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Posted on Aug 22, 2010

PSP Guide YS seven: Shannoa Village to Ancient Tree

Go inside the big house on the northeast (near red exit). Talk with Fatima and you will get Ancient Tree’s key. Go to red exit near the big house, you will arrive at

Ancient tree: Outside

Move forward and you will see an event about Ancient tree. Go to the next area, just head to east in this area and you will see a harvest point (Iron ore and charcoal) and 2 treasure chest (Iko extract and Shield ring 1). Back to the west a little, then head north, there is kamika fruit harvest point. Just head north from here until you see branching path (up and right), take the right path and get Salimera Extract from the treasure chest. Go up and enter the ancient tree.

Ancient tree: Inside

Orange arrows on my map are not accessible at the first time you enter this tree. Head north (Ignore first branching path you see), follow the way to the right. When you see branching path (up and right), take the right first to obtain Charcoal x10 from bron box in the end of the path. Go up from branching path and enter the next area.

Keep going the right until you see brown box (Salimera extract). Go up to the next area. You will arrive at the simple area, just head to the other exit (grab Prairie wood x 10 and Sapling along the way). You will return to previous area, but at different platform. Check harvest point on the up (north) to obtain Sapling and brown box (Monster bane x15) on the south. Keep going to the left until you arrive at the point (1). You will get Ancient tree’s sap, use it and go back to first area of Ancient Tree: inside.

Head west and use Ancient tree’s sap on the plant.  It will create a new path, go there and take Spring water and Cloudy water. Keep going to the west until you enter the next area (there is brown box contain Monster bone x 10 while you go over there).

Go down (south) and grab 1500 G from brown box, Head west (left) to the next area. Head east, and take monster fur x 10 and a harvest point (sapling). Go down and destroy the wood to reveal brown box (Thick hide x 10). Just follow the path until you reach point (2) on my map (ignore branching path you see). Destroy all the wood that blocked your way, there is harvest point (north) and 2 treasure chest (White snake ring and Iron ore x15; I don’t mention it on the map because the space is full :D).

You will arrive at area that looks like a village. Head north and follow the path until you see branching path (up and down). Take the down path first to get Panacea and 1000 G from brown boxes. Head north and take Charcoal from harvest point. Go left and check the vine (red exit on the middle part of the area), choose to go down and you will arrive at 1st area of Ancient tree: inside. Grab the Silver feather from Treasure chest and go back to the previous area (area that looks like a village). Go up and follow the path until you reach point (3) on my map. Destroy the wood and take Diamond boots from red chest.

Equip it and you can pass through the spiked terrain. Follow the path to the left and use Ancient tree sap on the plant. Cross the plant and take Kamika Extract from Brown box. Go down here to the first area.

Check harvest point to obtain Charcoal and green stone. Go to dungeon’s entrance, but don’t exit from the dungeon yet. Head east and use ancient tree sap on the plant. Pass it through and enter the next area. Take Salimera Extract on the southern part of this area. Head north to the next area and take Vitality Belt I. You can get out from Ancient tree: inside now.

Ancient tree: outside

Now take the long middle path on this area. Be careful because you can get drowned in point (4), if you are stay too long inside the water (Adol is human not fish:D, maybe you can pass it on the future when you get some kind of equipment like diamond boots; just remember this place for now). Go up to point (5), take Mirula incense near the entrance and go inside.

You can pass through the spiked platform by equipping diamond boots (/\ button). Recover and save in stone monument. Go inside when you are ready.

BOSS battle: Big Bug Beast Zeran Fith

This boss is not like previous bosses, you can’t inflict any damage to him unless you damage his legs first, until he enters stagger condition. You need to dash to the right position, so you can attack his leg (3 on each side). Only use your special attack when he is staggered. His attack pattern:

Green hole: Like a black hole, it will stay in one place and only damage you if you touch it. Just stay away from green hole and you will be okay.

Spider web: He spite web from his mouth which will make you got Heavy (slow) status if it hits you. Don’t stay to far from him because it has triangle AOE, dash to left or right to evade this attack.

Bug dash: his body will glow white, then dash toward you. Run away from him when his body glowing and then dash away immediately.

Green bubble: Simple green colored bubble attack toward you (It can inflict bad status if it hits you; poison if I remember correctly. Run to the left or right to evade this attack.

Summon minion: He will scream first and then 2 plant minion will assist him. Kill the minion because they emit purple bubble.

I lick you: He will extend morning star tongue to grab you; once you get caught you will lose your control of your character, use other character to attack the tongue to free the caught characters. This attack takes a long time to execute, so you will notice when he is going to use this attack. Dash is your best friend :D.

After the battle end, go inside earth monument, touch the stone and you will obtain support ability. Head back to Shannoa Village now.

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  1. L says:

    For Quest #1, talk to Fatima (great, I keep thinking about Fatima from Luminous Arc 2) again to complete it. You will not be able to finish it when you go back to Altago after finishing ancient tree dungeon.

    I think it’s time to put up a quest section.

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