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Posted on Aug 20, 2010

PSP Guide YS seven: Shannoa Forest

You begin at the old town; go to King’s castle (north of the town fountain). You will see an event about Pompous man. Follow Scias into king’s room and you will get King’s Letter. Go to Tia’s house before you go to Shannoa. You can choose to help Tia to get side quest number 1. Now get out from the town, go to Altago Plains: Northeast (Buy or Synthesis new weapon in the weapon shop).

Altago Plains Northeast

Now you can head west (It blocked before) to the next area (open previous part of the guide if you forget).

Altago Plains East

Head west (left) until you see first branching path, take the left path first. Go up (north) when you see another branching path (left path lead to Altago Plains: center; the enemy is quite strong here, it maybe can kill you if you are not careful). Go up to left (northwest) so you can see 2 harvest points (Iron ore, Iko leaf, and Iko seed) and Treasure chest (Iko Extract).

There is a breakable boulder near iron ore ore harvest point. Use dogi to destroy the boulder and obtain Hawk eye I from the treasure chest.

You can go to right (east) in order to receive Side quest number 18.

Go back to the first branching path in this area, and then take bottom path now. Keep going down (south) until you see another branching path. Take the left path first to find harvest point (Iron ore), after that take the other path and keep moving forward until you reach the next area.

Altago Plains: east

You can gather Lughott fruit and seed from the harvest point near the entrance. Head east and ignore the path that leads to the south. Grab 10 Iron ore from treasure chest and go back to the branching path you just passed, and head south from that branching path.

From here you just need to follow the way until you see another branching path (north way leads to “prairie wood” harvest point). Keep going to the east pass another harvest point (Iko leaf and Seed) to the next area.

Shannoa forest: west

You are in Shannoa forest now. Head north first to find a harvest point (Komona flower and seed). Pass the bridge and keep going to east until you see a blue treasure chest contain Power wrist I(there are 2 harvest point while you go to this point). After grabbing Power wrist I, head southwest and just keep following the path from here. When you reach point (1), there will be an event. Go up to the next area; don’t forget to take iron ore from the harvest point and iko extract from treasure chest.

Shannoa forest: east

Go up to left to find harvest point (Kamika seed and fruit). Head east until you see Blue treasure chest; grab it to obtain Shield ring I. Go back (left) a little and then go up until you see the stone monument. Recover and save your game. Go inside when you are ready.

BOSS: Long-Tusked Boar Es Gallion

He is small and quick. Don’t stay near him too long because he will use Ground wave. Attack about 5-6 hit and then evade. Remember to always charge your attack so you always have SP. You can find out what he is going to do by looking at glowing color from his body. His attack pattern:

Red rush: 3 times short and quick dash. Just mash your [] button on opposite direction to evade this attack

Boulder toss: This attack has 2 versions. In the beginning he only toss 1-2 stones, it is easy to evade to evade; just dash to left or right when his head area down (facing the soil). When his HP is going down to half, he will toss many boulders (the camera will zoom him, if he is going to use this attack you should see white color glowing from his body). To evade it, you need to start dash away from him more quickly than normal boulder toss

Poison gas: Damages and will make you paralyze for a moment if it hits you. Just dash away when you see he sneeze a green gas (His body will emit white color before he does this attack).Yellow rush: One long dash toward your position. Dash away to evade this attack

Ground wave: Huge shockwave that damages anything nearby. He only use this attack if you stay near him for a long time (If you use 5-6 hit and dash formula, he rarely use this attack)

Marathon rush (Special): (the camera will zoom him and if he is going to use this attack, you will see yellow color glowing from his body) Aggressive yellow rush toward you, he will keep following you for about 4-5 seconds. Press dash button to opposite direction until he stop using this attack.

After you have defeated the boss, get out from this area. Recover your health at the stone monument and head east to Shannoa village while grabbing items from harvest point along the way (Spring water, Cloudy water,Iron ore,Charcoal) and Mirula incense from treasure chest.

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