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Posted on Aug 25, 2010

[PSP] YS Seven Guide: Old Waterway to Kylos Village

Return to Altago City by using Teleport. You will see an event as soon as you enter Altago city. Buy new weapons from weapon shop (there is new weapon there). Go to the town fountain and talk with Tia. This will trigger event about Iskar fever.

After talking with Daleyon, go to Zanzibar (the building northeast of town fountain). Talk with the owner on the leftside. Go back to Tia’s house, Daleyon will tell you about the old waterway. Go to the district area (item shop and weapon shop), you should be able to see a stairs near the item shop. Go down and follow the path until you see a guard in front of the building. You will see an event and you can go inside.

Old waterway

This place is dark like cave byway, so you need to equip luminous stone so you can see a bit clear. From the entrance, follow the path to the next area. Keep following the path until you see branching path, take the left path first. Grab gavel of souls (good accessory) from the treasure chest. Go back to branching path and go up now.

Follow the path, another branching path; go right to take Nadly extract. Go up from there and follow the path, take Sebrina incense along the way. You will see another branching path (left and up), go up and you will back to first area; you can trigger the switch in the point (1) to make shortcut to the town. Go to previous branching path and take the left path. Save your game and

Boss: Deep earth crab Valisa Luti

It is very easy; you won’t have any trouble facing this boss. Don’t use your special skill when he is on guarding stance. His attack patterns:

Crab’s bubble: Straight bubble toward you. You only need to run away to evade this attack.

Crap’s bubble: He surrounds his body with bubble. Dash away from him to evade this attack.

Crab’s claw: one hit claw attack. Really simple attack, it won’t even hit you if you keep moving away (1-2 hit and run).

Guarding stance: He won’t attack you at this stance, just be careful not to use your special attack on him when he is on this stance.

Go back to Tia’s house to give Scarlet stone to Maya. You will see an event between Tia and Scias, now you can go to Kylos village.

Go to Altago plains: gorge (reach it from altago plains: west).

Head west and take Iron ore from harvest point. Take Mirula incense (on the northeast) and Salimera extract (on the southwest). Keep follow the path to the north until you reach Kylos gorge.

Kylos gorge

Follow the path over there until you see branching path. Take the bottom one first to obtain 3000 G. Return and head northwest, when you arrive at the big area go down to take Ashen rock x10. Don’t enter the cave on the lower plain, go to higher plain first to take 2 items from the harvest points.

Enter the cave, head to west exit (there is 2 harvest points over here). Head northwest to the next area.

Just follow the path here and you will arrive in another cave. Grab Titano bone on the north, head south to exit from this cave. Save your game and move forward when you are ready

BOSS: Dark Mercenary Geis

You will fight this battle only by using Adol. Hit him with one charge attack and your skill, and then dash away immediately. Doing that will make you evade almost all of his attacks (except poleswind attack). His attack patterns:

4 hit poleaxe combo: Simple 4 hit slash. Don’t stay near him when he is doing this attack and you will be safe.

Poleswind: Spinning with his poleaxe and will generate 3 poleaxe wave to attack you. The AOE of the wave is small, so it is easy to evade it with just one dash.

Rolling axe: Like Elk’s rolling blade. You won’t be getting hit by this attack as long as you don’t act too aggressive to him.

After defeating him, go northeast to take Nadly extract. Head to northwest exit to enter Kylos village.

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