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Posted on Aug 28, 2010

[PSP] YS Seven Guide: Abandoned Town of Edona

Go back to Altago city and go to Altago Palace, Aisha will leave your party. Enter the castle, go upstairs to the left. Talk with the guard in front of king’s room. You will learn about Ruins Island and get Royal signet from the king. Go to the Old Town to Tia’s house; talk with her to obtain Striga extract.

Buy all equipment you can afford on the item shops.

This is your last chance if you want to finish side quest (number 1-12).

After that go to the harbor, Head north and go to small boat. Choose to go to the Ruins Island.

Geis will join you as soon as you arrive on the island (I recommend you to have him as your party; he has exp boost support ability). Follow the path and go left to obtain nadly extract. Go up and head left near the north exit to get Power wrist II.

On the next area, follow the path until you see a branching path; take upper path (not filled with water); point (1) on my map. You will return on the first area. Move forward until you see blue symbol on the wall (2). Use royal signet in front of the symbol. Go inside and kill 2 enemies that appear. Get Grattheos Talisman and then exit this place. Head west (left) to get Ogre shield. Now go back to 2nd area {point (1)} and take lower path (equip Grattheos Talisman).

Go right to the cannal (3). You will arrive at the big area, head south and take Rolika-Muskra from treasure chest.  Take Nadly extract from treasure chest on the middle of this area. Go north to point (4), kill giant fish here and go right to the next area.

Follow the path and go down first when you see a branching path. Take Chain clothes and head north, You will see a waterfall block your path (5), so go right first to upper platform.

Go up and equip wind cape, go up using the wind and take Knight’s crest from treasure chest (Equip it from now on; it boost you exp rate). Un-equip wind cape and go to lower platform. Go northeast and take Estoc from treasure chest. Head west to the next area.

You arrive at straight area, just head west to the elevator symbol. Go left and take Spiked Leather from treasure chest. Keep heading west to the next area. You will arrive on the underwater (equip Grattheos talisman), take Camtha from treasure chest on the south. Head east to the next area (ground). There is marble harvest point near the entrance, head east and take Trident from treasure chest. Go to point (7) and take Naiad statue from the pedestal.

Go to the exit on the northern part of this area. You will arrive at familiar area, trigger the switch (8) to open a new path.

You can grab some items using naiad statue.

  1. Go back to the area where you got Estoc. Place the statue in the pedestal and it will reveal new path. Go over there; you can get Garman Cestus and 3 healing items on point (11).
  2. Go to Point (3) and place naiad statue on the pedestal it will stop the current so you can grab eye of fire from treasure chest.

Now go back to point (9) in my map and place Naiad statue on the pedestal (You will go down if you not place Naiad statue on the pedestal). Go up to the left and enter next area. Open 5 brown box on point (10) and then go up to the next area.

Recover and save your game (equip eye of fire if you have it).

BOSS: Demonic Octopus Avari el

This boss’s weak point is the small green jellyfish, so watch out for this thing because it likes to move from one part of the body to another. Evade gas attack because it will temporarily cause blind spot on your PSP (:D glad it is not permanent). His attack patterns:

Ice needle: It comes out from his main body so watch out. Run away to another path.

Tentacle whip: His tentacle will try to slap you, stay in the bottom middle of the area and you should be safe.

Bouncing bubble: His bubble will jumping around the arena. Just run away to empty spot.

Crescent wave: many wave shot by his tentacle. This one is quite hard to evade, dash through the wave to evade.

Rapid water: A burst of water toward you. Run to the other direction the shot go.

Icicle rain: A lot of ice needle coming from the sky. See marked area on the ground and stay on unmarked area.

Freezing gas: The tentacle will blow a freezing gas. Dash away from the tentacle to evade this.

Spinning star: giant large star toward you. It is easy to evade run away.

Vacuum orb: giant purple orb absorb your party toward its position. Just dash away to evade this attack.

After defeating this boss, go to the altar like usual. Your special skill will be improved, get out from this dungeon (use shortcut; look at my map).

When you are trying to go to the ship, you must face one giant monster. Defeat it and you will see an event, you will automatically back to Altago

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  1. Robert Victor Jocson says:

    there is missing in Avari El’s attack patterns I will explain the missing attack.I called it Tentacle grab:This attack grab one of your character (per one tentacle)and draning the character’s HP (if all of your character is grabbed you need to wait a moment that tentacle/s let go your characters

  2. L says:

    Note about the boss: You can only attack the part that the small jellyfish (I thought it’s green?) went to, other parts will be on guard.

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