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Posted on Aug 20, 2010

PSP Guide YS seven: Altago Plains to Shrine of Origins

From port, head west to enter the next area. Keep moving forward and you will see an event with Flower Girl (Aerith?!:D), buy a flower from her for 5 gold (you will get Komona Flower and Nadly flower). In this area you can buy weapon and item, but they are not available for now. Go north to the town fountain; you should see another Flower Girl around the fountain (with flower cart). Talk to her and she will notice about the flower in your head. Now go out from this area and then re-enter the area again. You should see an event now about the Flower Girl. You will see long event and then…

Enter the door behind Commander Scias to enter king’s chamber. You will meet with the king inside. After a long event you will be granted Shamsir and Sphairai. Choose “learn how to use special skill” if this is your first game.

  1. Equip your weapon and skill by press “start” and choose “equip”. You can assign your skill in the same screen as equip weapon screen (R+o, R+X, etc).
  2. Destroy the doll by using Special skill (you can charge your SP by keep attacking the doll; you can gather it easier by charge your attack, hold X button)
  3. You can kill 1st monster easily by using Adol (Soft type), but the 2nd monster is Hard type so switch to Dogi (press o button)

After that you can explore the town freely, go to weapon shop and item shop. Buy some Iko extract to heal your character later. The weapon shop sell better weapons than weapon you’re currently hold, but you probably don’t have enough money to buy it now. Now get out from this town by going to south exit.

Altago Plains

You will see a stone monument; you can recover your health here. Now move forward to fight your first real enemy. Go down and check the green stone (harvest point) to obtain Iron ore. Keep going left until you see fork path. Ignore the left path because you can’t go there for now; from the fork path go up. Follow the path and you should be able to see and obtain Iko extract from treasure chest; go up to the left to obtain another iron ore. Go up and take Prairie wood on the right (east) cliff. Go left and check the water fountain to obtain spring water and cloudy water; there is also Iko extract nearby. Just follow the way to left (west), while taking Iron ore along the way and then enter Shrine of Origins.

When you see a branching path, head Northwest (upper left) to obtain Iko Extract. Go back to the branching path; take the other way (down) and keep follow the path until you see Stone Monument. Recover and save your game; enter the room when you are ready.

BOSS battle: Two Headed Turtle – Var Klar

My party level: 2

Your first boss, it is easy once you figure his attacks. Keep attacking until the gauge above his HP bar full, it will make him stunned. Attack about 5-6 hit then immediately dash away from him. I suggest you to use your SP for Dogi’s skill, because it seems do more damage than Adol’s. Don’t forget to use His attack pattern:

Bubble beam: Blue giant bubble cause about 18 damages if it hits you. Just stay at the bottom of the room to evade this attack.

She’ll spin: he will spin around the room, cause about 20 damages when it hits. Go up immediately when you see he goes inside his shell (use dash button). Return to bottom slowly when you see him return to initial position.

Yoga Turtle: Like Dhalsim :D, he will extend his head toward you . Just dash to left or right to evade this (his head glowing red when he does this attack)

Sunder earth: He will summon many stones from the ground. See yellow mark and then immediately go to unmarked area.

Torrent blast (SPECIAL): Huge watersplash coming out from ground. Like in another action rpg boss, you just need to dash around to evade this attack. The camera will zoom Var klar when he want to do this attack.

When his HP reaches about 500 HP, he will start guarding stance. You can’t do any damage to him at this time. Keep attacking until you see an explanation about special skill. Use your special skill (L button) and the battle will end. Event

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