the upper left screen
  • bush rigth of the hotel’s door

Hotel Lobby

Tap the bell multiple times to meet Joseph and unlock

Puzzle NO 12 Room Check

Just draw the line until you can do it and you’ll get the number he mentioned



Hint Coin:

  • Memo
  • Carpet
  • Bulb in the fan

Go upstairs to

Guest-Room Hall

Hint Coins (see the screenshot)

After obtaining all the hint coins, go to the room 302 (on the end of this corridor) to end this chapter.

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