Trinity Universe PS3 Walkthrough Kanata Phase 1 |
Posted on Jul 3, 2010

Trinity Universe PS3 Walkthrough Kanata Phase 1

After a long opening story you arrive on galaxy map, here you can choose many option like shop, inn, dungeon, event, etc.

Shop: where you can buy or sell thing, you can also synthesis item if you have recipe for that item.

Inn: you can restore your character health and revive them if they are dead. This inn is free so feel free to take a rest here. You can also choose whether you want to wake up morning, evening, night. This affects monster inside the dungeon.

You can save your game by opening your menu (press /\) then choose battle diary.

For now just choose Event and you should see 3 event available. See them all, then choose Adventure Ho (this will appear after you see “let’s search and magma green tea”).

You will arrive on first dungeon; Nether Library

Move forward from where you start, you will enter another Tutorial about battle.

1st tutorial explains about status, type of attack, etc.

2nd tutorial explains about attack combo (you can press select to see combo command).

To kill normal enemy easily just use /\ button repeatedly (magic attack), maybe it is not cool but it will do more damage than combo because it attacks all enemies and usually end battle in one turn.

red dog print on my map indicates search point

After you have done tutorial. Go up to middle of the room and use your search ability to reveal Item (IM Moon Gazing). Go to left and use “search” at the turn before going to the left room (Old DDG piece). Enter the room and you will see mysterious shop; you can buy medicine or other item here in case you are run out of healing items.

Now go to the room on northeast, Save your game on save point then continue to fight

BOSS battle: Rizelia and Lucius

My party level on this battle: 5

First boss battle in game can’t be hard, yeah that is very true. This battle is very easy. Both Rizelia and Lucius barely can damage your character. Their attack only damage you about 100-200 damages. You can heal easily by using cure space skill. Use wait command to gather AP so you can execute composite skill (example: [][]X[]/\X; you can do same damage with 2 fewer attacks).

After the battle, the dungeon will begin to drift; you have 90 second to get out. Use your search skill until they are run out (search skill will level up when you use them so when you had found all treasure chest just use it until it run out). It seems you can’t drifting away in this dungeon even if the time is up (I already tried it but nothing happens but your overall score will be reduced because you failed to escape).

End of phase 1

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