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Posted on Aug 24, 2010

PSP Guide YS seven: Segram desert to Flame Shrine

Segram desert: northwest

Keep going to the west, you will see a harvest point (Lokin seed and fruit) and a brown box (Lokin fruit). Back to branching path you just saw, and go down. Follow the narrow path to the left to grab many item along the way (Power wrist I, Lokin fruit, Lokin seed, and Hot sandstone x 10). Now go to the right to the big sand area. Follow the wall on the left; there is 2 harvest points near the wall. Head south to the next area.

Segram desert: west

Near the entrance you can find a harvest point (Monster bone and large bone). Go left first and obtain 2500 G, there is harvest point nearby (Iron ore and hot sandstone). If you keep going to the south, you will arrive at side quest area (kill Mili Urdu); ignore this monster for now. Now go to the right side of the area. There are 3 harvest point on the northeast and treasure chest( Hawk eye I). Grab Cloudy water x 10 on the east part of the area, and then continue southeast to the

Segram Village

Buy/synth new weapon here. Go to the house on the northwest. You will see an event. Mustafa will join you, head east from village to the fire shrine.

Segram desert: east

Follow the path to the east, there is 3 harvest point along the way so pick them up. Head northwest first, grab flash ring I from the treasure chest. There is also titano bone and sebrina incense on the north.  Now go to the big exit on the northeast.

You will see an event as you enter the area (Quest 19 Soldi orm). Ignore Soldi orm at this moment, because it can kill you easily (you still can try to defeat it now though, if you manage it please give me tips).


Flame shrine

Pass through the straight entrance to the next area (the map start here); go up and check harvest point (large bone). Take 10 Hot sandstones on the right, go to the left until you see 2 path. Ignore the left path first (fire symbol in my map). Keep following the way to the northeast exit.

Follow the path, and you will arrive at half circle shape room, check harvest point in the middle of the room. Head east (left) to the next area; follow the path to the left, and take hot sandstone from the harvest point.

You can go up to take Silver Feather from treasure chest, but be careful because the platform in this part quite tricky. Ignore the west path, because you can’t pass lava at the moment. Go down to the left and take hard hide x20 from brown box. Go to southwest exit, and you will return to the 1st area of my map.

Head west (left) to point (1) on my map, you should be able to see a switch there. Check it and you will go to bottom floor.

Go up, recover and save your game on “BOSS” mark on my map. Head north to the next area and

BOSS: Fire-Eater Stohl bram

He is just mini boss, so don’t use all your healing item while you fight it. He usuallly shines before does his attack, so it is easy to evade. His attack patterns:

Stohl jump: Like Ghilda jump, his jump can stun you if you are get caught in AOE. Switch to another character if you get stunned.

Fire ball: 3 fire ball toward your position. You need to dash away from the fire to evade this attack or just stand in place between the fires.

Stohl tail: He will charge his tail and unleash fire wave to many direction in arena. Just stand in unmarked area.

Fire beak: 3 consecutive beak attack toward you, cause explosion and have little AOE. Dash and switch to other characters if you got hit by his beak.

Massive fireball: Huge fireball toward you. It Is easy to evade this attack, he will scream when he is going to this attack, so dash around immediately to evade this attack.

Stohl rush: He dashes toward you. You need to dash away from his attack direction to evade this attack.

Homing fire:  Like 3 fire ball attack, but the fire will chase you. His body will emit white color when he is going to use this attack, just dash around until the fire disappears.

Check red treasure chest to obtain Ice mist crystal (equip it). Now go back to point (1) and go left to point (2) and stand on the switch. This will open the fence door. Go to fire symbol on this area (earlier branching path) and take Fire-proof scarf from treasure chest. Go up and take Nadly extract, stand on the switch again to open the fence. Go up to the next area.

Now you can across the lava to grab 2 items (Salimera extract and kamika extract). Go right to the next area, now you can pass through fire symbol on the east.

You will arrive at the outside, head east to take training ring I from treasure chest. After taking all the items, head northwest exit to the next area.

Go left then up to point (3); you can get the treasure chest by un-equip ice mist crystal, so you get drowned and take hot sandstone x20 (careful your character may die in process). Head northwest to the next area.

Go left to point (4) and stand on the switch. Pass the bridge to the north exit; grab Sebrina incense while you go over there. Recover and save your game, and then head north to fight

BOSS: Guardian – Levard Galem

You can damage this boss by attack his belly, he won’t move from his place, so you can attack him easily. He has a lot of HP so this battle maybe last longer than usual boss battle. Use your special skill every time you can. You can also save your special attack to attack him while he is gonna use massive combo attack, but it is all up to you. His attack patterns:

Hand slam: He slams his hand to the floor; cause a shockwave (half of the arena). Go to the other side his used hand; e.g. he slams with his left hand, you go to the right.

Glacial gas: Purple gas from his belly and will shatter after short time.  Before the gas is shattered it is easy to evade this attack, when the gas have shattered just watch where the spike direction and evade.

Meteo Lava: he shrug his shoulder and there will be lava falling from his shoulder. See mark in the ground (indicate Lava falling spot).

2 hand slam: He slam with both hands and cause large shockwave on the arena. He usually slams on the middle of the arena so run to the edge of the arena.

Hand swipe: He swipe his hand to you. You can use the same evade tactic as hand slam attack.

Belly fire: Fire breath from his belly, just run to evade this attack.

Fire from the hole: He creates a vacuum hole on the arena. The hole will create spike needle attacking the arena on the circle pattern while it also absorbs you to it. Just dash away from the hole and evade the spike.

Hip hip puke: He will clap his hand and puke fire. Run to the bottom of the arena, the fire will stay in the arena for a few seconds, so don’t go over there.

Fire beam: upgraded version of belly fire (larger AOE). Use the same evade tactic as fire belly.

Fire chaser: cylinder look like fire will chase you around the arena. Just run for a few second and they will disappear.

Purple orb: Giant purple orb come out from his hand, it will cause heavy status if it hits. Evade this by go to the other side if the hand.

Massive combo: A combination of hand swipe, hand slam, and fire beam. You will see a “warning” when he is going to use this attack. Attack him while you see “rush” on his belly. If you have done enough damage, he will stop using this attack.

Check the altar and you will see an usual event. Use fire dragon power to teleport (choose map in the inventory /\ button) to the Segram village.

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    how do i get the ice mist crystal?

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