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Posted on Aug 27, 2010

[PSP] YS Seven Guide: Kylos Village to Holy Precincts of Wind

Go to weapon shop, your first priority here is to create gold pendant. Use your ashen rock to create 2 gold pendants (you need ashen rock to create new weapon too, but gold pendant is more important than new weapon for now). Go northeast and you will see an event about Mishera. She will give permission for you to go to Wind altar. You can go to Wind altar by going to the north exit in this town.

In the first area, you only need to follow the path until you arrive at the next area (there is no item here). In the next area, go right first when you see a branching path because you can’t go further now. Go left from withered wood harvest point, you should see floor switch in point (1). Trigger the switch and it will extend the bridge on the point (2). Go to the bridge and move forward to take Panacea. Go up to the left to take Nadly extract, go back and head north. Take Sebrina incense near white stone harvest point on the north. Keep following the path until you arrive at the next area.

Go to the left, pass the withered wood harvest point to the next area. Keep following the path to point (3) on my map to obtain wind cape. Head back to northwest to take Amulet rosary. You can exit this area quickly by step on the switch on point (4), so the fence will disappear and go back to previous area.

You can go back to second area of this dungeon to get Blue jewel, Go to are near the point (1) and you can pass windy platform because of wind cape. Now just follow the path and take Blue jewel from the treasure chest.

You can fly on windy area (equip wind cape), so go right to point (5) and head to the next area. Follow the path; if you want to take Rune earrings you need to un-equip wind cape first. Move to point (6); there are 2 items here, monster horn x 20 located on lower platform (unequip wind cape) and Titano fluid (upper platform on the middle windy area). Go to ellipse platform and take Gold pendant at the end of the path. Go to point (7) on my map and take the wind pipe.

Follow the straight path to the next area. You will arrive at circular area; there is harvest point on the both sides. Go to upper platform to point (8). Check the fan and direct it to smaller trumpet (do it on both side); don’t forget to take Chigle extract and Thin hide x 20. Stand on the floor switch near Chigle extract brown box. It will open shortcut so you can go immediately to 3rd area of this dungeon; Just jump down from point (8) to point (9). You will arrive at area where point (5) is located.

Go to point (10); middle section of the area. You should be able to see “?”. Use Wind pipe here and there will be huge wind from bottom to top of the tower. Use that wind to arrive at the next area.

Recover and save your game (Equip your golden pendant now) and

BOSS battle: Kava Kelos

He has many attack patterns, so I may miss some of his attack. By equip golden pendant, this battle will become much easier. Save your special gauge to cancel his limit attack. He is hardest boss so far, so don’t hesitate to use healing items in this battle. His attack patterns:

Blue orb: Blue orb come slowly from his mouth. It will stay about 3 second on the arena then explode, so stay away from these orbs.

Hug and peck: He will open his wing and run slowly toward you and will slash with his head 2 times. Dash away immediately when you see him open his wing, and don’t go near him because he will immediately continue his attack with head slash.

Fericious spin: He will spin 2 times toward you. Dash away when you see his body glowing yellow.

Scream of stone: All of your characters will receive stone status if you don’t equip golden pendant. This attack don’t do any damage but he will combo this attack with

Ferocious quake: this attack will make your characters crumble when you are in perfect condition, but when you are in stone status it will reduce half of your remaining HP.

Fericious triangle:  Thunderstrike with Triangle AOE. Nothing special here, just run away when you see triangle pattern on the floor.

Tornado: Slow green tornado toward you. Don’t go toward him when he cast this spell.

Fericious dive: He will dive to the ground and cause shockwave. It is same as other boss’s jump attack, dash away when you see him fly above you.

Vacuum then spray: He will absorb you to his body and then unleash green wave. Dash away when he absorbs you and stand between the wave to evade his wave attack.

Peacock dash: He will dash toward you and leaves fire on his trail. Dash away to left or right, but don’t stay behind him. When his HP reach half, this attack will also lay many eggs, destroy these eggs before it hatches into his minion.

Stone ball: Like blue orb but it can inflict stone status on your character. It is slow, running around the area should save you.

LimiT Break: Absorb you and then unleash powerful tornado on the middle of the arena. You will see warning when he is going to use this attack. It is hard to stop this attack by using normal attack and skill. I suggest you save your special skill to prevent this attack.

Go to wind altar to obtain new power (charge faster). Now go back to Kylos, you will see an event with mishera, tele back to Altago city.

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  1. zofir555 says:

    why i cannot directly go to number 5 from 8and9

  2. Liam says:

    tnx for that

  3. L says:

    Kava Kelos will also do summons at 1/2 HP (CMIIW), it’ll summon 3 eggs and will hatch to little birds, they got a lot of HP so try to kill them fast. Using Dogi’s a good choice against the chicks.

    • UltimatBlitz says:

      Or use Adol while they’re still in their eggs. Adol’s slash is a “good” type against the eggs themselves. Maybe it doesn’t matter on the chicks, but I destroyed the eggs before they hatched, so I couldn’t say.

      • mvag says:

        i love this game and even with the walkthrough thebird still has like 32000 health so its really hard to kill.

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