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Posted on Oct 24, 2011

Professor Layton and the Last Specter Walkthrough: Chapter 3

 Chapter 3 : The Specter Appear

Room 302

Get out from the hotel after an event.

Hint Coin:

  • Cushion on the left chair
  • Lamp beside the bed

Head west once you’re outside to

Café entrance

Check small pool (left part of the screen to unlock a new puzzle.

PUZZLE NO 13 Bucket Run

My Hint

Hint 1: it’s easy to draw the correct line but what about the direction?? Remember the word fastest !!!

Hint 2: which is faster. Man with 100 kg luggage or 0,1 kg ??


Head north first and make the line like in the screenshot.

Hint Coin:

  • Clock above the gate (right part of the screen)
  • Blue menu board near blue door (middle part of the screen)
  • Small bucket near the small pool

Enter the blue door to

Paddy’s place

Talk to Paddy nad then check the blackboard to obtain a new puzzle

Puzzle NO 14 Cafetaria Conundrum

My Hint + Answers

Hint 1: Compare picture 1 and 2. Discard bread and a cup of tea (since they are available in the table). This conclude that 1 tea = 2 juices.

Hint 2: Compare picture 3 and 4. Table number 4 lack of 2 juices, what choices that have same value as 2 juices ??

Answers: A

Hint Coin:

  • Wooden bucket below the left table
  • Small blue reservation card on the left table
  • White lamp on the left part of the screen (looks like a flower)

Get out and head south to

Pike Lane

Talk to Dominica and

Puzzle NO 15 Eating Point

My Hint + Answers

Hint: Rotate your NDS screen and see if any of the restaurant fill those criteria.

Answer: A

Hint Coin:

  • Check blue manhole near Dominica
  • White garment that cover box in the left part of the screen
  • Green plant on the upper right of the screen

Head south to

North Ely Park

Talk to Clarence and continue west

(Reminder: Go back to the very first area and tap the wooden box many times to obtain Sticky spoon)

Murray Street

Talk to the lady (Bobbi) to unlock a new puzzle

Puzzle 17 Which Doll

My Hint + Answers

Hint: See what the dolls are wearing and try to see it from different angle.

Answers: C

Hint Coin:

Head north to

Apartment Row

Luke will run away

Hint Coin:

  • Red signboard on the blue lamp pillar
  • Luggage near Hugo
  • Roof above the blue left door

Head west to

Central Pier

There is no puzzle, only Hint Coins:

Head north to

Forest path

Hint Coins:

  • Blue water tap on the right part of the screen
  • Break the log on the left part of the screen
  • Light blue signboard near Mido

Head west to

Lab Entrance

Hint Coins:

  • Blue thing on the pool
  • valve on the rusty pipes (left part of the screen)
  • Tap the water near the white pipe on the pool multiple times (you’ll see splashing effect if you tap at the correct spot)

Tap the door to go to

Fish Lab

Talk to Marion to obtain a new puzzle

Puzzle 19 Fish Feud

My Hint + Answers

Hint 1: each section will contain 2 fishes

Hint 2:Think which fish that will get along each other

Hint 3:  orange love blue, yellow love purple, can’t stay with same color


Hint Coins:

  • fan above the door
  • blue water bucket near the aquarium
  • small water drainage on the floor (brown color)

Go back to the forest where Mido stands, go south to return to Central Pier. Check the street lamp to unlock a new puzzle

Puzzle 18 Faulty Streetlight

THIS ONE is really TRICKY, I spent a lot of time on this one  (LOLOLOL; interesting)

My Hint + Answers

Hint 1: 12 hours

Hint 2: 12 hours after …..

Hint 3: light in the day time???

Answers: 0

back to the forest (Mido) and head northeast (tap) to

Strange House

Tap waterfall multiple times to obtain a new puzzle

Puzzle NO 147 Tricolor Cube

My Hint

Hint: you only need 3 pieces. From here you just need to use your imagination


Answer: A,C,E

Hint Coins:

  • Green fruits on the left tree
  • Post mail
  • rightmost pink flower (right screen)

Enter the house

Keat’s house

Tap the door (cat’s house) multiple times to obtain collection item (old bottle).

Hint Coins:

  • green plant below the cat’shouse
  • Blue object on the shelves (right part of the screen)
  • Hanging scarecrow ?? (left one)

Check the cat and then get out from this house.

Back to Central Pier and you’ll meet with Bucky. Talk to him and use his ship to return to south pier, go back to Clark’s room to talk with Doland and learn a new puzzle

Puzzle 16 Captain’s Call

My Hint + Answers

Hint 1: Steaming along = slow

Hint 2: Captain brwn is on the slower ship

HInt 3: Look at the waves

Answers: A

Now go to Paddy’s place ( go to central pier then keep going right to North Ely park then north until you arrive there). Go back to the hotel after the event. Talk to Mr. Browne (fat man on the purple dress) along your way back there to obtian a new puzzle.

Puzzle 21 Foggy Numbers


My Hint + Answers

Hint 1: put 9 on the left most and 1 on the right most

Hint 2: 3 is between two smaller numbers, the number that lower than 3 is 2 and 1. Use this principle to put 7 too 😀

Hint 3: 5 between two larger numbers 😀

Answers: 978564231

Continue back to the hotel to see an event. Get out from the hotel and head to north ely park, head west and talk to Hugo. Continue north to end this chapter

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