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Posted on Mar 13, 2010

PSP mini Age of zombie

Genre: Action adventure, funny survival

Publisher: Halfbrick studios

Release date: 25 Febuary 2010 (US)

Media: Download

Tired of minis??? Feel like there are so little minis that are worth to be played.

The story is simple, there is a crazy professor that create zombie and time portal then he send them to many ages. Your role as Barry streakfries is to stop them. The story mode is very short, it only last about 45-60 minutes depends on how you play the game. Those 45- 60 minutes can make you laugh very good because the dialog really funny and the game play is very addictive too. You travel from dinosaur age up to future.

If you are already played the famous Boxhead Zombie and Dracula undead awakening, I believe you will like this one too. You just keep killing the zombie that wants to grab you until they did and you fail to protect yourself from being grabbed. There are about 8 weapon in this game. You can pick up them periodically when you kill the zombie like other survival game.

The graphics are look really nice. It surpass stiff graphic from dracula undead awakening. The barry’s avatar look really like a badass. The zombie in this game is well drawn too, You wont see monotonous zombie design cause they look like a human in that age too. The music, narator’s voice reflect what kind civilization where you are.

What makes me sad is this game only have 2 modes, story and survival mode. Survival mode only offers one kind of gameplay not like in undead awakening which offers many type of survival. Survival mode only let you choose the stage, so i can say that only environment change.

But for 4, 95 US$ games I really can’t complain too much and I still enjoy them even after I have played about 10 hours. I think it will keep you interested in this game about 5 hours so 1 US$/hour don’t seem bad for me to play this funny game.

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