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Posted on Aug 23, 2010

PSP Guide YS seven: Altago Plains to Cave Byway

Back to Shannoa Village and talk to Fatima. You will see an event, and you will automatically finish side quest number 1 (if you accept Tia’s request and haven’t talk manually to Fatima).

Back to Altago city, you will see an event while you go over there. Go back to Altago with Tia. When you get back into the town, Tia will leave your party. Go to King’s room, there will be an event about Altago’s economy condition.

Get out from the castle, and go to right building in this area (Altago Palace). You will meet with Scias. After done talking with him, go up to second floor and enter the middle room. Talk to General Dreisen to obtain General’s letter.

Try to get out from this town to see an event. Go to the old town to Tia’s house. You will get a luminous rock. Now go to Altago plains: center. Open previous map, just in case you forget the path.

Altago Plains Center

Follow the path, you will see branching path (Up and down), go up until you arrive in big plain. There is Sapling x15 in the middle of plain and a harvest point (tainted and spring water). Head north (up) and keep follow the path; there are Salimera extract and 2 harvest point along the way to the next area.

Altago Plains west

Go left a little; go up first to grab Lughott fruit and seed from harvest point. Return and continue to the left (west) until you see 3 path (up, down, and left). Go up first, take Dragon fig and Iron ore (harvest point) on the leftside. On the other side (right) you can getlarge Bone x10, Lughott fruit, and Lughott seed.

Return to the middle, and head south (down); just ignore west path because there is only iron ore over there. Take Shimmer brooch I by going to the left near the south exit, after that just go to the next area using south exit.

Altago Plains: Southwest

Head south (down) to the west (left); ignore the south path when you see branching path because it leads to dead end. Take Salimera extract from brown box in the middle of the plains, there is also Lughott fruit and seed nearby. Follow the path to the west to grab item from 2 harvest point (Iko leaf, Iko seed, and Iron ore). Go back and head south, just follow the path until you see Longma cart. If you didn’t talk to Tia like I told you before, you can buy luminous rock from longma cart (5000 Gold). Enter the cave on the west.

Cave byway

This dungeon is pretty straight forward. Go left to grab iron ore from harvest point; you can go up to see a fire symbol on the stone but there is nothing you can at the moment. Head south and keep following the path, go to lower platform to take traveler’s robe from the treasure chest. Follow the path and take another Iron ore from harvest point.  When you branching path, take the bottom path first to obtain 2000 G. Go to the west exit, recover and save your game when you see a stone monument. Go to circle platform to fight

Boss: Rock Monster Ghilda ross

Don’t be too aggressive when you face this boss, only hit it about 1-2 times (one charged attack and 1 skill attack), then dash away. Use your special skill anytime you want, because the enemy movement is stopped at the time you use special skill (It quickly boost his stagger gauge too, which is good). His attack patterns:

Boomie jumping: He jumps and causes a huge shockwave. You need to dash away from this attack quickly. If you are get caught in the shockwave AOE, your character will be stunned for a moment (immediately change to the other character). Evade this attack at all cost because you will be vulnerable when you get caught.

Ghilla jump: It is easy to evade, but beware he jumps 3 times. So don’t just stand there after you avoid 1st jump.

3 hit club wave: He swing his club to the ground and will cause straight shockwave (3 times). Evade this attack by dash to left or right.

Massive wave: Same attack like 3 hit club wave but the AOE is larger than previous one. He will hold his club longer than previous one if he going to use this attack, so it lets you to dash away immediately.

Whirlwind: He spins with his club toward you. It is only last for a short time and he will be dazzled after using this attack, so prepare to counter attack when he uses this attack.

After defeating him, head west to exit from this cave.

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