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Posted on Oct 19, 2011

Professor Layton and the Last Specter Puzzle Solution: Prologue and Chapter 1

Prologue: So we meet again

After an event you’ll get your first puzzle

Puzzle NO. 1 A Secret Message

You need to input secret letter to finish this puzzle (drag the letter to the input cirlce)

Solution and Hint

Hint1: Reading left to right and top to bottom is the normal way to go…But you might have to approach this letter from a different direction

Hint 2: The secret message is made up of seven characters that are somehow in the letter. The trick  is to find where those seven characters are hiding

Hint 3: There is more than one way to read this letter. If you don’t find any hidden messages reading it backward or forward try reading it from top to bottom

S hint: The secret message should be clear if you take the first character on each line and put them together.

The answers is “HELPSOS”

Chapter 1 The Fog of Misthallery

Bridge to town

As you arrive at misthallery, tap your screen to check any object that interest you. There’ll be a man named Aldus and he’ll tell you about the wooden box. Tap the wooden box multiple times to obtain a hint coin (1). Check also the signboard beside the wooden box to obtain another hint coin (2). Tap the shoes and head north to

PS: Red/blue circle indicates any important objects and Hint coin

Grand Bridge St.

Talk to the little kid (Charlie) and he’ll give you a puzzle.

Puzzle NO. 2 Tourist Spotting

You need to determine which pictures that were taken at the same time.

Solution and Hint

Hint 1: There is one common detail in three of the photos that shows that they were sightseeing at the same time

Hint 2: Dog is not the key

Hint 3: Look under the feed of each person

S hint: Look at the shadows

Answers : A,B,D

Hint coint:

  • Check the blact hat on the right part of the screen
  • tool box beside Charlie

Talk to security guard (Chippe) and then head north to

Twin Bridges

Check the rope on the bridges to solve simple puzzle. You only to cut one know in order to solve this simple puzzle. You don’t get Picarats on this puzzle, just look carefully at the line of the knot.

Solution: upper left knot 😀

You can obtain 3 hint coins:

  • Upper right sign (red and circle board)
  • Yellow board below the previous board
  • Blue board that located left of the previous board (left part of the screen)

You can go either north or northwest. But you can only go north at this time 😀

Wrecked Home

Check the pile of rocks on the left part of the screen. There will be an event with Brock.

Hint coin:

  • Broken walls beside Brock (left of Brock)
  • Broke post mail (right of Brock)

Check the wooden crate to solve

Puzzle NO. 3 Pick a Package

Pick the correct box

Solution and Hint

Hint 1: has same color as one below it

Hint 2: the correct box has a box above, below, to the left, and right of it

Hint 3: box below have same color. There are boxes above, below, to the left, and to the right of it

S-hint: You can rule out all boxes from the tops and bottom rows, Leftmost and rightmost columns.


Go north to


Check the cart to begin a new puzzle

Puzzle NO. 4 Reloading the Cart

Solution and Hint

Hint 1: turn L sideways and use it to fill bottom right corner of the cart.

Hint 2: half square placed in the top-left corner of the cart

Hint 3: when loading square (with little dot) you should rotate it and place it on the top center of the cart

S hint: the last 2 items will fit into cart


Talk to the police office Fische and

Hint coin:

  • Check the balcony of the house on the right screen
  • Check blue door at the balcony on the top left part of the screen

Go right first to the

Library Entrance

Hint coin:

  • Middle window on the left part of the librabry
  • Clock on the top of the library

Backtrack to previous area and head left to

South Pier

Talk to Bucky to obtain a new puzzle

Puzzle NO. 5 River Crossing

Solution and Hint

My Solution:

  • Bring 2 cats to the right shore
  • Bring the dogs to the right shore
  • Bring 2 chicks to the right shore
  • Bring the dog and one cat back to the left shore
  • Take the cat and the last chick to the right shore
  • Bring the last dog to the right shore

Hint Coin:

  • House in the hill (middle part of the screen)
  • Blue object near Bucky

Continue left to

Triton Estate

Hint Coin:

  • Chimney on the big house
  • Fence’s pillar on the left
  • Bush on the right fence

You can talk to Finch and no puzzle in this area, so head north

Triton Garden

Check postmail to obtain

Puzzle NO. 6 Mailbox Panel

You need to arrange “POST” . It’s very easy compared to Puzzle 4 because you don’t need to rotate the piece of the puzzles.

Solution and Hint

My solution: [0] Separate all puzzle pieces so it looks like the one in the screenshot

[0] Move the pieces in to the box so like screenshot below to finish the puzzle

Hint Coin:

  • Canal on the right
  • Right window on the left balcony
  • Green bush on the right

Enter the house by tapping the door.


Check the picture that hanging on the wall (left screen) to obtain a new puzzle.

Puzzle NO. 7 Mopping up

Solution and Hint

My solution: [0] you need to have at least 3 mops at the beginning of the month to be able to mop every day. (It takes 2 days until it dries)

[0] those 3 mops only usable for 9 days (it breaks after 3 uses, right?). So, it takes 9 mops for 27 days.   (3 x 9=27)

[0] The rest is 3 days, we only need 1 mop if we spread the usage of the mop.

[0] total mops required are 10 (9 +1)

Hint Coin:

  • Left part of the carpet
  • Flower vase near the stair
  • Blue Carpet on the stairs ( not shown in the screenshot)

Talk to Beth, and then tap the door on the left. See the event and

Profesor Layton and the Last Spectre Main Guide

Professor Layton and the Last Specter Guide: Chapter 2

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